Italian Federation of Athletics, Auchan and Simply launch initiative to promote athletics to students and their families

Croix Cedex, France, 2016-Oct-27 — /EPR Retail News/ — The 2016/2017 edition of the initiative launched by Italian Federation of Athletics, in partnership with Auchan and Simply, dedicated to students and their families, was presented to the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Sport and education are ready for the relay

“Athletics Generation” is a school project dedicated to highschool students and their families, with the goal to promote athletics and through its healthy lifestyles, balanced nutrition, self-respect and respect for the others.

The sharing of these values is the core of the new partnership between the Italian Federation of Athletics, Auchan and Simply, that together, thanks to their strong bond with the italian territory, are committed in involving the new generations in an educative and sporty project along all Italy.

In its first year, the project will touch 14 Italian cities, from North to South, and 500 classes, articulating through its educational, competitive and recreational stages. During the project athletics will be promoted even in unusual contests, less common but highly frequented by young people and their families, as the supermarkets.

At school – the educational stage

The participating classes will realize an essay regarding 3 topics focused on the value of athletes, the value of teams and the colors of nutrition. The essay can be realized through any format (video, photo feature, newspaper article, tale). To support their work, the classes will receive a “Project Kit” containing educational materials, for both students and teachers, structured according to the guideline of the healthy and correct nutrition defined by the Auchan and Simply Scientific Committee. FIDAL experts will visit the schools and support teachers during the sport preparation stage.

On the sports field – the competitive stage

Classes will face each other through running, throwing and jumping competitions at the sport facilities specified by FIDAL in each city. At the end of every competition day, a ranking will be compiled; that added to the essay valutation will determine the 3 finalists that will compete in the interregional finals, from which will be selected the 5 classes that will live the unique experience of being guests at the Runfest and participate to the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea on the 8th of june 2017 at the Olympic Stadium of Rome. The peculiarity of “Athletics Generation” is the attention given to the “value”: rankings will be compiled combining both the sport aspect and the educational one.

To the Shopping Mall – the funny stage

To make people live sport and its values even outside the stadium, in the Auchan and IperSimply locations located in the 14 italian cities involved in the initiative, it will be organized “The fastest boy contest. Young participants, coordinated by FIDAL experts, will have the opportunity to challenge a friend or a parent. A different way to experience the athletics enjoying themselves and prove their sprinter abilities.

“Your Secret Wish” – the school contest

With the purpose of getting closer to the school universe and more attentive to the teachers’ requests and needs, Auchan and Simply invented “Your Secret Wish” initiative. Each teacher enrolled in the project will have the possibility to express his/her Wish to support and promote the sport activities in his/her school. A specific Commission will revise all the Wishes, and the one that will obtain the highest valutation will be guaranted a €10,000 for its realization.

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Auchan and Boulanger partner for negotiation of purchases of white, brown and grey household electrical goods

Croix Cedex, France, 2016-Sep-28 — /EPR Retail News/ — The companies have entered into a partnership for the negotiation of purchases of white, brown and grey household electrical goods manufactured by national and international brands aimed at the French market.

This involves Auchan Retail granting Boulanger the mandate to negotiate on its behalf, beginning as of the start of negotiations on commercial terms for 2017 (excluding retailers’ own brands), which get underway in October 2016.

It will concern an estimated business volume of more than €2.1 billion excluding tax, which will make this purchasing partnership the second-largest in France from the moment it gets underway. A partnership that makes perfect sense from both a historical and cultural perspective, it will bolster the competitiveness of the banners concerned, in turn benefiting their customers, and is designed to make them leaders on their respective markets.

Denis Boschard, Director of Product Offerings and Supply, Boulanger : “This partnership made a lot of sense for everyone, particularly given our shared values and culture. Although the two banners specialise in their own distinct markets, Auchan’s and Boulanger’s teams share the same DNA and the same sense of customer service, qualities that will ensure the success and impact of our action.”

Jean-Denis Deweine, Product Director, Auchan Retail : “For Auchan Retail, this partnership confirms the importance of this activity sector in our brand model. It gives the partners of the new group an opportunity to strengthen their commercial leadership on each of their networks.”

