CULVER CITY, USA, 2017-Aug-23 — /EPR Retail News/ — Metric USA, a full-service American eCommerce site that works to develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative products across a variety of consumer industries today.  This week they are excited to announce their latest product, a Silicone Enhanced Weightlifting Grip Pad and Strap which is officially available for purchase on

Passionate about easing consumer’s lives through products that embody innovation and convenience, Metric USA’s latest release is going to make lifting heavyweights easier and more pleasurable.

“This new value pack of 2 weight lifting grip pads and straps is being sold as at an unbeatable price for all shoppers on today,” said Rita Haft, Founder, and Owner of Metric USA. “Each one of the weight lifting strap features sturdy hook-and-loop fastening tape long enough to wrap around the bar two to three times, and is guaranteed to fit most hands.”

Ideal for powerlifting Dumbells, Kettlebells, Olympic Barbells, Men’s Barbells, Women’s Barbells, Junior Barbells, and other types of gym staples, the grip pad product will make lifting fun, enabling the user to enjoy a workout routine with reliable and supportive grip.

For everyone who purchases the product on, they will receive a printed illustrated insert card, which teaches users how to properly put the straps on, how to care for the straps over an extended period of time, and how to use them without injury.

“A free mesh carry pouch is also included to ensure this combo pack never gets lost,” said Rita Haft. “The weightlifting straps and bar pads fold flat and fit easily inside the bag. Spread the word, and head on over to to buy them while this offer lasts.”

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CULVER CITY, US, 2017-Jul-18 — /EPR Retail News/ — Just this week, Metric USA released an Adjustable Top with Comfort Neck Pad and Water-Repellent Waist Apron, available on  Metric USA is a full-service home goods and accessories manufacturing and development company with a commitment for incorporating innovative and never-before-seen elements into everyday household products,

Curated to embody two different apron designs and functionalities for on-the-go individuals, the new multi-functional apron comes in a set of two styles: a bistro style serving apron and a bib cooking apron.

“This new apron product comes with an adjustable neck strap that enables the user to adjust the bib apron easily,” said Rita Haft, Founder, and Owner of Metric USA. “Plus, with the extra-long reinforced ties, the apron is easily pulled for a comfortable, perfect fit. Designed with durability and flexibility in mind, this apron can keep up with any kitchen demand.”

The apron comes with a padded neck section which provides comfort to users wearing the aprons for long periods of time. Due to its versatility and unisex development, the apron is a functional solution for moms, dads, husbands, wives, kids, daughters, friends, chefs, and waiters/waitresses in any type of food establishment.

The reversible design also makes the apron twice as functional, with two sides of high-quality apron fabric that can withstand cooking, baking, barbecuing, serving guests in a restaurant and hotel, and other types of uses.

“There are also zippered pockets for keeping phones safe and dry during the cooking process,” said Rita Haft. “Spread the word on the official rollout of our new dual-sided apron product, and head on over to our website today to check out our other innovative home goods fixtures.”The Metric USA apron comes guaranteed wrinkleless.

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CULVER CITY, USA, 2017-May-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — This week, Metric USA, a full-service, family-owned and operated company that works around the clock to identify much-needed, innovative everyday products, has proudly unveiled the Original Dual-Sided Dish Drying Mat, their newest product creation. All their products embody functional, simplistic, and effective design, and the Drying Mat is no exception. It’s available now for all to peruse and purchase on

Passionate about taking everyday household items and adding an element of convenience and ergonomic design to make them even more effective, Metric USA is constantly adding functionality to already essential home items.

“Dish drying mats are absolutely crucial for keeping kitchens clean and organized after meals,” said Rita Haft, Founder and Owner of Metric USA. “We’ve taken this essential product and made it a reversible, dual-sided kitchen staple that is incredibly absorbent and sleekly designed.”

The Metric USA mat comes in a value pack of two, with one brown and one red mat. They are used for drying dishes, cutleries and glasses after hand washing. Different from competitor’s products, the Metric dish drying mats absorb up to 4 times their weight in water, ensuring kitchen countertops and floors are kept permanently dry.

Each dish drying mat is made of an innovative metric 66 material with an embossed honeycomb design that adds elegance to the kitchen counter. This honeycomb design also helps absorb water quickly, drying the kitchenware faster than other types of kitchen mats.

Once the mats have been used multiple times, they can be either machine-washed or hand washed with a mild detergent in water. Each mat comes with straps at the edge so it can be easily hung for drying.

“There isn’t much we didn’t think of when completing this kitchen mat product,” said Rita Haft. “Spread the word on its release, and head on over to today to learn more about its properties.”

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CULVER CITY, CA, USA, 2017-Apr-20 — /EPR Retail News/ — Metric USA, a full-service, family-owned and operated company specializing in designing, developing, and producing a wide range of products that embody good design, simplicity, and beauty, announced they have officially released their latest revolutionary product, Collapsible Beer Can Sleeves, just in time for summer cookouts and hangouts.

Developed to provide comfort and convenience for keeping beer cans cool and drinker’s hands dry, the beer sleeves’ inner dimension of 2.6” and 4” in height can hold 12 oz. cans or stumpy bottles with perfect grip.

“We’ve designed the sleeves to be collapsible so they are easily folded and taken along with consumers for ice cold beers anywhere, at any time,” said Rita Haft, Founder and Owner of Metric USA. “Plus, we’ve taken special care to make sure they are eye-catching in nature, and will complement any setting perfectly.”

The beer sleeves are equipped with a reversible, double-sided design. They are made from innovative material known as metric 66 for better insulation, which prevents hands from freezing and drinks cold. Additionally, they come with sturdy, stretchy handles to assist in holding the sleeve.

The sleeves come in 6-pack and 2-pack options, with various color options for adding a touch of personalization to the drinking experience. Not only for beer cans, but Metric USA can sleeves are ideal to use on 12 Oz. soda cans as well to keep them chilled much longer.

These sleeves are durable, firmly grip, insulate, and protect beer cans throughout the entire 2017 summer and many summers to come,” said John Grant, a satisfied customer. “Warm sodas and beers are a thing of the past when investing in this convenient product. Spread the word about our latest product, and head on over to Amazon today to purchase one of these must have summer accessories.”

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Metric USA Releases Makeup Bag Case Organizer On

CULVER CITY, CA, 2017-Feb-28 — /EPR Retail News/ — Metric Products, a family owned company that works to create, develop, and manufacturer a range of products that are functional, beautiful, and simplistically designed, this week announced they have released their latest innovative product, the Metric USA Cosmetic Makeup Bag Case Organizer, on for all consumers intent on keeping their personal items neat and organized.

“Having been in business for over 60 years, we understand what’s missing from the market at any given time,” said Rita Haft Owner of Metric Products. “Women and men deserve an organizational cosmetic bag that is both nice to look at, and functional in design. Our latest product is transportable and designed to be an on-the-go necessity for any kind of adventure.”

The Cosmetic Organizer is curated with extra length to hold even the longest makeup brushes. It is water-repellent and easy to clean with any kind of soap. Designed to be lightweight and portable, the organizer has an origami-type easy to fold design that makes it suitable for everyday transportable use. Lastly, the bag is equipped with a durable, long-lasting zipper to keep items safe and secure from leaks and spills.

“In addition to the outside zipper, the bag also comes with an interior zipper for keeping smaller makeup items secure and separate from the larger pouch,” said Ms. Haft. “This makes for the ultimate organizational structure. Spread the word on the roll out of our latest product, and head on over to today to get a better idea of its unique properties.”

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