Groupe Auchan ranked world’s 11th largest food retailer by Deloitte

In its annual study, “Global Powers of Retailing 2016”, published this week, Deloitte ranks Groupe Auchan up 11th among the largest food retailers in the world. A real success for all the banners!

Croix Cedex, France, 2016-Feb-01 — /EPR Retail News/ — Its development strategy in its 3 main geographical areas, but also the commercial success of the Real acquisition, the adaptation of its offer and of the business strategy of every banner, as close as possible of the clients, in every country, explains this ranking.

Groupe Auchan is strengthened in tis will to be, in all countries where its banners operate, among the top food retailers.

This year’s report focuses on the theme of “navigating the new digital divide,” and considers the impact technology is having on in-store shopping and retail industry business strategies… as to explain the ranking of Amazon, for the first time ever in this study.

Groupe Auchan
40, avenue de Flandre – BP 139
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Groupe Auchan ranked world's 11th largest food retailer by Deloitte

Groupe Auchan ranked world’s 11th largest food retailer by Deloitte

Immochan names Philippe GRACIA as its new Human Resources Director

Following the reorganisation of Groupe Auchan into three independent businesses, Immochan reinforces the Board of Directors. Philippe GRACIA has been appointed HRD in one of Europe’s leading commercial real estate companies.

Croix Cedex, France, 2016-Jan-20 — /EPR Retail News/ — Aged 56 and with a Masters in Human Resources, Philippe Gracia began his career in 1983 at Auchan in Périgueux and then held several positions within the group.

He successively held the positions of department manager, checkout manager, head of human resources at the San Sebastian store, Director of Human Resources for the French Western Region, Director of Human Resources for the France Hypermarkets Division (1996-1998), Auchan Poland’s Human Resources Director (1998-2006), Director of Purchasing and Logistics then CEO of Auchan Poland (2007-2010). He was appointed in Decembre 2010 Director of Human Resources for Groupe Auchan.

As HR Director at Immochan, his particular role will be to support the digital transformation of the company, which after 40 years of existence is beginning a new chapter in its history.

Groupe Auchan
40, avenue de Flandre – BP 139
59964 Croix Cedex – France

SOURCE: Immochan

Groupe Auchan makes a firm commitment to combat climate change; joins French Business Climate Pledge

Groupe Auchan, as well as 38 other major French companies, makes a firm commitment to combat climate change and emphasize its driving role and leadership in the fight for a more sustainable world.

Croix Cedex, France, 2015-11-27 — /EPR Retail News/ — In the lead-up to the Paris climate summit (COP 21), 39 major French companies, employing a total of 4.4 million people worldwide and generating sales of 1,200 billion euros, have made a firm commitment to combat climate change.

By signing this climate pledge, they want to contribute to making COP 21 a success and to limiting the warming of the Earth to 2°C. They emphasize their driving role and leadership in the fight for a more sustainable world.

Active since many years, these companies are taking concrete steps to reduce their carbon footprint through:

  • The use of active and passive energy efficiency solutions,
  • The use of renewable energy, notably hydro, wind or solar energy,
  • The systematic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of their products,
  • The development of new low-carbon materials and solutions,
  • The reduction of food waste and packaging,
  • The adoption of long-term investment strategies actively promoting the energy transition.

From 2016 to 2020, the 39 companies plan to invest at least 45 billion euros in industrial projects and R&D devoted to renewable energy, energy efficiency and other low carbon technologies.

Over the same period, they also intend to provide bank and bond financing of at least 80 billion euros for projects contributing to the fight against climate change.

In addition, they foresee low carbon investments of 15 billion euros in new nuclear capacities and investments of 30 billion euros in natural gas as energy transition solution, planned over the next five years.

The pledge of Groupe Auchan

Aware of its impact on the environment, since 2008 Groupe Auchan has worked systematically and actively to reduce its energy consumption in the 12 main countries where it has operations. At the end of 2013, it decided to make energy efficiency a corporate project. In 2014, the Group’s core businesses, hypermarkets, supermarkets and retail property management units as a whole set a global target: reduce by a further 20% the overall energy consumption of its sites – warehouses, hypermarkets, supermarkets, head offices and shopping centres – by 2017.

This decision strengthens its active commitment to make energy efficiency a new skill, central to its business lines ranging from shopping centre construction and operation to management of food retail outlets – major users of temperature control and refrigeration equipment.

