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RILA: retailers urged lawmakers to authorize twin 33s to operate on America’s highway system

Arlington, VA, 2015-11-19 — /EPR Retail News/ — ​​​In a letter to the U.S. Senate, retailers urged lawmakers to keep language authorizing twin 33s to operate on America’s highway system. The change would allow for a five foot increase in twin trailers—from 28 to 33 feet—with no change to federal weight guidelines. Retailers support the measure which would make freight shipping safer and more efficient.

“Retailers support a nationwide framework that creates a uniform standard for freight shipping,” said Kelly Kolb, vice president for government affairs with the Retail Industry Leaders Association. “In addition to added fuel efficiency, extending trailers by five feet will reduce the number of trucks on the road, meaning a reduction in carbon emissions and less congestion on our nation’s interstate highways.”

While some have suggested that the twin 33s provision would create a safety risk, academic studies have actually found the opposite to be true. Because of their longer wheelbase, 33-foot double trailer configurations are inherently more stable than twin 28-foot double trailers. On the nation’s third-busiest toll road, the Florida Turnpike, twin 33s have traveled more than one million miles in the past five years without a single accident.

“Twin 33s offer retailers and freight haulers greater efficiency, lower fuel costs, and a less congested highway system,” added Kolb. “This is a common-sense change that benefits all those reliant on a safer and more efficient supply chain.”

Full letter linked here.

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SOURCE: Retail Industry Leaders Association

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