NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs North Island acquires Highland Park Shopping Centre

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, 2018-Mar-06 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs North Island Ltd is excited to announce the purchase of the well-established Highland Park Shopping Centre, with a view to eventually bringing a new shopping option to the high growth East Auckland area.

The Centre will be redeveloped over time. The redevelopment will be designed to accommodate existing retailers and to ultimately include a PAK’nSAVE supermarket. The co-operative believes the proposed redevelopment will offer locals the opportunity to enjoy New Zealand’s lowest food prices.

The current owners, Highland Centre Limited, have owned the Highland Park Shopping Centre for 20 years. Over this time, they have come to know many of their tenants personally, as such, the decision to sell was given a great deal of thought.

“After all these years we are pleased to be able to sell to a 100% New Zealand owned company which is committed to providing a valuable service to the Highland Park and wider East Auckland community,” says Mark Townsend, Director, Highland Centre Limited.

Lindsay Rowles, Foodstuffs North Island General Manager, Property Development says, “The purchase is an exciting milestone for the Co-operative. While we are still very much in the planning and evaluation stage, we are considering adding a PAK’nSAVE to the Highland Park and wider Eastern Bays area, which ultimately means we are able to offer customers more choice.”

“The details are still to be worked through. Our focus right now is on working with the existing tenants to ensure they have all the information they need as the redevelopment begins to take shape.”

The rights and interests of existing tenants will be taken into account, including the Countdown supermarket in the Centre which is not directly affected by the current redevelopment proposal.

Colliers has been appointed by Foodstuffs North Island as the managing agent for the Highland Park Shopping Centre. They are handling the process on behalf of Foodstuffs and are responsible for all property, facilities and marketing management associated with the site.

“We know the news that Foodstuffs has purchased the Shopping Centre could mean uncertainty for its current tenants, and we are very mindful of this”, says Rowles.

“The Foodstuff team wants all tenants, some of whom have been here for many years, to feel supported and, with Colliers, are endeavouring to make this process as seamless as possible.

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Source: Foodstuffs North Island Ltd

Foodstuffs North Island to develop one of New Zealand’s largest office and distribution centres at The Landing Business Park, Auckland Airport

  • Designed for our future and to deliver great value for customers at PAK’nSAVE, New World, Four Square, Gilmours, Liquorland and Fresh Collective
  • Construction starts in 2018 with completion scheduled for late 2020, as next stage of Foodstuffs’ nearly 100-year commitment to New Zealand

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, 2018-Feb-08 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs North Island has announced that it is moving its primary Distribution Centre (DC) and Support Office from its long term home in Roma Road in Mount Roskill and building an exciting and innovative complex at The Landing, Auckland Airport.

Chief Executive Chris Quin, says Foodstuffs North Island has been at its current site for 53 years and is rapidly outgrowing that space.

“We’ve been an important part of New Zealanders’ lives and communities for nearly 100 years and we plan on being around for many years to come. To do this we need better facilities to deliver what our customers at PAK’nSAVE, New World, Four Square, Gilmours and Liquorland and Fresh Collective need from us for the future. We’re planning significant future growth across the business and our success depends on being nimble, efficient and continuing to attract the best talent, who work in an agile and collaborative way.”

Foodstuffs has made some big changes over the past few years, guided by its purpose of making sure New Zealanders get more out of life. Foodstuffs’ supermarket customers, along with Gilmours and Liquorland, have seen major changes including the introduction of New World Clubcard, online shopping, support for Kiwi children in partnership with Eat My Lunch and new and improved Pams and Value products. The team has also been working on major sustainability programmes designed to drive waste out of the business and look after New Zealand’s environment.

Behind the scenes Foodstuffs has been working hard to improve efficiency and allow the business to keep prices low and quality and service high.

“Key to our success is developing a world-class supply chain to ensure we have a great offer for our customers in store and online every day. This new 65,000m2 distribution centre and 5 Greenstar rated office complex will be at the heart and will enable our Co-op to work more collaboratively and effectively.”

