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How to Do Face Yoga Exercises and Pranayama Yoga for Glowing Skin and Better Breathing

Yoga poses, also called asanas, are body shapes that you do to make yourself healthier, more flexible, stronger, balanced, and aware. There are many yoga poses, each with its own name, good things, and changes. Some of the most usual kinds of yoga poses are:

  • Standing poses: These poses help to make you steady, straight, and lasting. They also make your legs, hips, and back longer and firmer. Examples of standing poses are Mountain pose, Warrior I, Warrior II, Triangle pose, and Tree pose.
  • Sitting poses: These poses help to make your mind quiet, your body loose, and your flexibility more. They also work on your hips, back of your legs, lower back, and back. Examples of sitting poses are Easy pose, Lotus pose, Staff pose, Forward Bend pose, and Butterfly pose.
  • Balancing poses: These poses help to make your focus, control, and trust better. They also test your middle, arms, and legs. Examples of balancing poses are Crow pose, Half Moon pose, Eagle pose, and Handstand pose.
  • Backbends: These poses help to open your chest, shoulders, and heart. They also make your nerves, energy, and sitting effects better. Examples of backbends are Bridge pose, Cobra pose, Camel pose, and Wheel pose.
  • Twists: These poses help to clean your body, touch your inside parts, and let go of tightness. They also make your digestion, blood, and back movement better. Examples of twists are Seated Twist pose, Supine Twist pose, Revolved Triangle pose, and Lord of the Fishes pose.
  • Forward bends: These poses help to make your nerves, stress, and thinking better. They also make your back, back of your legs, and lower legs longer. Examples of forward bends are Standing Forward Bend pose, Downward-Facing Dog pose, Child’s pose, and Head-to-Knee pose.
  • Hip openers: These poses help to let go of bad feelings and things, make your joints better, and make your movement more. They also work on your hips, inside of your legs, and lower legs. Examples of hip openers are Pigeon pose, Frog pose, Garland pose, and Fire Log pose.
  • Inversions: These poses help to change the effects of gravity, make your blood better, and make your immunity stronger. They also make your upper body, middle, and legs stronger. Examples of inversions are Shoulder Stand pose, Plow pose, Legs-Up-the-Wall pose, and Headstand pose.

Yoga poses can be done alone or in orders, depending on the kind, level, and reason of the practice. They can also be changed or made to fit different needs and skills. Yoga poses are a way of joining the body, mind, and breath, and making harmony and balance.

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