Escapade Announces Its Interactive Halloween Costumes

Escapade has announced its new range of interactive Halloween costumers available online. The new moving costumes give the wearer the ability to interact with and really bring their costume to life.

The new range of Halloween fancy dress costumes includes Ani-Motion masks which allow the user to bring Werewolf, Goblin and Ghoul costumes to life with a moveable jaw that allows the masks mouths to open and close as the wearer opens and closes theirs.

Escapade also has a large selection of Greyland film Halloween horror masks that conform to the wearers face. These masks allow the person wearing them to eerily convey their own facial expressions through the masks.

Director Bhupendra Maisuria is excited about the new range of interactive costumes saying: “Now the costume wearer has the ability not only to enter the fantasy world of fancy dress, but also to really bring that fantasy to life with a series of costumes that encourage engagement and participation.”

The range of costumes includes Star Wars costumes such as light Sabers and Darth Vader sound boxes for outfits that allow the wearer to turn themselves into their favourite Star Wars character. Customers also have the choice to turn themselves into a beer keg that has the ability to spray beer, or men’s and women’s tequila costumes that have built in holsters, not for guns, but for tequila bottles and shot glasses.

Escapade also stock a range of board game costumes, so the wearer can turn themselves into a human Twister or Operation board for the night.

The site also offers many Halloween Accessories including the new addition of an interactive Halloween costume that allows its wearer to open and close wings that span to nearly eight feet.

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Escapade Reveals Villains Outselling Heroes

Escapade has revealed that its villain fancy dress costumes outsell their heroic counterparts almost completely across the board.

Escapade Fancy Dress was carrying out its yearly audit when it discovered that its villain costumes were outselling its hero fancy dress outfits. The real shock came with the discovery of The Queen of Hearts costume from the film Alice in Wonderland being purchased 50% more often than the Alice costumes were.

This rule is also true for Batman who is out sold by his arch nemesis the Joker by 10%, Even the pinnacle of evil, the Devil, outsells Jesus by almost 30%.

Nicholas Williams, Marketing Manager at Escapade, believes that the reason that villains outsell heroes may be down to breaking the rules. He said: “People are drawn to the glamour behind villains. While the hero lives by the rules the villain is allowed unreserved free expression.”

The one hero and villain duo that the rule doesn’t seem to apply to is He-Man and his arch rival Skeletor, with He-Man costumes selling almost 60% more than those of his nemesis.

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