It’s also proposed to consolidate three Foodstuffs facilities in Auckland into one best-in-class complex. The Co-op will continue to operate two DCs and a Support Centre in Palmerston North and a Support Centre in Wellington.

As part of these changes Foodstuffs North Island is proposing to close the Rotorua DC at the end of 2020 and move those operations to the new DC. Quin says, “In making the decision to build the new DC, we have been looking at all the options possible to make the Upper North Island operations as efficient as possible and fit for purpose over the next 30 years. Long term, we believe that the best option is to support our Upper North Island stores with one purpose-built Ambient DC.

“We wanted to share our proposal to close the Rotorua DC with our teams early in the project. If the proposal does go ahead, we feel it would be the right thing to do to give the team lots of notice and time to plan for the change.”

Foodstuffs North Island has yet to decide the future of its Roma Road site and will be working closely with a number of stakeholders, including local government, to determine the best use of the land in the interests of Auckland. “The Mt Roskill site is now considered almost inner-city – and we’re excited about unlocking this space.”

Quin says, “Right now, it’s about continuing to deliver for customers every day. We’ll remain at our legendary home in Mt Roskill until the new site is ready in 2020 and then we’ll be packing up and moving out to a bright, new, expansive future at The Landing.

“Our customers’ needs are changing fast and we believe all New Zealanders deserve more of what matters to them. For some this is more inspiration, more choice, more convenience, more value and more help making healthier food choices. For others, it’s all these things and more. We need to make sure we’re ready to face these changes head on.

“Based at the gateway to Aotearoa, our 100% New Zealand owned company will have a fantastic new centre with service at its heart. We’re totally committed to playing a key role in New Zealand’s future and helping meet the needs and aspirations of our team and customers.”


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NEW ZEALAND: Synlait Milk to become the exclusive supplier of Foodstuffs’ private label fresh milk and cream

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, 2017-Dec-27 — /EPR Retail News/ — Synlait Milk (NZX: SML; ASX: SM1) is partnering with Foodstuffs South Island Limited to become the Cooperative’s exclusive supplier of its private label fresh milk and cream from early 2019.

Synlait intends to invest approximately $125 million in an advanced liquid dairy packaging facility to supply Foodstuffs South Island.

The investment establishes a platform for Synlait to pursue a range of dairy-based products for domestic and export markets in the future.

“Combined, the partnership with Foodstuffs South Island and investment in a new facility is a further and significant step towards our goal of being a more diversified and balanced business,” says John Penno, Managing Director and CEO.

“We believe this opens up a new category – everyday dairy – and has the potential to both leverage our current position and explore new customers and markets.”

“This category represents the dairy products people consume every day. Our long-term success in this category will be based on our ability to win customers in the New Zealand market first and today we’re taking a foundational step towards that.”

Synlait’s partnership with Foodstuffs South Island is strategic for both parties.

“We are very proud of our Canterbury dairy farmers and the way they farm. We are excited about making our farmers’ fresh milk available to everyone in the South Island, in partnership with Foodstuffs,” says Mr Penno.

Fresh milk and cream from Synlait will be packaged in Value and Pams branded products, which are available across New World, PAK’nSAVE, Four Square, Raeward Fresh and On The Spot stores.

“The partnership allows the Cooperative to provide high quality fresh milk and cream to our customers. The partnership allows us to give our customers surety around milk supply with an innovative New Zealand-based milk supplier,” says Steve Anderson, CEO Foodstuffs South Island.

“In time, we are looking forward to collaborating with Synlait to create a range of new and innovative dairy-based products that our customers will enjoy.”

Synlait’s research and development centre in Palmerston North, which is a collaboration with Massey University and FoodPilot, will provide the technical new product development expertise needed to establish, validate and deliver these capabilities at Synlait.

