Sainsbury’s introduces nearly 600 new trolleys for parents with disabled children to supermarket stores across the UK

LONDON, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — Sainsbury’s has responded to calls from parents with disabled children for a more secure shopping trolley and, after months of testing a prototype with parents and children, the retailer has today announced that they will begin introducing nearly 600 of the new trolleys to supermarket stores across the UK from 15 September.

The new trolleys are fitted with a special padded seat and harness designed for maximum comfort and security and all Sainsbury’s supermarkets will have at least one of the new trolleys by the end of October.

In April this year, after reading articles by parents Maria Box and Stacie Lewis about how difficult they found shopping with the current trolleys used by supermarkets, Sainsbury’s invited them to trial the prototype trolley at their local Sainsbury’s store. Their feedback was used to develop the perfect trolley.

Commenting on the new trolleys Maria Box, whose 5 year old son Ryan has autism, said: “I am thrilled that Sainsbury’s has invested in these trolleys. All parents with disabled children know how stressful it can be to take them shopping. It had got to the point where I couldn’t go shopping with Ryan because he had outgrown the seat. In this new trolley he is properly supported, safe and happy. It will revolutionise our shopping trips.

“The other benefit is that people now look at the trolley and understand that there could be a reason why Ryan is distressed, rather than the usual label of being a ‘naughty child,’ which we so often have to endure when out in public.”

Stacie Lewis mother of May, aged 5 who suffered brain damage at birth, said:”Before my daughter, May, could use an accessible trolley, our choices were severely limited. We could use her wheelchair in the store and carry a basket; pushing her and a shopping trolley was impossible. But, a shopping basket only fits enough food for an evening and even then, it was very difficult to push her wheelchair while carrying one. The only real option was leaving her at home and excluding her from a normal family activity.

“Now, she can go shopping with us again. She enjoys the sounds and stimulation of shopping. She is not excluded from normal life and we are not either. Because this is what people don’t realise; as soon as an activity is made inaccessible to May, it is made inaccessible to our whole family.”

Announcing the introduction of the new trolleys Hannah Bernard, Sainsbury’s Director of Customer Experience said: “We were reviewing our range of trolleys when we read about Maria’s experience and Stacie’s call for supermarkets to introduce a new trolley for disabled children. We immediately contacted them and invited them to trial our new trolley with their children.

“We always had trolleys for parents with disabled children but they weren’t appropriate for children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy or autism. We hope these new trolleys will make shopping much easier for thousands of parents like Stacie and Maria and are very grateful to them for helping us with the design.”

Mark Harper MP, Minister of State for Disabled People said: “It’s excellent news that Sainsbury’s are taking steps to improve the shopping experience for disabled people. This new trolley should serve as a benchmark for others in the retail sector.”


Sainsbury’s introduces nearly 600 new trolleys for parents with disabled children to supermarket stores across the UK

Sainsbury’s introduces nearly 600 new trolleys for parents with disabled children to supermarket stores across the UK


LONDON, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — Footfall in August was 1.1% down on a year ago, down on the 0.6% fall in July and below the three-month average of a 0.8% decline.

Out-of-Town reported the only rise, 2.9% higher than a year ago, while footfall in shopping centers was down 1.1% on the previous year

Footfall on the high street was 2.8% down on the previous year for August, the deadest decline since Feb-14.

All regions and countries with the exception of South East (1.2%) East Midlands (0.5%), Northern Ireland (4.2%) and Scotland (1.8%) reported declining footfall.

Helen Dickinson, British Retail Consortium Director General, said: “Footfall might be down slightly this month but retail sales performed well in August. Taking account of the impact of online shopping we see that customers are spending more per trip than in recent months. It seems that customers are hitting the High Streets with purpose – knowing what they want to buy ahead of time, supported by online research – and doing more shopping in a single trip.

“Out-of-town performed better than High Streets. The strong sales performance of furniture retailers, who for reasons of space tend to be located on retail parks, seems to have given a boost to the footfall figures in out-of-town locations. This is no doubt driven by increasing optimism in the housing market and customers having more confidence to spend on increasingly bigger-ticket items.

“All this is yet more evidence that the way we shop is fundamentally changing as retailers continue to adapt to changes in shopping habits. The lines between bricks and mortar stores and digital interactions are less defined and more seamless as retailers continue to innovate in order to meet and exceed the needs of their customers. We will continue to see the whole customer experience becoming more and more important in the use of physical space.”

