Kesko to offer customers multi-channel building, interior decoration and home and speciality goods stores and services

Helsinki, Finland, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — In the home and speciality goods trade and the building and home improvement trade, the importance of e-commerce and online services has greatly increased and the improvement of competitiveness necessitates major renewal. In response to these requirements, Kesko is seeking synergies especially in the production of online services and the development of concepts. At the same time, the planned changes will form a basis to improve profitability and the organisational structure will be evaluated. Also the combination of the building and home improvement trade with the home and speciality goods trade, as well as the integration of the non-food part of the K-citymarket chain, currently part of the home and speciality goods division, into Kesko Food operations, are planned.

The objective is to offer customers multi-channel building, interior decoration and home and speciality goods stores and services. The aim of the planned integration of resources is to achieve better customer satisfaction as well as improved competitiveness and profitability. In Kesko’s food trade, the annual sales are around €4.4 billion, in the building and home improvement trade around €2.7 billion and in the home and speciality goods trade around €1.4 billion. As at 30 June 2014, the food trade employed 4,035 people, the building and home improvement trade 10,520 people and the home and speciality goods trade 8,111 people.

The changes will be planned in more detail and the required cooperation negotiations will be conducted during the rest of 2014. The aim in Kesko Group’s reporting is that starting from 1 January 2015, the reportable segments would be the grocery trade, the home improvement and speciality goods trade, and the car and machinery trade. Kesko will publish comparatives according to the new reporting structure in the first quarter of 2015.

President Terho Kalliokoski is responsible for the planning concerning the home improvement and speciality goods trade and President Jorma Rauhala is responsible for the planning concerning the grocery trade.

Further information:
President and CEO Matti Halmesmäki, Kesko Corporation, tel. +358 105 322 202

President Terho Kalliokoski, Rautakesko Ltd, tel. +358 105 320 200

Kesko Corporation

Merja Haverinen
Vice President, Group Communications

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Co-op to launch new in-store labels and scoring system across its 210 food stores throughout Western Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — Buying local food items and supporting local businesses has never been easier thanks to new in-store labels and an innovative scoring system powered by Localize.

Co-op is introducing the scoring system in 210 food stores throughout Western Canada, which is now available in stores across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This scoring system was launched across Alberta and British Columbia in late August. Co-op is the first business to launch Localize across its network of food stores.

Edmonton-based Localize factors ownership, production location, ingredients and sustainability into its scoring, which is customized to each food store location. Shoppers can find more detailed information about products by scanning QR codes on shelf labels. Only products rated 7.0 or higher will be labeled as local products.

Producers and Food Processors

Producers and food processors can also take advantage of Localize and supplying Co-op with their products. Co-op is  launching its Sell to Us guide, which is a resource for local producers and businesses on how to supply products to their local co-op store or distribute products through FCL’s warehouses. The guide is available through this link or through

Producers looking to become involved with Localize can register online at

For more information on this initiative, visit A listing of participating producers and processors can be found at

NRF’s Halloween Consumer Spending Survey: Average person to spend $77.52 this Halloween, compared to $75.03 last year

Spooky and Scary Alike, Record Number of Americans to Buy Halloween Costumes This Year, According to NRF

Washington, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — More costumes than ever will be flying off the shelves as Americans gear up to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year, according to NRF’s Halloween Consumer Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. More than two-thirds (67.4%) of celebrants will buy Halloween costumes for the holiday, the most in the survey’s 11-year history. The average person will spend $77.52 this Halloween, compared to $75.03 last year. Total spending on Halloween this year will reach $7.4 billion.*

“As one of the fastest-growing consumer holidays, Halloween has retailers of all shapes and sizes preparing their stores and websites for the busy fall shopping season,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “There’s no question that the variety of adult, child and even pet costumes now available has driven the demand and popularity of Halloween among consumers of all ages. And, with the holiday falling on a Friday this year, we fully expect there will be a record number of consumers taking to the streets, visiting haunted houses and throwing unforgettable celebrations.”

Party-goers will splurge on spooky and fun garb to wear this year as $2.8 billion will be spent on costumes overall. Specifically, celebrants will shell out $1.1 billion on children’s costumes, and $1.4 billion on adult costumes. It is clear Fido and Fluffy will not be forgotten: Americans will spend $350 million on costumes for their furry friends.

Candy and greeting cards alike will be popular items this season, as consumers will spend $2.2 billion on candy this year and 35.9 percent of people will be sending Halloween greeting cards. With Americans planning to spend $2 billion on decorations for the frightful holiday, life-size ghosts, pumpkins and festive décor will be aplenty on lawns and doorsteps throughout the country.