The expected $125 million investment in an advanced liquid dairy packaging facility is aimed at delivering a state-of-the-art liquid blending and packaging platform. It will allow Synlait to produce fresh milk and cream for domestic use and the ability to pursue a range of dairy-based extended and long-life consumer products in future.

“This will be one of the most sophisticated fresh milk and cream processing facilities in New Zealand.”

“By leveraging what we have learnt about milk quality and blending dairy products in our infant formula business, we will deliver a great facility at Synlait Dunsandel,” says Mr Penno.

“Our everyday dairy category offers many B2B and B2C opportunities in the established and growing export milk and cream market.”

With a minimum annual capacity of 110 million litres, the facility will be capable of producing:

  • High-specification pasteurised milk and cream for domestic use
  • Extended shelf life (ESL) dairy products
  • Long-life milk and cream for export
  • Ready to drink (RTD) liquid infant formula and toddlers milks
  • Other blended dairy-based beverage products

Mr Penno says Synlait has proven experience from establishing and rapidly growing a successful infant formula business.

“We’ve demonstrated that we can introduce new capability, manufacture world-class product, build a profitable business around it and provide a long-term strategy for sustainable returns. This will be no different.”


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Foodstuffs North Island: New Zealand summer stonefruit season is here!

The summer stonefruit season is only 10 weeks long, from mid-December to March, but New Zealanders certainly make the most of it.

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Dec-13 — /EPR Retail News/ — Figures from Summerfruit NZ show that in the 2016-17 season, New Zealanders consumed 4,064 tonnes of nectarines; 3,579 tonnes of peaches; 2,366 tonnes of plums; 1,737 tonnes of apricots and 1,683 tonnes of cherries.

Export volumes are much lower – apart from cherries, which do well in Asian countries. Around 66% of New Zealand’s cherries are exported – some 3,396 tonnes last year.
“Stonefruit is very much a summer product, and there’s a sense of urgency about it, because by the end of March it’s all gone,” Chairman of the Yummy Fruit Company John Paynter says. “When the weather is warm, people love summerfruit, it sells so well.”

Over those 10 weeks, the Yummy Fruit Company produces 2 million kilos of stonefruit from its Hawkes Bay orchards. Of this, 70 percent is sold through Foodstuffs’ supermarkets – New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square.

“We have a long-standing relationship with the Yummy Fruit Company,” Foodstuffs North Island’s GM Merchandise David Stewart says. “The quality of the stonefruit they provide us with is superb – our customers really look forward to it,” he says.

John Paynter and his sons are the fourth and fifth generation of Paynters to be involved in this family business.

“My family started growing fruit in Nelson in 1862, so that’s 155 years. I founded the Yummy brand in 1974. It’s a story of survival really. You don’t do this for the money – if you didn’t enjoy it, it would be really hard work. I have 100 people on my role of honour, who’ve been with the company for five years or more. There are some who’ve been with us for 40 years. The corporate knowledge is immense. You learn it on the job, it’s not something you learn at university. They are unbelievably dedicated people, and I want all of them to treat the business as if they own it.

“Our staff work six days a week over the summer, and long hours. The vagaries of the weather affect the dynamics of the business. You can have the best-laid plans, and then it’s wet in the morning. So our staff have to be very dedicated.

“During the harvest we have up to 600 people working for us, and 300 in the off-season. Some come back to work for us every season.

“Most of my friends are retired, but I still enjoy what I do. I still do a lot of store visits myself. Last year, we did 100 around Auckland. I know all the produce managers and they know me.

“A stonefruit tree lasts 15 years, so every year we produce new trees in our company nursery.

The company has eight orchard operations covering some 600ha of the Heretaunga Plains.
“When I started in the business, we only had five hectares,” John says.
“We are always combing the world for new varieties of nectarines from Europe and America to bring to New Zealand. It takes 10 years to get it into production from when we first see it. We’re always looking for better taste, bigger fruit and nicer colours – all the things that appeal to consumers.

