Escapade Reveals Villains Outselling Heroes

Escapade has revealed that its villain fancy dress costumes outsell their heroic counterparts almost completely across the board.

Escapade Fancy Dress was carrying out its yearly audit when it discovered that its villain costumes were outselling its hero fancy dress outfits. The real shock came with the discovery of The Queen of Hearts costume from the film Alice in Wonderland being purchased 50% more often than the Alice costumes were.

This rule is also true for Batman who is out sold by his arch nemesis the Joker by 10%, Even the pinnacle of evil, the Devil, outsells Jesus by almost 30%.

Nicholas Williams, Marketing Manager at Escapade, believes that the reason that villains outsell heroes may be down to breaking the rules. He said: “People are drawn to the glamour behind villains. While the hero lives by the rules the villain is allowed unreserved free expression.”

The one hero and villain duo that the rule doesn’t seem to apply to is He-Man and his arch rival Skeletor, with He-Man costumes selling almost 60% more than those of his nemesis.

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Escapade Stocks Official Karate Kid Costumes In Time For Film Release

Escapade, fancy dress suppliers, has introduced the officially licensed Karate Kid costumes to its stock listings to coincide with the release of the remake of the 1980s cult classic.

To celebrate the launch of the film, Escapade is stocking the officially licensed fancy dress costumes from the 1980s film, including favourites Cobra Kai and Daniel San costumes.

Escapade is one of the few suppliers in the UK that has managed to get its hands on the official Karate Kid costumes.

Pendra Maisuria, chief executive officer of Escapade, said: “We are looking forward to the release of the new Karate Kid film and hope that it can live up to the huge success of its iconic 1980s predecessor. In anticipation for the new film we will be wearing our officially licensed 80s Karate Kid, Daniel San and Cobra Kai costumes around the shop.”

The remake, featuring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son), follows the same coming-of-age storyline as the original but is set in China rather than the United States of America.

Smith, who plays the role of the plucky youngster, is no longer Daniel Larusso – but goes by the name of Dre Parker. After being bullied in his new school by the boyfriend of his love interest, Dre gets the tuition of the elderly Mr Han (played by Chan) as he prepares to fight for his dignity – and the girl – at an upcoming karate tournament.

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Escapade and Combine To Give Jeeves New Look

Escapade, the fancy dress retailer, is teaming up with search engine to dress up their iconic mascot, Jeeves, in fancy dress.

Starting in July,’s mascot, Jeeves, will be taking on an altogether more outrageous look as Escapade provides the costumes to kit Jeeves out in fancy dress refinery.

The search engine has launched an application on its homepage that allows users to dress up Jeeves using not only costumes from Escapade but also clothes and accessories from Ben Sherman and Gieves and Hawkes to ensure that Jeeves is the best dressed butler online.

Providing a wide variety of fancy dress costumes and accessories for the Ask team Escapade has used some of their seasonal favourite fancy dress costumes including Christmas and Halloween fancy dress. Users are allowed to mix and match Jeeves’ look on the Ask site to create a truly unique outfit.

An added bonus of the Ask application is that once users have dressed up Jeeves they will be allowed to post the completed look onto social networking sites Facebook and Twitter or email the look to their friends and family.

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