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No risk of aluminum contamination from Premiala’s Flavor Injector

Overview of the Premiala Meat Injector

LONDON, United Kingdom, 2017-Feb-07 — /EPR Retail News/ — Following last month’s announcement about cheap metals being used in some meat injectors, Premiala BBQ and Kitchenware today provided some authoritative evidence as to the risks of these cheaper materials, underscoring its decision to use 100% food-safe stainless steel for all food-facing components on its popular Flavor Injector syringe. Some research shows usage of aluminum or brass in food equipment leads to leaching of harmful substances such as lead into food.

Professor Jeffrey Weidenhamer, Professor of Chemistry at Ashland University is an author of the 2014 study “Lead Exposure from Aluminum Cookware in Cameroon“. In the study, he stated:

“Even low-level lead exposures can result in reduced IQ and neurological deficits, and contribute to cardiovascular disease”.

Lead exposure in children is significantly linked to brain damage, mental retardation, lower educational performance, and other adverse health effects.

“We have taken into consideration the threats aluminum poses to health”, stated General Manager, Greg Carder “and do not want to put our customers at risk by including aluminum or brass in any of our products. Our insistence on food-safe stainless steel ensures our customers get both quality results of the meat and the safety from possible lead contamination”.

All food-facing components of the Premiala Flavor Injector are manufactured from food-safe 304-grade stainless steel. The company claims their product doesn’t rust even in the presence of aggravating mixtures such as brine or marinades.

The Premiala Flavor Injector has a 2-oz (60ml) capacity and includes three different needles for injecting different types of marinades into a range of meats.  Consumers can upgrade its one year warranty to a lifetime warranty by joining the company’s VIP customer club. More information, as well as purchasing sources, can be found at

About Premiala BBQ and Kitchenware: Premiala BBQ and Kitchenware aims to provide premium quality BBQ and kitchen tools to home and professional users. It believes better health and well-being can be achieved by using premium tools, by providing superior results and greater user satisfaction while working.


Greg Carder

General Manager

EPR Retail News