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Meat injector buyers turn to Premiala as spurious quality claims from rivals discovered

LONDON, United Kingdom, 2017-Jan-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Premiala BBQ and Kitchenware today announced an increase in sales of its popular stainless steel meat injector after customers discovered spurious quality claims by rival manufacturers. Prior to Premiala’s entrance onto the meat injector scene, it was common-place for injectors to be manufactured from chrome-plated aluminium or brass, with only the barrel and needles being made from stainless steel. Premiala claims to use food-safe stainless steel for all parts which come into contact with food, and while rivals have imitated these claims, customers are now discovering they’re secretly using cheaper metals for certain parts.

“Food safety and quality are top priorities at Premiala, so it was a no-brainer for us to specify 100% food-safe 304-grade stainless steel for all food-facing components on our meat injector”, Premiala General Manager Greg Carder said today. “Some of our competitors have imitated our claims, and while we have known for some time these claims are false, eagle-eyed customers themselves are now starting to notice hidden platings and cheaper materials on their supposedly ‘stainless steel’ injectors and are reporting these spurious claims in their product reviews. This has led to much stronger than usual post-Christmas sales, as customers discover the alternatives are not all they seem.”

One manufacturer in Amazon Germany claims their product is “stainless steel 304” (Bratenspritze Edelstahl 304), however a recent reviewer posted this against the offending product (as translated from German):

“The only part made of stainless steel is the cylinder, even the front part is cheap die-cast and pressed into the cylinder. As a result, the syringe is difficult to clean in the front area, and germs and bacteria can unfold freely in the casting molds inside.  Even worse, after the first clean the chrome coating has detached itself on several parts of the syringe. So I would not like to find chromium chips in my food”

The manufacturer did not refute the claim but simply made a reference to it being a quality control mistake and offered a refund.

The story is the same in the USA. A product touting to be a “Heavy Duty Meat Injector 304 Stainless Steel” was also unmasked by a discerning buyer. Under the title of ‘Stainless steel – really?’, the buyer posted:

“The seller claims this is Stainless Steel. The top and bottom of this unit is Chrome plated something. It does not look like SS, and in fact, more than likely is die cast metal, Zinc, pot metal, or something else. The only parts that are clearly SS are the needles, and the body.”

In this case the manufacturer did not even respond.

Premiala’s meat injector is definitely priced higher than its competitors, but it appears the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true in this case, as customers turn to Premiala in greater numbers to ensure their food isn’t tainted by unsafe materials.

Premiala’s injectors are available on numerous Amazon marketplaces, including Amazon USA, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.

About Premiala BBQ and Kitchenware: Premiala BBQ and Kitchenware aims to provide premium quality BBQ and kitchen tools to home and professional users.  It believes better health and well-being can be achieved by using premium tools, by providing superior results and greater user satisfaction while working.

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