In October 2015, the inauguration of the new “Saisons de Meaux” shopping centre in France illustrated how stringent the Group’s requirements have become: a BREEAM Very Good certified shopping centre, an Auchan hypermarket designed to use 35% less energy than a traditional outlet, ISO 50001 certification and a refrigeration system run on CO2 in order to radically cut associated greenhouse gas emissions.


Groupe Auchan
40, avenue de Flandre – BP 139
59964 Croix Cedex – France

SOURCE: Groupe Auchan

Groupe Auchan renamed Auchan Holding and organised into three key autonomous companies

CROIX, France, 2015-10-26 — /EPR Retail News/ — In order to improve its performance drivers, provide greater leeway for each of its three core businesses and increase flexibility and rapidity, Groupe Auchan is streamlining its organisation and governance.

Accordingly, Groupe Auchan, which has been renamed Auchan Holding, is being organised into three key autonomous companies:

  • Auchan Retail will bring together the food retail formats, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, drive outlets and e-commerce. Wilhelm Hubner, current General Manager of Auchan Russia will be General Manager of Auchan Retail and Vianney Mulliez will be Non-Executive Chairman of Auchan Retail;
  • Immochan, the group’s retail property management arm, will continue to be led by Benoît Lheureux with Vianney Mulliez as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • Oney Banque Accord will continue to be led by General Manager Jean-Pierre Viboud with Xavier de Mézerac as Non-Executive Chairman.

To underpin this autonomy, the current governance structure, comprising a Board of Directors and a Chairman and CEO, will be replaced by a more suitable legal structure comprising a Supervisory Board and Management Board.

Vianney Mulliez, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors will be the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
The members of the Management Board are Wilhelm Hubner, General Manager of Auchan Retail, Benoît Lheureux, General Manager of Immochan, Jean-Pierre Viboud, General Manager of Oney Banque Accord and Xavier de Mézerac, General Secretary of Auchan Holding.
Wilhelm Hubner will be Chairman of the Management Board.

The Management Committee of Auchan Retail, chaired by Wilhelm Hubner, will have 13 members:

7 country executive chairmen:

  • Philippe Baroukh will oversee development in Italy as Executive Chairman and in Hungary as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • Patrick Coignard will oversee development in Spain as Executive Chairman and in Portugal as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • François Colombié will oversee development in Poland as Executive Chairman and in Ukraine as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • Patrick Espasa will oversee development in France as Executive Chairman;
  • Jean-Pierre Germain will oversee development in Russia as Executive Chairman;
  • Bruno Mercier will oversee development in China as Executive Chairman and in Taiwan as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • François Remy will oversee development in Luxembourg as Executive Chairman and in Romania as Non-Executive Chairman.

6 support function directors:

  • Isabelle Bouvier will oversee the Finance Division, which will include development and technical resources;
  • Jean-Denis Deweine will oversee the Product Division, which will include brand management, product offerings and purchasing;
  • Ludovic Holinier will oversee the Performance Division, which will include management control, indirect purchasing and risk management; he will also be Non-Executive Chairman of Vietnam;
  • Xavier Prévost will oversee the Efficiency Division, which will include streamlining, information systems and the supply chain;
  • Philippe Saudo will oversee the Human Resources Division, which will include the development of talent, communication and CSR; he will also be Non-Executive Chairman of Senegal;
  • The Director of Innovation, responsible for digitisation and customer relations, will be appointed shortly.

Auchan Retail will be organised by country in order to ensure the best possible service for local inhabitants regardless of their chosen shopping format.

The Management Committees of Immochan and Oney Banque Accord will remain unchanged.

This new organisation, announced internally this morning, will take effect as of 16 November 2015.


Groupe Auchan
40, avenue de Flandre – BP 139
59964 Croix Cedex – France

Auchan Youth Foundation launches its new Facebook page

Croix Cedex,France, 2015-10-14 — /EPR Retail News/ — All new, all beautiful! At the dawn of its 20 years, the Auchan Youth Foundation launches its new Facebook page. Objective: to become a platform for lively exchanges between its various stakeholders.

This new Facebook page will allow readers to be informed of the latest news of the Foundation and its partners, through testimonies, contests, games or photo exhibitions. And from January 2016, it will offer its fans many events dedicated to the celebration of 20 years of the Foundation.