Consumers will celebrate the holiday in many different ways, but topping the list of planned activities is handing out candy (71.1%), while others will decorate their homes and yards (46.7%), and dress in costume (45.8%). One-third of Americans will be throw or attend a party (33.4%), which is up from last year (30.9%).

Much like last year, consumers will hit the stores and the Internet early to get the first pick of costumes and candy. According to the survey, nearly one-third of celebrants (32.1%) say they will start their Halloween shopping before the first of October. And, while 43.3 percent of celebrants kick off their shopping in the first two weeks of October, one-quarter (24.6%) will wait until the last minute and shop the last two weeks of October.

While the bulk of Americans will look for costume inspiration online (34.2%) or in a retail store or costume shop (33%), Pinterest is a growing source of inspiration this year. The survey found 11.4 percent of Americans will turn to Pinterest for costume ideas, up from 9.3 percent last year. Young adults will drive the most Pinterest traffic: 21.2 percent of 18-24 year olds will turn to the popular site for ideas, as will 21.0 percent of 25-34 year olds.

“Social media is a great tool for consumers to find inspiration for all of their Halloween activities, including finding tips for decorating their homes and yards, looking for personal and even family costume ideas, and even finding the best deals from retailers,” said Prosper Insights Principal Analyst Pam Goodfellow. “As the popularity of Halloween continues to grow to unseen levels, there is no doubt that Americans this year will find ways to get in the spirit, looking for affordable, fun ways to celebrate with their families.”

For some consumers the U.S. economy is still top-of-mind. According to the survey, 18.8 percent say the state of the U.S. economy will impact their Halloween spending plans. Specifically, nearly two in five (19.7%) of those impacted will utilize their creative skills and make their own costumes rather than buying a new one this Halloween.

About the survey
NRF’s 2014 Halloween Consumer Spending Survey was designed to gauge consumer behavior and shopping trends related to Halloween spending. The survey was conducted for NRF by Prosper Insights & Analytics. The poll of 6,332 consumers was conducted September 2-8, 2014. The consumer poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.3 percentage points.

Prosper Insights and Analytics delivers executives timely, consumer-centric insights from multiple sources. As a comprehensive resource of information, Prosper represents the voice of the consumer and provides knowledge to marketers regarding consumer views on the economy, personal finance, retail, lifestyle, media and domestic and world issues.

NRF is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing discount and department stores, home goods and specialty stores, Main Street merchants, grocers, wholesalers, chain restaurants and Internet retailers from the United States and more than 45 countries. Retail is the nation’s largest private sector employer, supporting one in four U.S. jobs – 42 million working Americans. Contributing $2.6 trillion to annual GDP, retail is a daily barometer for the nation’s economy. NRF’s This is Retail campaign highlights the industry’s opportunities for life-long careers, how retailers strengthen communities, and the critical role that retail plays in driving innovation.

Treacy Reynolds
(855) NRF-Press


Sainsbury’s launches new campaign to explain its new approach to pricing for customers

LONDON, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — Sainsbury’s is launching a new campaign across TV, print and in-store which explains a new approach to pricing for customers. This is the result of an 18 month commitment by the business to lower the regular prices of products across the grocery business.

For customers this means that they can buy what they like, when they like because the regular price of those products will be affordable everyday rather than just when that product is on promotion.

Sainsbury’s Marketing Director Sarah Warby said: “Customers tell us they find supermarket prices and promotions confusing and don’t always know who to trust when it comes to getting good value.

“So we’ve taken this feedback on board and we’re making it easier for customers to buy the products they love, whenever they like, safe in the knowledge that they can get good value all the time on all products, without having to wait for promotions.

“We will continue to run as many promotions as before and they will be just as competitive, but customers now have the added reassurance that prices will always be great value at Sainsbury’s, both on and off promotion.

The changes being made include 

  • Lowering base prices on thousands of lines within the food business
  • Simplifying Brand Match to make it clear that we match Asda’s prices on brands – even when they’re on promotion, starting 2nd October
  • Making the customer experience simpler, by: removing confusing price mechanics like fractions and percentages, consistently using round pound pricing for more of our products and moving to clearer and simpler shelf edge labels and point of sale


St Thomas’ Primary School in Sevenoaks wins bounty of sports and cooking equipment from Sainsbury’s Active Kids

LONDON, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — St Thomas’ Primary School in Sevenoaks was selected from 17,000 schools to win a bounty of sports and cooking equipment, as well as a visit from Paralympic champion and Sainsbury’s Active Kids ambassador, Ellie Simmonds OBE.

