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Meijer partnered with GE Lighting to help shoppers navigate the many options on switching to energy-efficient lighting

Meijer partners with GE Lighting to educate customers, provide solutions as traditional bulbs begin disappearing from retail shelves

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., 2014-10-31— /EPR Retail News/ — Shoppers who get ready for their annual trip to buy light bulbs due to the end of daylight saving time may be in for a surprise this year as traditional incandescent light bulbs begin to disappear. To help its customers through this transition, Meijer has partnered with GE Lighting, America’s most trusted lighting brand, to create a new shopping experience to help its shoppers navigate the many options as they prepare for the longer winter nights.

“Even though we’ve known for a while that incandescent light bulbs are being phased out, customers have been lulled into thinking the old school bulbs are not going away because they have remained on shelves,” said David Hart, electrical, plumbing and home environment buyer for the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer. “We’re now approaching the point where the supply is disappearing, so we’re trying to help our shoppers understand the multiple new options in a category that’s become much more technologically advanced.”

Meijer is the first retailer in the country to partner with GE on this type of program, which required a complete remodel of the retailers lighting aisle. Not only can customers choose between Halogen, CFL, Covered CFL and LED, they will also have access to detailed information through displays and TV monitors to help them make a decision on what’s best for them. It may seem like a lot for something as simple as light bulbs, but light bulbs have changed.

“We know the light consumers love, and we’ve reinvented and perfected energy-efficient lighting, like CFL and LED light bulbs, to emulate incandescent light,” said John Strainic, general manager, consumer lighting for GE in North America. “By collaborating with Meijer, we are able to make the lighting aisle experience simpler and more intuitive.

Switching to energy-efficient lighting, like LEDs, requires consumers to change the way they’ve lit their home for more than 100 years, and we need to help guide them to better understand why LED lighting is the best lighting option; and, ultimately, help them grasp that LED is where lighting is headed.”

Light bulbs are a popular item with Meijer customers this time of year. Meijer traditionally sees light bulbs sales increase by up to 40% in the weeks surrounding the end of daylight saving time.

GE Lighting launched 31 new LED bulbs at Meijer to meet consumer demand to fill every socket in their homes withenergy-efficient LED lighting. These GE LED options include:

  • ENERGY STAR®- qualified LED bulbs for general purpose lighting, such as floor and table lamps, engineered to look like traditional 100-watt bulbs.
  • Indoor floodlight LED bulbs, used in recessed ceiling lighting,  available in soft, warm white and GE reveal® bulbs, which filter out the yellow rays – making colors pop.
  • Decorative LED lighting, like candelabras used in chandeliers and globe lighting used for bathroom vanity lighting.
  • Indoor/Outdoor-rated LED spotlights.

To calculate a home’s energy-saving potential by switching to LED lighting, GE Lighting has developed a GE LED energy-savings calculator. This tool translates energy savings into relatable terms for consumers, making the switch to GE LED a no-brainer.

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Meijer partnered with GE Lighting to help shoppers navigate the many options on switching to energy-efficient lighting
Meijer partnered with GE Lighting to help shoppers navigate the many options on switching to energy-efficient lighting
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