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Apple fixes iPhone security bug

Apple has managed to fix a bug in its passcode lock that had previously allowed users access to contacts, emails and photographs on iPads and iPhones. Hackers also found a way to make calls using FaceTime. By following a specific series of steps including making emergency calls, a person was able to get around the passcode facility.

The company has released a new update to iOS which includes a number of different improvements for iPhones, iPods and iPads. As well as the passcode lock fix other improvements and updates were included in the release. Users in Japan will experience sharper 3D images and improved speech synthesis.

The bug was introduced with the iOS 6.1 update and has been present since it was released at the end of January. The two month wait for a resolution has prompted some experts to question why Apple was not able to solve such a fundamental problem much sooner.

This update will be the last for several months before the release of the next version and the much anticipated iPhone 5S later in the year. iOS 7 is currently in the early stages of development and as the release of the new iPhone approaches, speculation as to the various new features of the operating system is sure to intensify.

Speaking on behalf of online smartphone and tablet case retailer The Snugg, Les Yates commented ,“This latest bug fix is great news for our consumers and will put a lot of user’s minds at rest, particularly because of the ease with which someone was able to bypass the passlock on the phone. Although it would have been preferable for many to have seen the update come sooner, the fact that Apple recognised the problem and solved it without letting the situation get out of hand is commendable.

“Bugs are an inevitable feature when creating any computer system and hopefully the discovery of this bug will help Apple to prevent similar problems occurring on their devices in the future. This will be very important with the release of a new iPhone later in the year; any problems associated with their new product could prove to be very damaging for their brand image.”

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