Source: Auchan Holdings

Auchan comments on soy origin

Croix Cedex, France, 2016-Jun-13 — /EPR Retail News/ — Further to the questioning of the on the origin of soy entering the composition of the animal feed of meats and products sold by Auchan, the company is anxious to specify the following points:

  • First of all, we are not direct buyers of soy.
  • Furthermore, for the animal feed, our responsible food policy on specific sectors as poultry, Aveyron veal, salmon, bio products …) and our non-GMO politics regarding our own-brand products make that the origin of the feed used in these products is diversified by nature. As a result, our impact on the production of soy is intrinsically lower.
  • Among our responsible products, some use a non-GMO feed completed by soy supplies from non-GMO sectors. We encourage the farmers to increase their cereal and proteinic autonomy.
  • Besides, we have launched several working examination on the subject. We are in discussions with the WWF which we met recently and we intend to get closer to the RTRS.


Auchan: Long-term health insurance project for the Bangladeshi workers launched

The Foundation launches its health insurance project for the Bangladeshi workers, in partnership with the “GK Savar” NGO and its French support committee.

BANGLADESH, 2016-May-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — The Weave Our Future Foundation was created in June 2014 in order to improve the living condition of workers in Southern countries. It accompanies and impulses social, medical or even educational initiatives that seek to benefit workers in the textile and clothing industries in developing countries, and thus takes part in the improvement of their working and living conditions.

After 1 year of preparation, the Foundation launches its health insurance project for the Bangladeshi workers, in partnership with the “GK Savar” NGO, specializing for more than 40 years in the health field.

A long-term health insurance project

The implementation of a medical coverage will benefit more than 20,000 workers in the textile industry and their family, and will start in July 2016.

The aim of this pilot and innovative project is to ensure the coverage of medical expenses related to common pathologies. Co-financed by the factories’ owners and the foundation, the membership will be made on a voluntary basis from the workers who will have followed an information session. They will then have access to a free 24h/24 medical service in GK Savar’s hospitals and medicals centres. A medical consultation will also be proposed once a week in their working places. Moreover, the medicine’s cost will be half-covered by the insurance.

The WOF Foundation decided to heavily support this project during at least a 4-year period for $1.8 million, increasing its commitment to improve the workers’ working and living conditions in the least developed countries.



Auchan: Long-term health insurance project for the Bangladeshi workers launched

Auchan: Long-term health insurance project for the Bangladeshi workers launched

The Auchan Retail International Graduate Program launched

Croix Cedex, France, 2015-12-17 — /EPR Retail News/ — The Auchan Graduate Program gives 35 talented young employees and graduates from 9 countries the opportunity to take part in an ambitious international course.

The objective? To create a global pool of talented individuals with strong potential and to nurture selected future managers within the group and earn their loyalty.

The Auchan Graduate Program provides young employees with a wonderful opportunity to boost their careers and also gives graduates who have just left university or entered the world of work with a unique chance to discover the various avenues they can explore at Auchan Retail and the culture of the company. In short, the course enables all candidates to ascend to management positions in record time.

The Auchan Retail International Graduate Program stands apart from other similar initiatives for the following reasons:

  • Its accessibility: open to employees and young graduates alike;
  • Its international scope: the programme is rolled out in nine countries at the same time. Candidates will each enjoy a six-month work placement abroad, during the course of which they will help manage a project;
  • The involvement of managers in the selection process, when candidates make their individual business case presentations;
  • A high level of integration: the programme is designed for future management committee heads and executive managers;
  • Teaching content.


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The Auchan Retail International Graduate Program launched

The Auchan Retail International Graduate Program launched

Auchan statements on Rana Plaza accident

Cedex, France, 2015-10-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — Following the publication in today’s press regarding events subsequent to the Rana Plaza accident and reviving allegations regarding a former Dacca purchasing office employee whose contract was terminated for misconduct, Auchan wishes to assert the following …

– Firstly, Auchan restates firmly that it had absolutely no involvement in the Rana Plaza accident. We have never placed a single order with any company working on that production site.

– Auchan was, of course, appalled by this catastrophic accident. To the best of our knowledge, Auchan has done more to implement practical measures to improve employment conditions for workers in Bangladesh than any other French company, and has done so in accordance with the ILO recommendations:

  • Continuing our activities in Bangladesh to protect industry workers engaged in the manufacture of our products
  • Signing the Fire and Safety Building Agreement collective agreement now supported by 200 international companies, trade unions and national organisations, which is designed to monitor and improve building safety in Bangladesh
  • Donating $1.5 million to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund set up to support victims of the disaster and their families
  • Launching and monitoring an 8-point plan to combat opaque subcontracting, with regular progress updates available to view online at
  • Creation of the Weave Our Future Foundation dedicated to improving the living and employment conditions of workers in developing countries

– These measures represent a continuation of the policy initiated by Auchan nearly 20 years ago to work alongside its suppliers in implementing measures to ensure responsible production and respect for people. As early as 1997, Auchan adopted a code of business ethics, which took its inspiration from ILO conventions and is integral to all the contracts it signs with its business partners. This code was updated in 2014.

