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Computing Turns Nasty, As Manufacturers Compete And Retailers Go Head To Head With The Use Of Voucher Codes Says

Today’s computing industry is fiercely competitive, with big brands battling it out for their market share – sometimes taking their arguments into the courtroom in the case of Apple vs. Samsung.

And, according to leading UK voucher codes website, such aggression breeds through into the consumer end of the spectrum, with members of the public jostling to be the first to get their hands on the latest device.

“The manufacturers of computers, laptops and now tablets, often seem to be at loggerheads with each other as they strive to make products which they intend to be better than the rest,” said a spokesperson from Voucher Mole who feature PC World Voucher Codes on their website. “By their very nature they all end up offering similar features which is why the tensions really run high. In the case of the Apple and Samsung feud for instance, the US company claim that their South Korean counterparts copied their iPads and iPhones in the form of their Galaxy line of products, powered by Google’s Android operating system.

“Similarly, out on the street there are Android consumers and Apple consumers each remaining loyal to their gadget of choice – and with both brands trying to out-do each other by trying to be bigger and better, it’s the consumer who ultimately benefits.”

Rather than camping out in front of the big stores waiting for the latest tablet to go on sale, Voucher Mole recommends that shoppers hold back and hunt out better discount codes and deals.

“We know that some people just love their gadgets and simply want to be the first to try out the next generation of product,” added Voucher Mole. “But for those with a bit more restraint, by searching around for online discount codes to be used at retailers such as Dell, Dixons and Currys, take for instance, using a Dell Voucher Code you’ll find that you won’t have to pay top whack like everyone else.”

The arrival of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet has made the sector even more competitive as it sold 95,000 units on its first day, presenting itself as a value-for-money alternative to the iPad 2.

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