JAPAN: Rakuten Pay smartphone app payment service now available at Lawson stores

Tokyo, 2017-Jun-05 — /EPR Retail News/ — Rakuten, Inc. and Lawson, Inc. today ( June 1, 2017) announced that the two companies have concluded a basic agreement for the introduction of “Rakuten Pay,” Rakuten’s smartphone app payment service, to Lawson stores. Based on the agreement, from August 2017 customers will be able to make payments with Rakuten Pay at 13,169 Lawson stores nationwide (as of April 2017), including Lawson, Natural Lawson and Lawson Store 100 stores. This will be the first time that Rakuten Pay has been adopted by  a major national chain for use in all of its stores

Rakuten Pay is a payment service that allows users to make payments smoothly at brick-and-mortar stores via a dedicated app. Payments can also be made using a combination of Rakuten Super Points and payment with the credit card registered to the user’s Rakuten membership ID. Users can also earn one Rakuten Super Point for every 200 yen (tax included) spent on purchases made through the app.

In addition to “QR Pay,” where the user scans a QR code displayed on a smartphone or tablet in the store, or “Self Pay,” where the user inputs the amount themselves, a new “Barcode Pay” payment method has been added to the Rakuten Pay app which allows users to present a barcode displayed on the app at Lawson stores nationwide to make the payment.

Rakuten Group and Lawson have been collaborating on a variety of services, such as the introduction of Rakuten’s electronic money service Rakuten Edy to all Lawson stores in August 2007, and the launch of a convenience store pick-up service in 2016, where users can collect products ordered  from Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Books at Lawson stores throughout the country , as well as Rakuten Mobile SIM cards and devices from Lawson stores in Tokyo. The two companies are also collaborating on a variety of Rakuten member campaigns connected to Lawson stores around the country.

Going forward, Rakuten aims to provide more convenient services and functions, and to further increase satisfaction for both users and partner stores.

Source: Rakuten, Inc.

UNIQLO to launches convenience store pickup service at Seven Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson stores throughout Japan

Berlin, Germany, 2017-Jan-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — UNIQLO, in collaboration with FamilyMart Co., Ltd. and Lawson, Inc., will launch in spring a convenience store pickup service for UNIQLO products at FamilyMart and Lawson stores nationwide. Together with a similar service already available at Seven-Eleven stores1, this expansion will allow UNIQLO customers to pick up their purchases at any of approximately 43,000 convenience store locations2 throughout Japan.

The convenience store pickup service enables customers of the UNIQLO.com online store to pick up merchandise 24-hours a day3 at any location convenient for the customer, such as near home or work, or a business-trip destination. The service is ideal for customers who are too busy to go to UNIQLO stores, often not at home to receive deliveries, or who want to directly collect purchases while on a business trip or traveling.

UNIQLO is working to make shopping easier and enjoyable for customers, including expanding the lineup of products available through the UNIQLO.com online store, improving the usability of the UNIQLO app, and offering semi-custom products. Going forward, UNIQLO will develop services to make the buying experience more fun and convenient.

1. Pickup service at Seven-Eleven stores started in February 2016.
2. Stores offering the pickup service: Approximately 19,000 Seven-Eleven stores,
12,000 FamilyMart stores, and 12,000 Lawson stores (as of January 2017)
3. Operating hours vary by store.


Customers can now pickup purchases from Rakuten’s online bookstore at Lawson stores across Japan

Tokyo, 2016-Nov-19 — /EPR Retail News/ — Rakuten, Inc. today (November 17, 2016) announced that it is collaborating with Lawson, Inc. on a pickup service that will allow customers to receive books, CDs, DVDs and other products purchased from Rakuten’s online bookstore, Rakuten Books, at Lawson convenience stores around Japan (11,922 stores as of the end of October 2016, excluding “Lawson Store 100” stores).

Customers who purchase products from Rakuten Books and select the convenience store pickup service as their chosen method of delivery will be able to pick up their products from their Lawson store of choice, such as a store close to their home or place of work, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with free shipping*1. Additionally, customers can also pay for their goods at the store counter*2.

Rakuten Books has been offering a convenience store pickup service known as Rakuten Books @ Convenience Store Pickup since 2008, with the goal of broadening the product delivery methods available to customers and allowing them to use Rakuten Books’ services more conveniently*3. In response to customers’ diverse pickup requirements, in 2013 Rakuten Books began offering “Asu Raku,” a next-day delivery service for certain products and regions, and in 2015 it began offering an “Asu Raku” same-day delivery service. Now, by adding Lawson stores to the coverage of the Rakuten Books @ Convenience Store Pickup service, it will be even more convenient for customers nationwide to receive their goods.

Rakuten Books will continue to strive to enhance its services in order to provide its customers with ever more convenient services.

*1 In some cases there are size and weight restrictions. It is not possible to designate the date or the time.

*2 When using a payment-on-delivery method, a 265 yen (including tax) fee will also be applied to each order.

*3 Applications to pick up goods at Circle K and Sunkus stores stopped being accepted on September 28, 2016.

Overview of Rakuten Books’ product pickup service at Lawson stores

Details of service:
– When books, CDs and DVDs are purchased at Rakuten Books, the goods can be received and paid for (265 yen fee applies, including tax) at Lawson stores nationwide
– Goods can be picked up from the store from the evening of the second day after placing the order at the earliest (one day longer than express home delivery )
– Goods will be held in-store for one week

Utilization method:
1. Order an eligible product at Rakuten Books
2. When selecting the delivery (pickup) method, specify the Lawson store where you would like to pick up your goods
3. Present the printed ticket that can be acquired by inputting the inquiry number and authentication number included in the pickup e-mail from Rakuten Books into a Loppi multimedia terminal located in a Lawson store, or display the barcode that can be acquired from the pickup e-mail at the counter in the Lawson store
4. Receive your product

Source: Rakuten, Inc.