“In the last few years we’ve introduced nectarines with different flavour profiles and colourings. We have a range of yellow and white flesh nectarines. Some of them taste like the nectarines of old – these are our Classic range. Then there are our sweeter nectarines – our Hunny range – which are not as tart. They have a broad appeal and are now our number one stonefruit product. We also have white flesh pearl nectarines.”

Schoolchildren know the Yummy brand well, because they can collect the Yummy stickers from their fruit on behalf of their school. The schools then exchange the stickers for new sports equipment every year.

John Paynter and his team are hoping for a long, hot Auckland summer.
“When the weather is warm in Auckland, summer fruit sells really well. It’s such a great feeling when you can’t keep the retail shelves full.”


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Source: Foodstuffs NZ

NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs to send seven young butchers to Ireland for the World Butchers’ Challenge

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Dec-06 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs is sending seven young butchers to Ireland for the World Butchers’ Challenge in Belfast, in March 2018.

Alana Empson, Amy Jones, Ben Henry, Jeremy Garth, Luka Young, Samantha Weller and Zak Grammer are among the top young butchers in New Zealand, and all of them work in Foodstuffs’ supermarkets. Amy, Ben and Luka are competing in the World Young Butchers event, and Samantha will also represent New Zealand in the World Apprentice Butcher event.


Zak and Jeremy are members of the Pure South Sharp Blacks – New Zealand’s national butchery team. Zak is the Butchery Manager at New World Eastridge in Auckland and Jeremy is the Butchery Manager at New World Ferry Road in Christchurch.

Jeremy joined the trade straight out of secondary school.

“I went on work experience to a retail butcher shop and they offered me a job, so that was it. I love the different challenges of the job and the potential to be creative.”

Jeremy is enjoying coming up with new sausage flavours.

“Beef, blue cheese and mushrooms is a favourite with our customers. I’ve also just made a lamb, garlic and mint sausage which is starting to take off too.”

He is looking forward to the learning opportunities the Ireland trip will bring.

“There will be 11 other countries there and we’ll learn a lot from the other butchers. We’re also going to do a retail study tour while we’re there, so I think we’ll pick up some ideas for new products too.”

Zak Grammer followed his father’s footsteps into the industry, having helped in the family butchery from the age of 5. At 13 he started helping out with the Christmas rush, and at 17 he began his apprenticeship under his father’s tutelage.

“I think butchers are becoming the next rock stars of the food industry. We’re starting to get recognised more, in the food industry especially,” he says.

“It’s given me the opportunity to spend time overseas. I spent four years in London and learned new skills while I was there. I got to work for Jamie Oliver as well, which was pretty cool.

“You get to work with a good bunch of people. It’s a good environment. We have a laugh and a bit of a sing out the back – there’s a fair bit of camaraderie,” he says.

Luka works with Zak at New World Eastridge and is one of the young butchers who will be competing in Ireland. He has been working as a butcher since finishing school and now regularly competes at butchery competitions and says the level of talent coming through the industry gets better every year.

Ben Henry is also one of the young butchers representing New Zealand in Ireland next year. He did his apprenticeship in Dunedin at New World Centre City and quickly proved his talent by winning the Competenz Butcher Apprentice of the Year competition. He moved to Wellington last year and now works at New World Thorndon. Ben also made this year’s final of the Alto Butcher of the Year competition.

Butchery has traditionally been a male-dominated trade, but Foodstuffs has several female butchers working in its supermarkets, including three who are going to Ireland.
Amy Jones works at New World Taumarunui. She won last year’s Alto Young Butcher Competition and will be competing next year in Ireland.

“I started my apprenticeship in 2011 at New World Taumarunui after four years in in the freezing works at Te Kuiti. I am still thoroughly enjoying the trade.

“I’m really looking forward to competing in Ireland. It is such an amazing outcome, all from entering into the Alto and Competenz butchery competitions! I highly recommend that other apprentices and butchers give it a shot, it’s inspirational to see what else goes on with other apprentices and butchers at these competitions, and after that you might just win the experience of a lifetime,” she says.

