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PAK’nSAVE survey: quarter of New Zealand to watch the rugby tournament live

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, 2015-10-15 — /EPR Retail News/ — PAK’nSAVE survey findings reveal:

  • A quarter of New Zealand will be watching the tournament live
  • Nearly half of those watching live matches will be waking up just in time for the haka
  • Only 10% will be staying up all night to catch a game
  • Two thirds of New Zealand will be cheering on their team with a cup of tea or coffee
  • Regardless of the time, a third of Kiwis will be fueling their excitement with bacon and eggs
  • Pyjamas are the dress code for a third of fans this tournament

What a difference four years and a hemisphere can make; New Zealand fans will be waiting until the last moment, tucking into a kiwi fry-up and watching games in their pyjamas.

The rugby tournament may be 11,000kms from our shores, but Kiwis are once again proving that they are an unquestionably devoted nation.  The 12-hour time difference and lack of sleep won’t stop us cheering on our boys in black.

However, fans will be squeezing in every last second of sleep before kick-off according to a recent PAK’nSAVE survey.  Forty nine per cent of respondents will be using the haka as a wake-up call rather than setting the alarm for the pre-match banter.   Employers across New Zealand have been mindful of productivity during the tournament, but only 10% of those surveyed planned to stay up all night and 27% plan to watch full games delayed at a more convenient time.

When the nation does manage to get itself out of bed, it won’t be with a wine or pint glass in our hand.  Seventy per cent of Kiwis will be reaching for a good old cup of tea or coffee to see them through the game. Only 14% of those surveyed will be cheering on their team with a beer or wine.

To feed our stomachs and fuel our excitement, almost a third of New Zealand sports fans will be enjoying a Kiwi fry-up of bacon and eggs, closely followed by toast (29%) or classic chips and dip (27%).

Commenting on the national survey, Chris Quin, CEO, Foodstuffs North Island said, “This tournament is close to the heart of so many New Zealanders. Four years ago the country was alight with excitement and national pride. It’s great to see that 11,000km and a 12-hour time difference is bringing out the best in our rugby fanatics and we are all adapting to support our boys. “

“Apart from the first game between Argentina and New Zealand, I am leaning towards delayed coverage, but I will be setting the alarm when we go to the quarter finals and beyond.”

Unsurprisingly the PAK’nSAVE survey confirmed New Zealand really is home to some of the world’s biggest rugby union fans.  Forty nine per cent of respondents claimed to be either ‘rugby obsessed’ or a ‘rugby fan’ and will definitely be watching as many games as possible.  Another 11% will become ‘tournament experts’; those who will be fanatical for the duration of the competition.

“Of course there is always people that take a different view and that is part what makes New Zealand such a great place.  Seven per cent of those we spoke to claimed to be ‘rugby opposed’ and excited for the tournament to end.  There is a growing suspicion this group are in fact England fans,” said Chris.

One benefit of the time difference is there is no need to try to dress to impress this tournament. Thirty two per cent of respondents planned to watch games in their pyjamas, followed by dressing gown and slippers (17%), an official team rugby jersey (15%), a duvet (11%), whatever they could find at the hour of the morning (11%), anything in team colours (9%), work or school clothes (3%) or a lucky outfit (2%).

As a result of the survey, PAK’nSAVE’s around the country have ensured that tea, coffee and breakfast foods are well stocked and readily available for all avid rugby fans.


Rugby Survey Summary

Survey: PAK’nSAVE Rugby

1. With the rugby games on early in the morning this year, how will you be keeping up with the games important to you?  Are you…

Value Percent Count
Watching full games live 25.5% 302
Watching full games delayed 26.6% 316
Listening live on the radio 3.0% 36
Only catching the highlights or results afterwards 32.1% 381
Not watching/ not interested 12.7% 151
Total 1,186

2. What’s your pre-game strategy to watch those early morning games?

Value Percent Count
Pull an all-nighter 10.5% 32
Set the alarm clock well before kick-off to get ready 37.2% 113
Squeeze in as much sleep as possible and wake up just in time for the haka 48.7% 148
Doze through it mostly, but keep updated for the important bits 2.6% 8
Get up at half time 1.0% 3
Total 304

3. And where are you watching the games live? (Selected Live in Q2)

Value Percent Count
At home on TV 78.2% 237
In bed 14.2% 43
Someone else’s house e.g. friends or family 3.3% 10
At work 2.0% 6
At a pub/bar or café 2.3% 7
Somewhere else (specify) 0.0% 0
Total 303

4. When are you catching up with the games? (Selected Delayed in Q2)

Value Percent Count
An hour or so after kick-off that morning 6.6% 21
The same morning 28.7% 91
That day 40.1% 127
That night 15.5% 49
The next day or so 9.2% 29
Total 317

5. What kind of food & drink will you have while watching the games at home? (Multichoice, Selected Live in Q2)

Value Percent Count
Tea or coffee – can’t function without it that early in the morning 70.3% 213
Beer or wine – regardless of the time, it’s a celebration 14.2% 43
Fresh juice or other cold drinks – got to keep hydrated 28.1% 85
Something else? 6.3% 19
Cooked Kiwi fry-up of bacon & eggs – breakfast of champions! 29.7% 90
Baked beans or spaghetti all the way 6.3% 19
Porridge for me 7.6% 23
Weetbix – If Richie can eat 12 weetbix, so can I! 13.9% 42
Other cereals 11.9% 36
Toast 29.0% 88
Continental breakfast – a little bit fancy 3.0% 9
Snacks for me – classic kiwi chips and dip all the way 27.1% 82
Total 303

6. What will you be wearing to watch the games? (Selected Live Q2)

Value Percent Count
My team’s official rugby jersey 14.9% 45
Anything in my team colours 8.9% 27
Lucky outfit e.g. socks, undies, t-shirt 2.3% 7
Dressing gown & slippers 16.6% 50
Pyjamas 32.1% 97
My duvet 10.9% 33
Work or school clothes 3.0% 9
Just whatever I can find at that hour 11.3% 34
Total 302

7. What kind of rugby fanatic are you?

Value Percent Count
Rugby obsessed – I counted down the days till the cup for months! 7.3% 86
Rugby fan – I’ll definitely be watching as many games as I can for sure 41.5% 492
Tournament expert – I turn into a rugby fanatic during the cup, but otherwise I’m not fussed 10.5% 124
Rugby tolerator – I’ll watch a few games, but mostly so I know what everyone will be talking about 34.0% 403
Rugby opposed – Rugby fan? No thank you. I can’t wait for it to be over! 6.8% 81
Total 1,186


8. And just for fun, which team are you supporting?

Value Percent Count
New Zealand 93.0% 1,100
Argentina 0.4% 5
Australia 0.9% 10
Canada 0.1% 1
England 0.9% 10
Fiji 0.2% 2
France 0.0% 0
Georgia 0.2% 2
Ireland 0.6% 7
Italy 0.0% 0
Japan 1.6% 19
Namibia 0.0% 0
Romania 0.1% 1
Samoa 0.3% 4
Scotland 0.5% 6
South Africa 0.7% 8
Tonga 0.2% 2
Uruguay 0.1% 1
USA 0.1% 1
Wales 0.3% 4
Total 1,183


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