Carrefour Taiwan inaugurates SIGUREC intelligent waste disposal stations

Taiwan, 2017-Jan-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Carrefour Taiwan inaugurated SIGUREC, the first intelligent waste disposal stations in collaboration with Tainan city government in An Ping store on 3rd of January.

The set up of the convenient recycle station enable the citizens’ willingness and further reduce the waste. Carrefour, as one of Tainan citizens, is happy to offer the space and discount coupon to encourage the recycle doing for a better environment in the future.

People who collect over 3 bottles to SIGUREC will be rewarded with $1 discount coupon valid in Carrefour. SIGUREC is expected to collect over 60 ton of PET bottles, 12 tons of aluminium cans, 300 tons of iron, 720 tons of paper, 6 tons of battery and electronic equipment waste in one year.

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Ping Jian store: Carrefour Taiwan opened its 88th store in Taoyuan county


Taiwan, 2016-Sep-15 — /EPR Retail News/ — On Sep 3rd , Carrefour Taiwan opened its 88th store : Ping Jian store in Taoyuan county. The store is especially designed with the integration of 3 dimensions: eco-friendly, digital application and customer experience. Many new concepts were implemented to create a unique shopping experience.

Ping Jian store is a store with 2 level, 363 car parking, sales area in total 6855 m2 and 1 level of restaurants and shopping mall. The store is built as a “Green building” by using LED lights and various green materials to save 25% of electricity power. The water recycle system will collect raining water for cleaning and gardening.

Eating in store experience was highlighted in Ping Jian store. All bakery and ready to eat was displayed with cover to ensure food safety.  In the fresh area, a professional pizza oven was firstly introduced to customers. Everyone can customize their own pizza with any ingredient. In the salad and soup bar, customer can customize their own salad, lunch box and pick up a hot soup. In front of the casher line, hamburger, shawarma, fried chicken and drinks in “Oh Bar” are made to take away. Ping Jian also launched Australia’s premium Wagyu Kobe Beef which attract hundreds of customers queue for tasting in the opening day.

Outside the cashier line, Customer can enjoy their food in a spacious rest area with nature and green outlook and beautiful aquarium which please kids a lot. In Ping Jian store, we provide many seats inside store and outside cashier line which not only provide comfort to customers but also increase the sales of ready to eat products. We even prepare a small table and chair for kids.

Customers could enjoy new shopping experience in different universe. In the bedding and furniture area, high quality assortment and atmosphere attract customers’ flow.  The crossing merchandise display in outdoor area make it easier for customers to find everything they need for sports, cycling, camping, hiking and jogging in one stop.

Digital technology was applied to upgrade customer’s shopping experience. For example, 3D Virtual fitting room in textile area brings customers brand new experience. Through searching products by different categories, users can try on different looks within seconds. The outfits fit customers’ body on the screen perfectly and users can view them at different angles and find an ideal match easily.

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Carrefour Taiwan reopens Ta Tun Hypermarket in the city of Taichung

Taichung, Taiwan, 2015-10-3 — /EPR Retail News/ — In 1996, Carrefour Taiwan opened the Ta Tun Hypermarket in the city of Taichung.

A year ago, the store was closed in order to be completely remodelled.

On 26 September, the Ta Tun Carrefour was reopened having undergone a complete refitting in order to more effectively meet the needs of Taiwanese customers.

A number of festivities marked the store’s reopening in the presence of Rami Baitieh – Executive Director of Carrefour Taiwan –, a number of local elected representatives and the store’s employees – as well as customers, who were pleased to have their store back.


Carrefour Taiwan reopens Ta Tun Hypermarket in the city of Taichung

Carrefour Taiwan reopens Ta Tun Hypermarket in the city of Taichung

Carrefour Taiwan opened 73rd store: Xi Ke store in Hsi Chih science park

TAIWAN, 2015-5-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — On May 8th 2015 , Carrefour Taiwan opened 73rd store : Xi Ke store in Hsi Chih science park. Xi Ke store is a store with 1 level, in total 6864m2 sales area. The building is co-constructed with Taiwan Railway Xi Ke station which have 70 thousand commuters come in and out every day.

The store is especially designed with the integration of 4 dimensions: digital technology, eco-friendly, customer experience and service-oriented.

In Xi Ke store, Carrefour uses digital devices to offer product information and interaction with customers. The video wall in the entrance can attract customer flow from the external mall and deliver lively information.

Carrefour Taiwan also launched the first “Natural and Healthful” area in Grocery to offer more HOPE (Healthy, Organic, Premium and Eco-Nature) product choice while promoting lots of traceability, organic, and our quality line in Fresh.

Customers could enjoy new shopping experience in different universe. In sport area, you can play basketball, testing fitness equipment or cycling. For culture area, children have their playground while parents could enjoy their reading moment.


Carrefour now with nearly 470 quality lines around the world

Boulogne-Billancourt, France, 2015-4-29 — /EPR Retail News/ — In 2014, a number of countries sought to relaunch their Lines to reflect the work that France has been doing since 2011. China, Argentina and Poland have already finished – they have given impetus to their initiatives by setting up new lines with local producers. China, for example, has launched new grapefruit and orange lines.

Carrefour Taiwan and Carrefour Brazil are more invested than ever before in the initiative. Italy is going to be relaunching its lines in 2015.

To date, the group has nearly 470 Carrefour quality lines. Consumers in each country appreciate the close relationships that the retailer has with local farmers – relationships that serve as guarantees of trust.
Naturally, all of these initiatives highlight our Quality Lines, the purpose of which – since they were launched in 1992 – has always been to provide solutions to future concerns!


Carrefour now with nearly 470 quality lines around the world

Carrefour now with nearly 470 quality lines around the world