Diane Wehrle, Retail Insights Director at Springboard, said: “The drop in footfall in August in high streets and shopping centres – which has occurred in all but one month this year – underlines further that it is these locations that are vulnerable to the adverse effect of change that is occurring across our retail landscape as a consequence of online shopping. The good news is that while footfall dropped, sales rose in August, primarily driven by clothing and footwear – traditionally town centre focused purchases – indicating that at least in part the drop in footfall will have been offset by increased dwell time and transaction values. At the same time, however, out of town footfall has increased for the 8th consecutive month, with an average rise in 2014 of 3.2 per cent compared with a drop of 1.5 per cent in high streets and 0.7 per cent in shopping centres.

“In part the success of out of town locations this year is undoubtedly due to the increased demand for household items driven by the rise in house prices, however, they are also delivering an increasingly attractive wider leisure based offer with plentiful free car parking in a safe environment. Whilst high streets and shopping centres are working hard to both retain and to win back customers, if they are to prosper over the critical Christmas trading period in the face of strong out of town competition, it requires the speedy alleviation of obvious barriers to shoppers such as high parking costs.”

British Retail Consortium, 21 Dartmouth Street, Westminster, London, SW1H 9BP. 020 7854 8900.


Roundy’s pharmacies make flu shots available with no appointment needed during all pharmacy operating hours

CDC urges all to get vaccinated as soon as possible, ideally before October

MILWAUKEE, WI, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — As the CDC warns that peak flu season is approaching, Roundy’s stores – Pick ‘n Save, Copps, Metro Market and Mariano’s – are conveniently making flu shots available at all pharmacies, with no appointment needed during all pharmacy operating hours.

All Roundy’s pharmacists are certified immunizers and are available to administer the traditional flu vaccine and Fluzone HD for patients ages 65 and older. For added convenience, customers can simply stop by the pharmacy during their weekly grocery shopping, and pharmacists can administer the vaccinations in-store. Roundy’s flu shots are given at a regular price of $26.00, five dollars less than Walgreens.

Roundy’s flu shots will protect against A/California/7/2009(H1N1)pdm09-like virus, A/Texas/50/2012(H3N2)-like virus, and B/Massachusetts/d/2012-like virus. There will also be some Quadrivalent vaccine available that protects against the additional B virus B/Brisbane/60/2008-like virus.

“We’re pleased that year after year more and more of our patients and customers take advantage of this advanced service that we offer,” said George Kowalski, RP, Vice President Roundy’s Pharmacy. “We will be encouraging as many people as possible to protect themselves and their loved ones this year by getting their flu shot.”

The CDC recommends that all people aged 6 months and older receive a flu vaccine, as a yearly vaccination is the best way to protect against the flu. They recommend getting vaccinated as soon as the vaccine becomes available, ideally before October. It takes two weeks for the antibodies to develop and provide protection. Flu season typically peaks in winter and can last a few months but virus activity is unpredictable year to year. However, immunity to the vaccination can be expected to last 6-8 months.

The vaccination is not a guarantee that the virus will not be contracted, but those that are vaccinated will experience a shorter duration of the illness and milder symptoms Other flu prevention techniques include drinking plenty of water, washing hands frequently and thoroughly and getting an adequate amount of sleep each night.

For more information please visit the Pick ‘n Save, Copps, Metro Market or Mariano’s website for a list of pharmacies and their hours of operation.

About Roundy’s
Roundy’s is a leading grocer in the Midwest with nearly $4.0 billion in sales and more than 25,000 employees. Founded in Milwaukee in 1872, Roundy’s operates 148 retail grocery stores and 97 pharmacies under the Pick ’n Save, Copps, Metro Market and Mariano’s retail banners in Wisconsin and Illinois. Roundy’s is committed to helping the communities its stores serve through the Roundy’s Foundation. Chartered in 2003, the Roundy’s Foundation mission is to support organizations working to relieve hunger and helping families in crisis due to domestic abuse, neglect and other at-risk situations.

James J. Hyland
Vice President of Investor Relations, Corporate Communications and
Public Affairs

Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC to announce its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2014 financial results on September 17, 2014

DALLAS, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC will announce its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2014 financial results on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 with an investor conference call to be held at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time (9:00 a.m. Central Time).

The audio webcast may be accessed on the Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC website at simultaneously with the commencement of the call. Prior to the call, any necessary supplemental financial or statistical information will be posted to the Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC website. Following the live broadcast, interested parties may replay the webcast by accessing this website.

Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC operations include the Specialty Retail Stores segment and the Online segment. The Specialty Retail Stores segment consists primarily of Neiman Marcus, Last Call and Bergdorf Goodman stores. The Online segment conducts direct to consumer operations under the Neiman Marcus, Horchow, Last Call and Bergdorf Goodman brand names. Information about Neiman Marcus can be accessed at

From time to time, the Company may make statements that predict or forecast future events or results, depend on future events for their accuracy or otherwise contain “forward-looking information.” These statements are made based on management’s expectations and beliefs concerning future events and are not guarantees of future performance.

The Company cautions readers that actual results may differ materially as a result of various factors, some of which are beyond its control, including but not limited to: weakness in domestic and global capital markets and other economic conditions and the impact of such conditions on the Company’s ability to obtain credit; general economic and political conditions or changes in such conditions, including relationships between the United States and the countries from which the Company sources its merchandise; economic, political, social or other events resulting in the short-or long-term disruption in business at the Company’s stores, distribution centers or offices; changes in consumer confidence resulting in a reduction of discretionary spending on goods; changes in the demographic or retail environment; changes in onsumer preferences or fashion trends; changes in the Company’s elationships with customers due to, among other things, its failure to provide quality service andcompetitive loyalty programs, its inability to provide credit pursuant to its proprietary credit card arrangement or its failure to protect customer data or comply with regulations surrounding information security and privacy; the effects of incurring a substantial amount of indebtedness under the Company’s senior secured credit facilities and other debt instruments; the ability to refinance the Company’s indebtedness under its senior secured credit facilities and other debt instruments and the effects of any refinancing; the effects upon the Company of complying with the covenants contained in its senior secured credit facilities and other debt instruments; restrictions on the terms and conditions of the indebtedness under the Company’s senior secured credit facilities and other debt instruments may place on the Company’s ability to respond to changes in its business or to take certain actions; competitive responses to the Company’s loyalty program, marketing, merchandising and promotional efforts or inventory liquidations by vendors or other retailers; changes in the financial viability of the Company’s competitors; seasonality of the retail business; adverse weather conditions or natural disasters, particularly during peak selling seasons; delays in anticipated store openings and renovations; the Company’s success in enforcing its intellectual property rights; changes in the Company’s relationships with designers, vendors and other sources of merchandise, including changes in the level of goods and/or changes in the form in which such goods are made available to us for resale; delays in receipt of merchandise ordered due to work stoppages or other causes of delay in connection with either the manufacture or shipment of such merchandise; changes in foreign currency exchange or inflation rates; significant increases in paper, printing and postage costs; changes in key management personnel and the Company’s ability to retain key management personnel; changes in the Company’s relationships with certain of our buyers or key sales associates and the Company’s ability to retain our buyers or key sales associates; changes in government or regulatory requirements increasing the Company’s costs of operations; litigation that may have an adverse effect on the Company’s financial results or reputation; terrorist activities in the United States and elsewhere; the impact of funding requirements related to the Company’s pension plan; the Company’s ability to provide credit to its customers pursuant to its proprietary credit card program arrangement, including any future changes in the terms of such arrangement and/or legislation impacting the extension of credit to its customers; and the design and implementation of new information systems as well as enhancements of existing systems. These and other factors that may adversely affect the Company’s future performance or financial condition are contained in its Annual Report in Form 10-K and other reports filed with and available from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events, new information or future circumstances.


Stacie Shirley
Senior Vice President – Finance
and Treasurer
(214) 757-2967

Mark Anderson
Director – Finance
(214) 757-2934

The H&M Group reports 19 percent sales increase in August 2014 compared to the same month last year

Sales development in August and the third quarter 2014

Stockholm, Sweden, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — The H&M Group’s sales including VAT increased by 19 percent in local currencies in August 2014 compared to the same month last year.

In the third quarter of 2014, i.e. during the period 1 June to 31 August, sales including VAT increased by 16 percent in local currencies.

Sales including VAT in the third quarter converted into SEK amounted to SEK 45,259* m (37,411).

Sales excluding VAT amounted to SEK 38,805* m (32,040).

The total number of stores amounted to 3,341 on 31 August 2014 versus 2,964 on 31 August 2013.

The Nine-Month Report, covering the period 1 December 2013 – 31 August 2014, will be published on 25 September 2014 at 08.00 (CET). Percentage sales development for the month of September will be published on 15 October 2014.

* The amounts are provisional and may deviate slightly from the Interim Report that will be released on 25 September 2014.

Karl-Johan Persson, CEO

Contact person: Nils Vinge, IR Manager           +46-8-796 5250

The information in this press release is that which H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (publ) is required to disclose under Sweden’s Securities Market Act. It was released for publication at 08.00 (CET) on 15 September 2014.

