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The Mystery of Mushrooms: Are They Really Vegetables?

Mushrooms are an interesting and tasty food that many people like. But are they vegetables? The answer changes based on how you think of a vegetable.

From a science point of view, mushrooms are not vegetables, but fungi. They are part of a different group of living things that is not the same as plants and animals. Unlike plants, mushrooms do not have green stuff, roots, leaves, or seeds, and they do not make their own food with sunlight. Instead, they get their food from dead things or living things they grow on. Mushrooms are the parts of fungi that make spores that can fly and grow into new fungi. 

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From a cooking point of view, however, mushrooms are often seen as vegetables. They are used in many foods that have vegetables, such as salads, soups, fried foods, and baked foods. They have a yummy taste and a chewy feel that can make the food better and healthier. Mushrooms have few calories and fat, but a lot of protein, fiber, things that protect your body, and minerals, such as selenium, potassium, and zinc. They also have B vitamins, such as riboflavin and niacin, which help your body use the food for energy. ¹²³

So, are mushrooms vegetables or not? The answer is both yes and no, based on how you look at it. In science, they are fungi, but in cooking, they are vegetables. Either way, mushrooms are a good and healthy food that can help your health and happiness.

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