The school entered a national competition to win its entire Active Kids equipment order, which was placed after parents and teachers collected Active Kids vouchers from Sainsbury’s stores earlier this year.

Ellie Simmonds officially presented the grand prize to children in a special assembly, before donning an apron and helping children to whip up some healthy treats in a cookery lesson.

As the school receives their entire order for free, including foam javelins, basketballs and a pack providing everything they need to get cooking. They will be able to use the vouchers collected this year to order even more equipment in 2015.

Tara Hewitt, Head of Sponsorship for Sainsbury’s, said: “Thousands of schools up and down the country are receiving their Active Kids equipment orders this month, which will set them up to deliver really fun and engaging sports and nutrition lessons. This year we added more cooking equipment to help schools meet new curriculum requirements. To celebrate this, we wanted to make an extra special delivery for one school by providing their entire order for free, and surprising the children with a visit and cookery lesson from Ellie Simmonds.”

Ellie Simmonds, Paralympic Champion and Active Kids ambassador, said: “After swimming, baking is my second passion so I’m really excited about today’s visit to St Thomas’ to help out with a cookery lesson. As well as getting kids active, it is equally important they understand about the food they eat, so the combination of sports equipment and kitchen equipment really helps with this.”

Notes to Editors

Active Kids aims to inspire and enable children to take more exercise and to eat healthily. Launched in 2005, Active Kids is open to all nursery, primary and secondary schools, as well as Scouts, Girl Guides and sports clubs in the UK. Over 53,000 organisations are now registered and £136 million worth of equipment and experiences have been donated since 2005.


St Thomas’ Primary School in Sevenoaks wins bounty of sports and cooking equipment from Sainsbury’s Active Kids

St Thomas’ Primary School in Sevenoaks wins bounty of sports and cooking equipment from Sainsbury’s Active Kids

Carrefour to display dietary information on its product packaging with new system called “aquellefrequence”

Innovation at Carrefour: to help its customers decide what food they should buy, Carrefour has just launched “aquellefrequence”, a new information system

Carrefour to display dietary information on its product packaging with new system called “aquellefrequence”

PARIS, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — Developed with the help of food experts and people working in public health, this dietary information will be displayed on Carrefour products so that customers know how frequently they should be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

“aquellefrequence”, clear information to help people create each and every meal
Carrefour has developed “aquellefrequence” so as to provide customers with straightforward, clear and useful information on its product packaging. This information will help them create meals every day that form part of a balanced and varied diet.

4 differently-coloured icons will be used to help people understand how frequently foodstuffs should be consumed:

For example, products displaying the “three times a day” visual marker include a variety of foodstuffs that consumers can use as staples for all of their meals.

To create 2 of their 3 daily meals, consumers can select products displaying the “two times a day” visual marker.

Products displaying the “once a day” visual marker may be consumed during the day, but with moderation.

And every now and then, meals can be enjoyed that feature products displaying the “from time to time” visual marker.

“aquellefrequence”, an innovative labelling system developed with the help of a committee of renowned experts
“aquellefrequence” is the result of an innovative and proactive approach that Carrefour has adapted, working alongside a committee of experts made up of researchers and health care professionals – all specialists in nutrition and/or public health:
•    Dr Jacques Fricker, President of the Expert Committee, Doctor of Medicine and Science
•    Dr Didier Chapelot, Doctor of Medicine and Science, Lecturer at the University of Paris 13, Specialist in the physiology of eating behaviour
•    Nicole Darmon, Doctor of nutrition, epidemiologist and research director at the INRA (France’s national institute of agronomic research)
•    Florence Foucaut, Dietician, nutritionist
•    Pascale Hébel, Head of the consumer behaviour department at the CREDOC (French research institute for the study and monitoring of living standards)

Products are all assessed individually based on the recipes used to create them, consumer habits, public health information, data provided by the PNNS (France’s national health and nutrition plan) and a scientific rating that is arrived at using Ofcom’s methodology*.

“aquellefrequence”, in Carrefour stores from December 2014
“aquellefrequence” will gradually be rolled out to Carrefour food products starting in December 2014.

To help customers use this new system, Carrefour has created a dedicated interactive website:



Chef and broadcaster Rick Stein launches his first ever range of homeware exclusively at Tesco

Cheshunt, England, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — Chef and broadcaster Rick Stein has launched his first ever range of homeware exclusively at Tesco.  The range reflects Rick’s passion for everything coastal, taking inspiration from his beloved Padstow and his vast experience of worldly cuisines.

Designed in Britain, the collection offers simple, paired back accessories which don’t detract from the food and has Rick’s professional and trusted stamp of approval.

