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Carrefour to display dietary information on its product packaging with new system called “aquellefrequence”

Innovation at Carrefour: to help its customers decide what food they should buy, Carrefour has just launched “aquellefrequence”, a new information system

Carrefour to display dietary information on its product packaging with new system called “aquellefrequence”

PARIS, 2014-9-26— /EPR Retail News/ — Developed with the help of food experts and people working in public health, this dietary information will be displayed on Carrefour products so that customers know how frequently they should be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

“aquellefrequence”, clear information to help people create each and every meal
Carrefour has developed “aquellefrequence” so as to provide customers with straightforward, clear and useful information on its product packaging. This information will help them create meals every day that form part of a balanced and varied diet.

4 differently-coloured icons will be used to help people understand how frequently foodstuffs should be consumed:

For example, products displaying the “three times a day” visual marker include a variety of foodstuffs that consumers can use as staples for all of their meals.

To create 2 of their 3 daily meals, consumers can select products displaying the “two times a day” visual marker.

Products displaying the “once a day” visual marker may be consumed during the day, but with moderation.

And every now and then, meals can be enjoyed that feature products displaying the “from time to time” visual marker.

“aquellefrequence”, an innovative labelling system developed with the help of a committee of renowned experts
“aquellefrequence” is the result of an innovative and proactive approach that Carrefour has adapted, working alongside a committee of experts made up of researchers and health care professionals – all specialists in nutrition and/or public health:
•    Dr Jacques Fricker, President of the Expert Committee, Doctor of Medicine and Science
•    Dr Didier Chapelot, Doctor of Medicine and Science, Lecturer at the University of Paris 13, Specialist in the physiology of eating behaviour
•    Nicole Darmon, Doctor of nutrition, epidemiologist and research director at the INRA (France’s national institute of agronomic research)
•    Florence Foucaut, Dietician, nutritionist
•    Pascale Hébel, Head of the consumer behaviour department at the CREDOC (French research institute for the study and monitoring of living standards)

Products are all assessed individually based on the recipes used to create them, consumer habits, public health information, data provided by the PNNS (France’s national health and nutrition plan) and a scientific rating that is arrived at using Ofcom’s methodology*.

“aquellefrequence”, in Carrefour stores from December 2014
“aquellefrequence” will gradually be rolled out to Carrefour food products starting in December 2014.

To help customers use this new system, Carrefour has created a dedicated interactive website:



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