– The civil proceedings brought in June this year by 3 NGOs follow an initial action brought unsuccessfully in January. The Auchan response will, of course, be the same as it was in 2014: full transparency in answering all requests and questions it may receive from the justice system, and an immediate readiness to once again set out its policies in detail, together with details of the progress already made and the long-term responsible actions already implemented.

Groupe Auchan
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Auchan is the most recommended banner on Internet according to Boston Consulting Group and Semiocast barometer of online recommendation

According to the Boston Consulting Group and Semiocast survey, Auchan is acclaimed for the quality of its private label products and its large promotional events (such as the Black Friday, the 25 Days …)

Croix Cedex, 2015-6-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Word-of-mouth has become an essential source of competitive advantage. Indeed, there is a clear correlation between word-of-mouth and the growth of the company’s revenue.

Today it takes place both in real life (family, friends…) and on the internet (forums, social networks…), where it is easier to measure. In May, the Boston Consulting Group, in partnership with Semiocast, issued its first barometer of online recommendation.

SRI (Social Recommendation Index) reflects the netsurfers’ propensity to recommend a particular brand over its competitors. It is calculated based on the volume of positive recommendations in Internet conversations, fixed relative to the volume of criticism and weighted by the global brand awareness.

51 retail banners, i.e all players in the sector, were analyzed through a little more than 2 million verbatims. A ranking largely won by Auchan, with an almost perfect score of 98/100, thanks to the quality of its private label products and the success of its major commercial operations.

Another proof of the quality and of the daily involvement of Auchan teams, genuine audacious retailers, to continiously improve the quality of life and the purchasing power of the greatest number of customers.


Groupe Auchan
40, avenue de Flandre – BP 139
59964 Croix Cedex – France

Auchan expresses its total disagreement with Hungarian Competition Office’s EUR 3.5 million fine

The Hungarian Competition Office (GVH) fined Auchan Hungary nearly €3.5 million for abuse of its market position. An accusation that strongly denies the firm.

Budapest, Hungary, 2015-3-26 — /EPR Retail News/ — Auchan Hungary was informed on March, 23 of the Hungarian Competition Office (GVH) to be fined HUF1.061 billion (i.e. nearly €3.5 million).

“Auchan expresses its total disagreement with the arguments used by this Office and the fixed fine, whose extremely high amount is without precedent. Since its creation, 17 years ago, Auchan Hungary has always respected the national laws, including the Hungarian trade law. As the company didn’t break the law, Auchan Hungary will use all available legal means to prove the truth and trusts all competent judicial authorities”, said Dominique Ducoux, General Director of Auchan Hungary.


Auchan won 2 human resources related awards in China

PARIS, 2014-12-23 — /EPR Retail News/ — Auchan China had been selected as a winner of the “100 best Human Resource Management companies of 2014” award and of the “outstanding performance for best E-Learning develoment of 2014” award.

These Awards were sponsored by 51job.Inc, the leading integrated human resources service provider in China.

This is a great honor for Auchan China as well as an approval of its human resource management. Auchan China is one of the only two retailers who won this award (METRO, now a strategic partner of Groupe Auchan,  being the second one).

In fact, this is not the first time that Auchan China received the prize in human resource field. Last year, Auchan China had won the “Best Employer 2013” award sponsored by ZHAOPIN.

All these awards illustrate that our Vision, our values, our culture are well implemented in the company, and that sharing power, knowledge and success are not only words but is also day-to-day implemented by strong actions.


Auchan selected as the favorite hypermarket banner in Italy according to the “Retailer of the Year” survey

PARIS, 2014-11-24 — /EPR Retail News/ — Auchan has recently been selected as the favorite hypermarket banner in Italy according to the « Retailer of the Year » survey, launched among customers of more than 400 retailers of the country.

“Retailer of the Year” is one of the most valued price at the european level. It is indeed based on surveys taking only into account the customer satisfaction.

More than 140,000 customers of 400 retailers answered online this survey. It clearly showed that for European customers, questions about price (price positioning, promotions and good value for money) are the most important ones.

Finally, Auchan Italy was thus recognized as the favorite banner by Italian customers in the “Hypermarkets” category.

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