Launching the range for Tesco customers in Watford Extra, Rick said: “Inspired by my childhood in Cornwall and recent memories of happy times cooking in Padstow and Australia, I’ve created a collection of rather lovely kitchen and tableware, perfect for cooking and sharing delicious food with family and friends.”

For more information please contact the Tesco Press Office on
01992 644645

We are a team of over 500,000 people in 12 markets dedicated to providing the most compelling offer to our customers.


Tesco takes the lead to improve opportunities and reduce vulnerability to trafficking and exploitation of young people in Indian tea communities

Cheshunt, England, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — A groundbreaking new partnership to improve opportunities for young people in Indian tea communities and reduce their vulnerability to trafficking and exploitation has been announced today by UNICEF and the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP).

The 3-year programme, supported and funded by IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative; ETP members, Tesco, OTG (Meßmer), Tata Global Beverages (Tetley, Tata Tea), and Taylors of Harrogate (Yorkshire Tea); and Typhoo, will initially work with 350 communities on over 100 estates in three districts in the Indian state of Assam, and has the potential to serve as a model to protect children across other rural communities.

UK supermarket Tesco has played a leading role in bringing together the coalition of organisations behind the programme as part of its ongoing commitment to improve conditions across its supply chains. Tesco is the first international retailer to partner with ETP.

The partnership is the first of its kind to bring together all key stakeholders in the tea industry – public and private organisations and the supply chain – to tackle the problem of child exploitation across the sector.

Sarah Roberts, Executive Director of the ETP, said:

“We want to create a thriving future for everyone involved in tea by tackling the root causes of social and environmental problems. UNICEF’s expertise will help the tea industry to build a better future for tens of thousands of children in communities growing some of the world’s favourite tea, by improving their knowledge and skills and reducing their vulnerability to violence, abuse, and exploitation. Problems such as these can’t be tackled by any one organisation on their own and we are delighted to be part of such a strong coalition”

Child protection issues are a huge challenge in India, especially in rural areas including those that grow and produce tea. More than 80 million children a year – 41% of the child population leave school without completing eight years of education. In addition 43% of girls are married before they are 18.

The exploitation and abuse of children in these communities is exacerbated by poverty, gender, caste, and a lack of education. These problems are common in the tea communities of Assam, one of the world’s most important tea growing areas whose leaves are used in almost every tea blend. A sixth of the state’s population live in these communities and they are among its most marginalised people.

In order to protect and improve the lives of children living on these tea estates, multi-stakeholder partnerships and a cross industry approach that address child exploitation are required.

UNICEF UK Executive Director David Bull said:

“Children growing up in Assam’s rural tea communities face huge problems, especially girls. Many leave school early and child marriage is common. They are vulnerable to a range of threats including trafficking, exploitative and bonded labour, and physical and sexual abuse. But we can make a difference by empowering young people and strengthening child protection systems.

“This programme is backed by retailers, world-famous tea brands and growers, and shows the tea industry’s determination to play its part in solving these problems. We are hugely inspired that the tea community is looking at these issues through the eyes of a child and we hope it will encourage other industries to take similar action.

“The Indian Government passed its flagship Integrated Child Protection Scheme in 2009, which intends to create and strengthen child protection structures across the state down to village level. The scheme was passed after a decade of advocacy from UNICEF and will support all levels of the Assam government to implement the law and its focus will form the building blocks of this partnership.”

Tea communities’ knowledge of child protection will be increased through a range of work using existing structures such as village organisations and tea estates’, welfare officers and mother clubs, to help make sure that everyone understands why it is important to protect children and how they can keep them safe.

Joost Oorthuizen, Chief Executive of IDH, said:

“IDH is heavily engaged in efforts to improve sustainability in the Indian tea sector through the trustea programme, led and supported by the Tea Board of India. We applaud the cooperation of the tea industry with UNICEF to mitigate the issue of child trafficking in Assam and are pleased to be instrumental in bringing together the different activities required to deal effectively with such a difficult issue.”

Giles Bolton, Responsible Sourcing Director for Tesco said:

“The tea industry is important to Assam, and we all have a responsibility to ensure that the shocking cases of child trafficking and exploitation in some of these communities are ended.

“As a large retailer we can use our scale to help make a real difference.  We’re really pleased to be supporting this programme and to be working with a range of expert partners to ensure young people, particularly girls and their families in Assam are better able to protect themselves and have a secure future.”

