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JAPAN: Rakuten AirMap launches UTM system platform for drone manufacturers and application developers

Tokyo, 2017-Aug-24 — /EPR Retail News/ — Rakuten AirMap, Inc. today (AUGUST 23, 2017) announced the launch of its UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) system platform for drone manufacturers and application developers. This marks the first service offering for the Japanese joint venture established in March 2017 by Rakuten, Inc. and AirMap, Inc.

The Rakuten AirMap platform will give drone manufacturers and drone-related application developers access to the company’s suite of UTM APIs, making it possible for them to easily incorporate into their products features essential for ensuring the safety of drone flight, such as information about no-fly and restricted-flight zones and the ability to create flight plans and logs and also to receive commercial aviation alerts during flight. By providing this platform to drone manufacturers and application developers, Rakuten AirMap will make it easier for new features to be added to existing drone systems and for related applications to be developed. It is hoped this will lead to an acceleration in the development of new drone services.

Rakuten AirMap has plans to offer its platform and services to Japanese airspace managers and drone operators in future. Through its offerings of drone airspace management solutions, Rakuten AirMap seeks to contribute to the realization of safe and smooth drone flights and empower further development of the Japanese drone industry.

Source: Rakuten Inc.

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