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IKEA disappointed that the UFCW chose to illegally block access to its Stoughton store

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., 2015-11-16 — /EPR Retail News/ — IKEA respects the rights of our co-workers to join, form or not to join a co-worker association of their choice without fear of reprisal, interference, intimidation or harassment. We will not facilitate a preference for a co-worker association.

Updated Statement: noon November 16th
IKEA is disappointed that the UFCW chose to illegally block access to our Stoughton store for routine truck deliveries and prevented co-workers from reporting to work this morning, all in an attempt to draw attention to their organizing efforts. These tactics create unnecessary safety risks for both our co-workers and vendors. Few, if any, of the individuals who attempted to block access to the store were actual IKEA co-workers. Consistent with its philosophy, IKEA notified the UFCW that the company respects the union’s right to file a Petition for Election under the National Labor Relations Board rules. IKEA has requested a secret ballot election for each of its four distribution centers, all of whom voted in favor of union representation.

IKEA firmly believes that each co-worker’s voice matters and the right to choose representation lies solely with the co-worker. IKEA co-workers have the right to make a choice for or against representation without fear of intimidation or harassment from either IKEA or the union. Regarding the 75% number that the UFCW is promoting, we cannot corroborate it. In fact, we have reason to doubt its accuracy. We have received a request to recognize a micro-unit consisting of 33 co-workers within the logistics department of a location that employs 279. We have a long history as an employer in the US of over 12,000 coworkers and our decisions are designed to protect the rights of all co-workers.

When union representation is selected by IKEA co-workers through the secret ballot process, IKEA is committed to building and maintain a constructive and cooperative relationship with the union, built upon a foundation a mutual respect.

Please see below for more info:
Click here to read the IKEA Co-worker Principles.

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