Created under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Auchan Youth Foundation supports solidarity actions for the benefit of young people aged 5 to 25 in the areas of education, health and integration. Its aim is to enable young people in cities and neighborhoods where Auchan sytores are implemented to acheive their projects by providing financial resources and professional experience necessary to structure their approach. Each associative project is supported by one or more committed employees, guarantee a lasting relationship.

Since 1996, the Foundation has supported more than 600 projects in 11 countries, with a total budget of €1.5 million.

Groupe Auchan
40, avenue de Flandre – BP 139
59964 Croix Cedex – France


Auchan Youth Foundation launches its new Facebook page

Auchan Youth Foundation launches its new Facebook page

METRO GROUP and Groupe Auchan extend the scope of their innovative purchasing cooperation in France

The new cooperation agreement implies the negotiation of manufactured brands on a local level, combining the strengths of the retailer Groupe Auchan and METRO Cash & Carry, the wholesale division of METRO GROUP.

CROIX, France, 2015-9-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — After having started their cooperation at the international level in November 2014, the two partners, facing a deflationary context and the recent moves in the European retail landscape, with the development of alliances and cooperation between actors, both at global and local level, have decided to extend the scope of their innovative cooperation, based on two complementary business models, in one of their key countries, from September 2015.

In accordance with the local legislation applicable, METRO GROUP entrusts to Auchan country organization, via a mandating system, on selective and representative product categories and suppliers, the negotiations of the buying terms applicable in 2016, covering major brands in France.

Each party will continue to be independently responsible for its own commercial strategies and sales policies, which include building product ranges, defining pricing and promotional activities.

Groupe Auchan: Oney Banque Accord grew in 1st half of 2015 in spite of economic and regulatory effect

Groupe Auchan: Oney Banque Accord grew in 1st half of 2015 in spite of economic and regulatory effect

Croix Cedex, France, 2015-8-31— /EPR Retail News/ — On 30 June 2015, Oney Banque Accord had stable Net Banking Income compared to the previous financial year, at €190 million (+0.3%). The French subsidiary stood up well in spite of economic and regulatory effects, thanks to significant investment to support innovation and the development of new services and good control of risk and expenses. We note that the international subsidiaries were very dynamic, particularly Spain and Portugal.

Credit production increased by 1.3% to reach €1.1 billion. At the same time, Oney Banque Accord continued to improve the control of its risks: the risk rate on outstanding business thus reached 2.8% (against 3.3% in the 1st half of 2014). Net earnings increased by 1.4% to €24.3 million, against €24.0 million on 30 June 2014. The Basel III solvency ratio (before dividend distribution) was brought to 15.41%, a clear improvement (14.22% pro forma 1st half 2014).

“We are delighted by the interest aroused by our innovations in France and abroad. These results encourage us to continue in this direction and provide still more support to retail players in redefining their customer experiences, to adapt to new practices. Our new strategy is now bearing fruit, enabling us to grow and have greater financial stability”, says Jean-Pierre Viboud, Managing Director of the Oney Banque Accord group.


Groupe Auchan: Oney Banque Accord grew in 1st half of 2015 in spite of economic and regulatory effect

Groupe Auchan: Oney Banque Accord grew in 1st half of 2015 in spite of economic and regulatory effect

Groupe Auchan and Système U announced purchasing partnership

CROIX, France, 2015-2-16 — /EPR Retail News/ — Sharing the same philosophy of the business they operate in, the management of Groupe Auchan and Système U decided to inform their staff representatives of plans to take this partnership further.

Last September, Groupe Auchan and Système U announced their purchasing partnership, when the U group entrusted a negotiation mandate covering major international and domestic brands to Eurauchan, which is the purchasing department of Groupe Auchan and its partners in France.

In the face of stagnating or even declining household food consumption, a deflationary context and a shared philosophy of the business they operate in – which has been further confirmed by the past 5 months of the purchasing partnership – the management of both groups decided to informer their staff representatives of plans to take this partnership further.

In accordance with the legislation applicable, the two groups are set to embark on discussions aimed at creating an alliance based on a joint strategy involving:

  • closer cooperation in the purchasing field, bearing in mind that products sold by producers and SME in the fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, bread, pâtisserie and cooked meats departments, as well as local products, are not expected to form part of this plan;
  • efforts to seek closer synergies in the areas of development, network organisation and commercial and organisational functions.

Working together, the two companies want to:

  • become a major player in the French GMS market, by creating a network offering the country’s best geographical coverage and the best concepts, both in terms of formats and distribution channels, drawing on the strengths of each store brand;
  • perpetuate their original business models within the French economic landscape and developing their two product brands in France in a balanced but dynamic way: U and Auchan.

