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ShopRite launches in-store campaign “Go H2O” to help customers stay hydrated this summer

Supermarket Program Helps Shoppers Stay Healthy and Hydrated All Season Long

KEASBEY, NJ, 2017-Jul-28 — /EPR Retail News/ — With summer heat advisories on the rise, consumers are continually searching for ways to keep cool and hydrated during the hot summer months.  With this in mind, ShopRite has announced the launch of “Go H2O,” an in-store campaign aimed at helping consumers find easy, delicious and unique ways to stay hydrated during the dog days of summer.

“Staying properly hydrated is so important to our overall wellbeing, especially during the summer when we tend to spend more time outdoors and run the risk of becoming dehydrated,” says Natalie Menza-Crowe, RD, MS, director of Health and Wellness at ShopRite. “Our new Go H20 campaign is all about educating shoppers on ways they can take advantage of our entire array of healthy beverages, water-rich fruits and vegetables. Plus, by consuming a variety of fluids, fruits and vegetables, shoppers can hydrate and fuel up with essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and carbohydrates, at the same time.”

While young children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to the hazards of dehydration, experts advise that everyone should aim to fill up on fluids and water-rich foods during the hot summer months.  Extreme dehydration can cause possible medical issues such as heat exhaustion and, in some cases, heat stroke.

“Some of the hydrating products we are featuring might be items that everyone knows and loves, like watermelon, which is 92% water,” says Menza-Crowe, “But other products might be more surprising. For instance, we are highlighting drinks like unsweetened coconut waters and flavored seltzers, and suggesting other solutions, such as enjoying the ease of using frozen or canned vegetables and fruits, to stay satiated and hydrated.”

Officially set to launch on July 23, “Go H2O” is the latest entry into ShopRite’s Well Everyday themed initiative. The eight week campaign features fun colorful signage throughout the store, as well as messaging in the supermarket’s website, social media channels, and weekly circulars.

As part of the Go H2O program, ShopRite’s team of Registered Dietitians will be hosting in-store events and activities, plus offering recipes to drive home the message about the importance of staying hydrated during the season.  To see a complete list of events, visit here:


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