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (publ) was founded in Sweden in 1947 and is quoted on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. The company’s business concept is to offer fashion and quality at the best price. In addition to H&M, the Group includes the brands COS, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday, & Other Stories as well as H&M Home. The H&M Group has more than 3,300 stores in 54 markets. In 2013, sales including VAT were approximately SEK 150 billion. The number of employees amounts to more than 116,000. For further information, visit

REI President and CEO Jerry Stritzke to present keynote at summit, September 29 – October 1 at Washington State Convention Center

Washington, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — will welcome some of the industry’s most distinguished and prominent executives to its Summit this September in Seattle, including REI President and CEO Jerry Stritzke who will keynote the premier gathering for retail e-commerce, digital and multichannel retailers. Stritzke will be joined by REI Senior Vice President Brad Brown. The three-day Summit will take place September 29 – October 1 at the Washington State Convention Center. The keynote, “REI: Blazing Trails to a Real, Alive, and Connected Digital Experience,” will take place Tuesday, September 30 at 8:15 a.m.

“In an industry as fast-paced as retail, seeks influencers and visionaries to speak at our events,” said Executive Director Vicki Cantrell. “Jerry and Brad are two of the most recognizable movers and shakers in the digital retail industry, and we are thrilled to welcome them to our stage to kick off the Summit. I am positive their insights will greatly benefit all of our attendees and guests.”

Following the REI keynote, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reporter and author Brad Stone will address the audience to discuss his latest book, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, at 10:30 a.m.

On Wednesday, October 1 at 8:15 a.m., Founder and CEO of Kynetic (Rue La La, ShopRunner) Michael Rubin will join industry expert Sucharita Mulpuru, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research for a discussion on “Capitalizing on the Digital Transformation of Commerce.”

At 10:15 a.m. Wednesday, will welcome four other industry executives to the stage for a special Q&A panel discussion, including Birchbox Co-Founder and Co-CEO Katia Beauchamp; zulilily Co-Founder, President, and CEO Darrell Cavens; Urban Outfitters Inc., Chief Strategic Officer Matthew Kaness; and Houzz, President and Co-Founder, Alon Cohen. Executives on this panel will discuss how to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry., a division of the National Retail Federation, is the world’s leading community for digital retail, offering thought leadership through original research and gold standard events. The community is made up of exclusive networking groups and committees that lead the global conversation surrounding innovative e-commerce trends and digital retail. members include some of the world’s largest most respected retail, technology, research, and consulting companies.

Kathy Grannis
(202) 783-7971
(855) NRF-Press

### names Belgian national Patrick Wauters as director of Buying & Merchandising

Zaandam, the Netherlands, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — has recruited Belgian national Patrick Wauters (45) to head up Buying & Merchandising, responsible for the day-to-day operations at all of’s stores, from Books & Music, Films & Games to its latest additions Baby & Toddler and Jewelry & Watches. As Director of Buying & Merchandising, Wauters will lead a team of over 200 employees including category managers, purchasing managers, product, pricing and supply chain specialists.

Webstore ready for new growth phase

With a wealth of international commercial experience gained at Fatboy among other companies, Wauters got Fatboy back on a profitable growth track when serving as its CEO. He acquired a great deal of knowledge about the online retailing business in the process, and is intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities this market offers to manufacturers and suppliers. Before joining Fatboy, Wauters was responsible for Chiquita’s fresh products in Northern and Eastern Europe and oversaw the European rollout of Bertolli at Unilever.

Daniel Ropers,’s General Manager, is delighted: “Patrick is strong on strategy and likes action. He’s got lots of experience managing people in a rapidly changing environment and his personality is a great fit for We’ve enjoyed the substantive, inspiring and humor-filled talks we had as part of the recruitment process. Patrick will complete our management team and help us get ready to move into a new growth phase, strengthening our position in e-commerce.”

“I’m really proud to be the first Belgian national to join’s management team and to contribute to the company’s continued success as the leading online retailer in both Belgium and the Netherlands,” Wauters said. “ has a lot of great people on board and the best talents to help achieve its ambitious goals for the future. I look forward to doing my bit and joining my many colleagues to help pull this off.”

Wauters has spent the past few months as interim manager at a toy retailer in Belgium and will start as Director of Buying & Merchandising at on 1 October. He will join Michel Schaeffer (Marketing), Marijn de Wit (Finance & Support,) Jurrie van Rooijen (IT), Huub Vermeulen (Operations) and Daniel Ropers (General Manager) on the webstore’s management team.



