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CULVER CITY, US, 2017-Jul-18 — /EPR Retail News/ — Just this week, Metric USA released an Adjustable Top with Comfort Neck Pad and Water-Repellent Waist Apron, available on  Metric USA is a full-service home goods and accessories manufacturing and development company with a commitment for incorporating innovative and never-before-seen elements into everyday household products,

Curated to embody two different apron designs and functionalities for on-the-go individuals, the new multi-functional apron comes in a set of two styles: a bistro style serving apron and a bib cooking apron.

“This new apron product comes with an adjustable neck strap that enables the user to adjust the bib apron easily,” said Rita Haft, Founder, and Owner of Metric USA. “Plus, with the extra-long reinforced ties, the apron is easily pulled for a comfortable, perfect fit. Designed with durability and flexibility in mind, this apron can keep up with any kitchen demand.”

The apron comes with a padded neck section which provides comfort to users wearing the aprons for long periods of time. Due to its versatility and unisex development, the apron is a functional solution for moms, dads, husbands, wives, kids, daughters, friends, chefs, and waiters/waitresses in any type of food establishment.

The reversible design also makes the apron twice as functional, with two sides of high-quality apron fabric that can withstand cooking, baking, barbecuing, serving guests in a restaurant and hotel, and other types of uses.

“There are also zippered pockets for keeping phones safe and dry during the cooking process,” said Rita Haft. “Spread the word on the official rollout of our new dual-sided apron product, and head on over to our website today to check out our other innovative home goods fixtures.”The Metric USA apron comes guaranteed wrinkleless.

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