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Colruyt Group: the eggs on our shelves are safe

Halle, Belgium, 2017-Aug-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — Our customers’ safety and health is our first and most important priority. Colruyt Group is closely monitoring the situation with regards to the current Fipronil contamination in the eggs. We continue asking our suppliers for supplementary analyses, as an extra control on top of the analyses that were done by the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain). In this way, we want to ensure that the eggs that are currently on our shelves, are safe.

For the moment, none of the Colruyt Group stores have the impacted lot numbers that are mentioned on the FASFC website on their shelves. This has been a fact in the past. Even though we were very fast in removing the affected lots from our shelves following the demand of the supplier, there is a possibility that a certain amount of customers have bought eggs of those specific lots (it concerns eggs of the brand Boni and Everyday). These clients can return those eggs to their stores, where they will be helped by our staff.

No implicated eggs for sale

The lot numbers of the eggs with excessive concentrations of Fipronil are mentioned on the website of the FASFC. Colruyt Group has none of these lot numbers for sale anymore. Some lot numbers of our safe eggs sometimes only differ by one digit from the lot numbers of the eggs with too much fipronil. To be on the safe side, we now removed all lots of those eggs (Boni and Everyday) from our shelves as well, in order to avoid further confusion among our customers.

Extra checks of our eggs

The eggs on our shelves have not only been screened by the FASFC. Colruyt Group has taken it a step further and asked our suppliers to supply extra analyses of their samples, and we are carrying out extra checks. In this way we have built in an additional guarantee for the safety of our customers. We monitor the situation and will examine whether extra measures are required. Today, the eggs on the shelves of the Colruyt Group stores are safe.

Hanne Poppe
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Source: Colruyt Group

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