Zaandam, the Netherlands, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — Ahold has repurchased 1,135,476 Ahold common shares in the period from September 8, 2014 up to and including September 12, 2014.

The shares were repurchased at an average price of € 12.7793 per share for a total consideration of € 14.51 million. These repurchases were made as part of the € 500 million share buyback program announced on February 28, 2013 as increased by € 1.5 billion to a total amount of € 2 billion announced on June 4, 2013.

The total number of shares repurchased under this program to date is 134,228,792 common shares for a total consideration of € 1,744.41 million.

During the share buyback program, Ahold publishes a press release every Monday with a weekly update. Click here to view all the relevant information of these these weekly updates. Separate weekly press releases are available upon request. Please send an email to if you would like to receive one or more of these weekly releases.


The Retail Industry Leaders Association welcomes Nicholas Ahrens as VP of Privacy and Cybersecurity

Arlington, VA, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) today announced Nicholas Ahrens will join the association as Vice President of Privacy and Cybersecurity.

Joining the association from the Office of the General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Ahrens will lead RILA’s privacy and data security agenda and serve as the lead advocate to the government on cybersecurity, privacy, data security and related issues. In addition, Ahrens will work on the continued development and implementation of RILA’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Initiative.

Ahrens, who officially joined RILA September 8th, will also staff the RILA Privacy Leaders Council, which is comprised of senior-level executives from America’s largest retailers.

“Nick brings valuable insight into the critical privacy and data security challenges retailers face today. His experience will make him an outstanding advocate for the retail industry and we are excited to have him on the RILA team,” said RILA President Sandy Kennedy.

Ahrens joins RILA after four years with the U.S. Department of Commerce serving in a number of senior roles including Counsel to the General Counsel, where he provided legal and policy advice on a number of privacy and cybersecurity issues. Earlier in his career with the U.S. Department of Commerce, serving as special assistant to the General Counsel, Ahrens worked on the 2012 White House Consumer Data Privacy Blueprint, coordinating efforts for the roll out of the Blueprint in the European Union.

Ahrens will report to Joe Rinzel, senior vice president for government affairs.
“Nicholas will be a tremendous asset to RILA and our member companies, both in his knowledge of privacy and cybersecurity issues and his deep understanding of the current regulatory climate,” said Rinzel.

Ahrens holds a J.D. from Wake Forest University.

RILA is the trade association of the world’s largest and most innovative retail companies. RILA members include more than 200 retailers, product manufacturers, and service suppliers, which together account for more than $1.5 trillion in annual sales, millions of American jobs and more than 100,000 stores, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers domestically and abroad.


Allie Brandenburger
Director, Communications
Phone: 703-600-2063

BRC Global Standards released two additional publications to support the development of Issue 4 of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

LONDON, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — BRC Global Standards are pleased to announce that they have published two additional publications to support the development of Issue 4 of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials.

One of these publications is the very first issue of an optional Environmental Awareness Module. The module has been developed to provide a framework to enable companies to develop an awareness of, and a mechanism for, improvement of their environmental awareness and performance.

The requirements of the module are applicable to any type of company who have premises comprising at least a building and may also include outside areas. Although the requirements of this module include reference to some packaging materials manufacture and terminology associated with it, they can be applied to any kind of site.

The Environmental Awareness Module can be downloaded FREE from the BRC Global Standards website –

The second publication issued by BRC Global Standards is a Spanish translation of Issue 4 of the Standard. The Standard sets out the requirements for packaging manufacturers and converters to produce packaging in a hygienic environment which is safe to use andconsistently meets the quality specification of their customers.

The Standard, originally produced in 2000 in conjunction with the Institute of Packaging (IOP), was fully revised and reissued in February 2011. The latest version, which covers packaging for both food and consumer products, was produced with input from a wide base of international stakeholders including packaging manufacturers, retailers, certification bodies and independent industry experts under the management of the BRC and IOP.

Joanna Griffiths, Technical Manager Packaging, said: “These additional publications will help all manufacturers of packaging achieve and maintain certification against the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 4 wherever they are in the world. The Environmental Awareness Module will help companies meet the requirements of a satisfactory environmental management system”.

Notes to Editors:

About the BRC Global Standards
BRC Global Standards are the world’s biggest provider of safety and quality Standards’ Programs for food manufacture, packaging, storage and distribution. BRC Global Standards are generated with the help of technical specialists, retailers, manufacturers and certification bodies from around the world, so everything is based on practicality, rigour and clarity.

