Sainsbury’s sees increase in sales of traditional Thanksgiving products across Britain

Sainsbury’s sees increase in sales of traditional Thanksgiving products across Britain
Sainsbury’s sees increase in sales of traditional Thanksgiving products across Britain


London, 2016-Nov-26 — /EPR Retail News/ — As American-fever continues to grip the nation, Sainsbury’s expects to see a boost in sales of classic Thanksgiving foods, in advance of the ‘holiday’ this Thursday.

Traditional Thanksgiving products are expected to surge in regions across Britain with strong American communities – such as US airbases – with sales of sweet potatoes and butternut squash predicted to rise by 30%.

Thanksgiving has been building British momentum for a few years – last year, Sainsbury’s saw a 46% week on week increase in sales of cranberry sauce during the week leading up to the main event, whilst sales of pecans – the essence of a sweet, syrupy pecan pie – were up over 30% compared to the previous week. The increasing popularity of Thanksgiving ties in directly with the explosion of the US food trend, with American confectionary, such as Mega Marshmallows, Reese’s Cups and Butterfingers also seeing a 20% uplift in 2015.

Sainsbury’s will also be stocking canned pumpkin for the first time this year; Baking Buddy Tinned Pumpkin is just £1 and will be available in selected stores nationwide from tomorrow, making it easy for customers to rustle up a pumpkin pie. Turkey crowns, the show-stopper at a Thanksgiving feast, will also arrive in store from today.

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Co-op reports increase in sales of vodka and gin as shoppers adopt to James Bond-inspired homemade martinis

MANCHESTER, England, 2016-Sep-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — The premium drinks market has been ‘shaken’ and ‘stirred’ by a James Bond-inspired shift to homemade martinis as sales soar of vodka and gin.

The retailer has seen an increase in sales of 42 per cent premium vodka and 41 per cent of premium gin so far this year as shoppers’ trade up to recreate the sophisticated cocktails found in upmarket and exclusive bars across the country.

Grey Goose Vodka and Hendricks Gin topped as the favourite premium spirits, up by 21 and 87 per cent respectively. Espresso Martini ingredients of coffee beans has seen an increase of 5.2 per cent this year, whilst vermouth a staple of the James Bond classic saw a sales increase of 11 per cent this year.

The rise in upmarket bars has led to Brits to wanting to adopt this sophisticated way of drinking at home and become amateur mixologists in order to recreate the expensive cocktails found on the menus.

And rather than dress up for the occasion, customers are purchasing the spirits and turning to social media to post about their #Greygoose #Martini creations from the comfort of their homes, with 4,050 posts appearing each month.

Co-op’s Spirit buyer, Sarah-Jane Wilson, said:
“Super premium spirit brands are now a kitchen cupboard staple for Brits looking to create their own impressive bar at home and we are anticipating sales will continue to grow.”

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