Notes to Editors

The three-year Assam programme will target families in 350 communities linked to 100 tea estates, and will specifically:

  • Equip more than 25,000 girls with the knowledge and “life skills” that will help them secure a better future and reduce their vulnerability to violence, abuse and exploitation.
  • Give more than 10,000 community members the knowledge and training to protect children from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.
  • Make families in each community aware of children’s rights and the support they can call on to help educate and protect their children.
  • Work with state and district government to improve the quality of education and the effectiveness of child protection policies to help make a sustainable difference to the lives of children now and in many years to come.

For more information please contact the Tesco Press Office on
01992 644645

We are a team of over 500,000 people in 12 markets dedicated to providing the most compelling offer to our customers.

Wegmans donates 18,286 pounds of non-perishable food to the ACTS Food Pantry

DUMFRIES, VA, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — On September 25 at 10 a.m., Wegmans will deliver 18,286 pounds of non-perishable food to the ACTS Food Pantry. The donation includes 20 pallets of canned goods, cereals, snacks, assorted beverages, condiments, baking mixes and other ingredients.

“This donation from Wegmans comes at a perfect time,” said Eboni Nichols, ACTS Food Pantry program manager. “We just got through the summer months, when families are in need of more food due to having children out of school and not receiving free and reduced price lunches. We try to stretch what we have until our big food drive, Operation Turkey, kicks off at the end of September. This truckload from Wegmans will really help us to restock our shelves to serve our clients.”

When the Wegmans tractor-trailer arrives at the food pantry, Service Area Manager Chris Holland will be on hand along with a team of employees from the Potomac store in Woodbridge to help unload the truck. Wegmans began donating to ACTS in 2008, shortly before the Potomac store opened.

“We are dedicated to making a difference in every community we serve,” said Wegmans Potomac Store Manager Brien MacKendrick. “It’s a value we’re honored to put into action and a tradition we look forward to continuing with ACTS to help everyone in our community live healthier, better lives.”

ACTS Food Pantry
3900 ACTS Lane
Dumfries, VA 22026

Last year in all of its market areas, Wegmans donated more than 16.5 million pounds of fresh and non-perishable food to food banks. Wegmans also makes it easy for shoppers to join in supporting local hunger relief efforts by participating in annual food bank programs where shoppers who wish to make a donation at checkout can have any amount added to their bill and 100% of those donations go directly to local agencies that feed the needy. Since 1993, Wegmans has raised more than $24 million for hunger relief through these checkout campaigns.


About ACTS:
Action in Community Through Service of Prince William, Inc. (ACTS) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving the residents of the Greater Prince William Area, which includes the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. ACTS mission is to provide relief, foster hope and promote self-sufficiency for the organization’s Prince William area neighbors in crises due to hunger, homelessness and personal violence.

About Wegmans:
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is an 84-store supermarket chain with stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts. The family-owned company, founded in 1916, is recognized as an industry leader and innovator. Wegmans has been named one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ by FORTUNE magazine for 17 consecutive years. In 2014, Wegmans ranked #12 on the list.

Contact Information:

Jo Natale, Wegmans’ director of media relations, 585-429-3627
Tara Jennings-May, ACTS Public Relations, 703-441-8606

Commissary stores to feature samplings and demonstrations in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

FORT LEE, Va., 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — Commissary shoppers will see lots of pink in October, as stores feature samplings and demonstrations in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

DeCA’s industry partners – vendors, suppliers and brokers – are collaborating with commissaries throughout October to offer everyday savings with promotions such as:

  • “Drink To Pink”sale, sponsored by Apple and Eve’s Northland juice brand. Along with great prices and coupons, the company will donate 25 cents per bottle, up to $25,000, to the National Breast Cancer Research Fund.
  • Hardies Fresh Foods specials on the following products: Naturesweet Tomatoes, Fresh Express Salads, Kitchen Pride Mushrooms, and Fresh from Texas (pre-cut items). There will be pink, reusable grocery bags given away with the purchase of one of their pink produce items.

Check with your local commissary to see what type of pink product specials and store events will be offered and for details on dates and times for any promotions. Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain programs.

And don’t forget to check the Sales & Events page for the latest information on sales and special events.

About DeCA: The Defense Commissary Agency operates a worldwide chain of commissaries providing groceries to military personnel, retirees and their families in a safe and secure shopping environment. Authorized patrons purchase items at cost plus a 5-percent surcharge, which covers the costs of building new commissaries and modernizing existing ones. Shoppers save an average of more than 30 percent on their purchases compared to commercial prices – savings amounting to thousands of dollars annually. A core military family support element, and a valued part of military pay and benefits, commissaries contribute to family readiness, enhance the quality of life for America’s military and their families, and help recruit and retain the best and brightest men and women to serve their country.

Media Contact:
Kevin L. Robinson
(804) 734-8000, Ext. 4-8773