The BRC Global Standards certification scheme offer comprehensive support to help new and established businesses to achieve and maintain their quality and safety aims.

For more information please visit
Media Contacts: BRC Press Office +44 (0) 20 7854 8924 / +44 (0) 7921 605544


Dunkin’ Donuts announces franchise opportunities in several Texas communities and cities outside of San Antonio and Austin

CANTON, MA, 2014-9-15— /EPR Retail News/ — Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods, announced today that the company is recruiting franchisees in several Texas communities and cities outside of, San Antonio and Austin, with an emphasis on College Station, Bryan, Killeen, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Marble Falls, Kerrville, Fredericksburg and Liberty.

Interested candidates can contact Maria Hargett at for additional information about the company’s growth plans for the market. Also, an Informational Franchising Webinar will be held on Wednesday, September 17 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. (EDT). Visit to register and learn more about the unique business opportunity Dunkin’ Donuts offers.

“As part of our strategic growth plan, we are excited to offer this opportunity to qualified candidates who are interested in developing restaurants outside a larger metropolitan area in these Texas regions,” said Grant Benson, CFE, vice president of global franchising and business development, Dunkin’ Brands. “With more than 60 years in the franchising business, we’ve found the development and successful operation of a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant can deliver a significant impact to the community it serves and we are actively seeking local entrepreneurs to become the face of the brand in their cities.”

The greater Houston, San Antonio and Austin metropolitan areas are currently home to 27 Dunkin’ Donuts’ restaurants. Eight additional locations are planned to open this year in Houston, with six of the units being combination restaurants with Dunkin’ Donuts’ sister brand, Baskin-Robbins. Four additional restaurants will also open in San Antonio and Austin before year-end.

As one of the fastest growing quick service restaurant (QSR) brands based on unit growth, Dunkin’ Donuts continues to strategically expand in contiguous markets across the country with a long-term goal of having more than 15,000 Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in the United States alone. To help fuel growth in Texas, special development incentives are available, which include reduced royalty fees for three years and up to $10,000 in local store marketing for stores that meet certain goals*.

By joining Dunkin’ Donuts team, franchisees become part of a nationally established brand that has 95 percent brand recognition in the U.S., a multi-million dollar national advertising fund, world-class training and ongoing support, among many other benefits.

“We’re looking for community leaders who may already operate local businesses, such as other restaurants, retail outlets or even convenience stores and gas stations, who have the passion, financial qualifications and experience to operate a Dunkin’ Donuts,” added Benson. “Our restaurants are typically owned and operated by small business owners, and our development teams work closely with our franchisees to find the development solutions that meet the needs of individual markets.”

In an effort to keep the brand fresh and competitive, Dunkin’ Donuts offers flexible concepts for any real estate format including free-standing restaurants, end caps, in-line sites, gas and convenience, travel plazas, universities, as well as other retail environments.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ new look includes four distinct restaurant design options for franchisees, each featuring variations in layout, color schemes, graphics, textures, furniture and/or lighting. The designs enhance the current restaurant appearance, environment and layout to serve people all day long. Unlike other quick-service restaurants, Dunkin’ Donuts allows franchisees to select individual elements from any of the four options, creating a restaurant design that reflects their personal tastes and preferences, and best serves their specific restaurant size and location.

Since the 1950s, Dunkin’ Donuts has been a daily ritual for millions of people and has offered guests delicious food, beverages and friendly service at a great value. Dunkin’ Donuts offerings include hot and iced coffee, flavored coffees, lattes, Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cup® Packs, Coolatta® frozen drinks, donuts, muffins, bagels, breakfast and bakery sandwiches, and a DDSMART® menu featuring better-for-you items.

For information on franchise opportunities or to attend an upcoming webinar, please visit

About Dunkin’ Donuts
Founded in 1950, Dunkin’ Donuts is America’s favorite all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods. Dunkin’ Donuts is a market leader in the hot regular/decaf/flavored coffee, iced coffee, donut, bagel and muffin categories. Dunkin’ Donuts has earned the No. 1 ranking for customer loyalty in the coffee category by Brand Keys for seven years running. The company has more than 10,500 restaurants in 31 countries worldwide. For the full-year 2012, Dunkin’ Donuts’ restaurants had global franchisee-reported sales of approximately $6.9 billion. Based in Canton, Mass., Dunkin’ Donuts is part of the Dunkin’ Brands Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: DNKN) family of companies. For more information, visit