The two companies’ managements are convinced that they can build a sustainable new economic performance that will benefit their customers, their staff, their economic partners, their associated family businesses and, in more general terms, their local environment.

Together with Groupe Schiever, a historic business partner of Groupe Auchan, which shares the same values, this new entity should be in a position to take on a role of responsible leadership within the French market, once it has been given the go-ahead by the relevant competition authorities.

Système U, the Système U cooperative, operates 1,575 stores in France, which are comprised as follows: 832 stores in the discount network (Hyper U and Super U) and 743 in the convenience store network (UExpress and Utile). Together, these stores and the associated logistics centres employ a workforce of 75,000. In 2014, the group’s sales amounted to 18.51 billion euros including tax but excluding fuel, and it held a market share of 10.3%.

Groupe Auchan is an unlisted company. 88.8% of its share capital is owned by the Mulliez Family Association and the remaining 11.2% by its employees. It operates in 16 countries and employs nearly 331,000 staff, of whom 72,000 are in France. It is organised into 5 business sectors: hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail real estate, banking and other activities.

In France, it has 137 hypermarkets and 432 supermarkets operating under store brands, and holds a total market share of 10.9%. In 2013, the group’s sales amounted to 48.1 billion euros excluding taxes.

Groupe Schiever is a family business whose share capital is fully owned by the family. It operates in 3 countries, employs 6,000 staff and owns 10 hypermarkets, 80 supermarkets and 126 convenience stores. In 2013, the group’s sales amounted to 1.120 billion euros excluding taxes.

Press Contacts:

Groupe Auchan
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Système U
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METRO GROUP and Groupe Auchan announce international purchasing partnership

  • Joint negotiations with multinational suppliers on global level
  • Combined sourcing of non-food private label products
  • Partnership brings benefits for customers
  • Agreement effective from November 2014

Croix/Düsseldorf, 2014-10-23— /EPR Retail News/ — Within the framework of the changing global retail environment, METRO GROUP and Groupe Auchan today announced their agreement to enter into an international purchasing partnership. This cooperation is clustered in two agreements that will combine the complementary strengths of the retailer Groupe Auchan and the wholesale and food retail divisions of METRO GROUP.

  • In the first place, an international cooperation agreement enabling joint negotiations of additional and on specific international services and conditions for the most important international suppliers of branded consumer products on global level.
  • Secondly, an international sourcing agreement will be put in place enabling joint worldwide purchasing of non-food products that each company will resell individually under its own brand labels or as no-name labels.

Electronic consumer products are excluded from these two agreements.

The agreed partnership combines for the first time the bargaining power of two leading companies, which operate two different business models with an ideal geographical fit.

The partnership is new in the worldwide retail environment, as it is combining the purchasing powers of a predominantly wholesaling company with those of one of the leading retailers. For the partnership, there is no overlap between Groupe Auchan and METRO GROUP in terms of sales activities in the same geographical markets. Groupe Auchan’s core business is in the retail market for sale of daily goods to consumers. METRO GROUP is active in the wholesale sector for business customers and food retail activities in countries where Groupe Auchan is not present. This led the two groups to consider the development of a partnership that will bring business growth and benefits for costumers.

METRO GROUP is one of the largest and most important international trading companies. During the financial year 2012/13 (pro forma), it generated sales of about €66 billion. The company operates around 2,200 stores in 31 countries and has a headcount of around 250,000 employees.

The performance of METRO GROUP is based on the strength of its sales brands that operate independently in their respective market segments: METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry – the international leader in self-service wholesale – Media Markt and Saturn – the European market leader in consumer electronics retailing – Real hypermarkets and Galeria Kaufhof department stores.

GROUPE AUCHAN is the world’s 11th largest food retailer. It operates in 16 countries and has 302,000 employees.

It is structured into 5 core businesses: hypermarkets (839 fully-consolidated stores and 154 under management mandates, associated or franchised), supermarkets (818 fully-consolidated stores and 1,928 franchised and associated), retail real estate (Immochan), banking (Oney Banque Accord), e-commerce and other activities. The Group’s vision is to improve the purchasing power and quality of life for the greatest number of customers, with responsible, professional, committed and respected employees.

In 2013, Groupe Auchan reached a consolidated revenue excluding taxes of €48.1 billion, 58% coming from outside France.

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