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Wincor Nixdorf launches new version of its global software platform 5.5

Paderborn, Germany, 2014-6-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Retail software needs to integrate the online and offline worlds and meet all the requirements of functionality, architecture and international orientation of retail companies. This is because today’s consumers interact with a retail company via various touchpoints, for example, they gather information online but make their purchases in stores – or vice versa. They might order online, but expect to return goods in a brick and mortar outlet. They expect an actual brand and shopping experience, whatever channel they use. And in the process, they expect information to be consistent, goods to be available and service to be of the same high quality everywhere. Against this backdrop, Wincor Nixdorf is introducing the next release of its global software platform

Retail companies will benefit from the new version – 5.5 – to connect their sales channels seamlessly and control them more efficiently. A cross-channel merchandise management solution and a customer relationship management solution have been newly integrated. 5.5 thus ensures a consistent link between sales, merchandise and customer data flows so that, for example, order processing and item availability can be coordinated across channels.

In order to improve customer service in the store, 5.5 provides numerous functions on mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems. Full-featured POS functionality on tablet PCs or user-friendly merchandise management on smartphone are just two examples of how staff flexibility and customer service can be improved. “With 5.5, we met the challenge of introducing lots of innovative features, especially in the area of omnichannel and mobility, while keeping what made so strong and successful in the last years, namely a robust, feature-rich and truly international software product that satisfies the most demanding major retail organizations around the globe,” says Nicolas Pelletier, Head of Product Line Retail Software at Wincor Nixdorf. “In addition, we noticeably extended our software portfolio with best-in-class applications delivering additional value to both retailers and consumers.”

Wincor Nixdorf takes care of integrating its software products in the customer’s landscape, and manages all operations required during the lifetime of the solution. Proven, global standardized processes ensure the rapid transfer of the solution to the entire store network while ensuring complete process transparency. “You can have the best software, but it will not be successful on the market without delivery and operations excellence. With our global Professional Services organization, and our Store Lifecycle Management operations model, we have a unique offering in terms of integration and operations services,” explains Nicolas Pelletier. 5.5 is part of Wincor Nixdorf’s comprehensive, modular TP Application Suite, which addresses the entire range of sales-related processes required by large, international retailers. The TP Application Suite is a set of integrated software applications installed in over 70 countries and on more than 200,000 point of sales systems. Wincor Nixdorf ensures support for its solutions around the world through its closely-meshed delivery and service network.

Nicolas Pelletier: “Through a considerable and sustainable investment in product management and R&D, we have once again enhanced the relevance of our retail software platform, thus ensuring that it does justice to the omnichannel and mobility requirements of retail companies within the context of global implementation.”


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