Samantha Weller is the 2017 Competenz Butcher Apprentice of the Year and works at New World Rangiora.

“I started working here about four-and-a-half years ago as a meat packer, when I was 19. I was working part-time and studying to be an early childhood educator. I finished my course but then my manager at New World offered me the apprenticeship. I’ve always found the trade interesting, so it was a no-brainer.

“I’d tell anyone looking into the apprenticeship that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. So I’d recommend it to anyone with a genuine interest. Breaking down the carcases and creating cuts is one of my favourite things. Last year my pork and fennel sausage won gold in the Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition,” Sam says.
Alana Empson works at PAK’nSAVE Clarence Street in Hamilton, where she is second in command in the butchery department. She is not competing in Ireland but is joining the group for the retail study tour.

“I have had some amazing opportunities over the last couple of years. After winning NZ Young Butcher of the Year 2015, I was invited to compete in the inaugural International Young Butcher of the Year competition as part of the World Butchers Challenge held on the Gold Coast in September 2016. I was competing against some incredible butchers from New Zealand, Australia, France and England and managed to get the win.

“Earlier this year I competed in the Butcher Wars competition at Meatstock in Auckland and in Sydney. These two competitions really tested me, as we only had 30 minutes to cut, display and present a side of lamb and a half saddle of pork. I was up against 19 highly skilled and experienced butchers – all of them male. I was so chuffed to come away with fourth place at the Auckland event.”

Alana started her career in the grocery industry as a check-out operator at New World Waiuku. A position came up in the butchery, and after one lesson in boning out beef, she was hooked.

“I love my job because each day is different,” Alana says. “One day I could be doing a stocktake or placing orders and the next I could be down on the back bench with the boys, filling vol-au-vents and making Beef Wellington.

“My favourite part of the job is when we do a specialised cut for a customer and they come back and give us feedback on how well it cooked and how good it tasted.”

Alana encourages other young women to consider butchery as a career.

“I have seen a gradual change away from the physical tasks butchers are more commonly known for (breaking and boning beef etc) to being more about value-added cuts; building relationships with customers and having a solid knowledge about cooking and flavour combinations. It’s a great career for anyone that loves cooking, loves food and has creative flair.”


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NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs North Island celebrates the official opening of PAK’nSAVE Clendon

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Dec-01 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs North Island officially opened PAK’nSAVE Clendon on November 28 with a public ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It represents the conclusion of a significant construction project for Foodstuffs.

Clendon had a 30-year-old New World that was in need of replacement, but Foodstuffs North Island could see that a PAK’nSAVE would better serve the local community.

Through a carefully managed construction project, the Foodstuffs North Island team kept the New World store running while Stage 1 of a brand new PAK’nSAVE was built right next door.

Owner-operator Roger Knapper, his team and the Foodstuffs project team worked together to get New World Clendon ready to close its doors for the last time on April 23.

They then opened the half-size PAK’nSAVE on April 26 and operated that way for six months, while the old New World was demolished, and the other half of the new PAK’nSAVE was built in its place.

Now, the second stage is complete and Clendon customers can enjoy the full-sized store.

“I’m so proud of my team, Roger says. “They’ve dealt with immense pressure in going through the process of closing one store and opening a new one. I’m very grateful to the community for their understanding and patience. The transition period was challenging, but the end result is outstanding,” he says.

Foodstuffs North Island GM Property Development Lindsay Rowles says the project required careful management.

“Running a construction project while maintaining food safety standards, keeping our customers safe and providing the same high standards of service is an interesting challenge, but we’re pleased to say that the project went well and was completed on schedule.

“We’re very pleased to be able to bring New Zealand’s lowest food prices to grocery shoppers in Clendon,” Rowles says


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NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs shortlisted in the Efficiency Champion Category for the 2017 Sustainable Business Network Awards

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Nov-29 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs has announced today (28 November 2017) that the company is a finalist in the Efficiency Champion Category for the 2017 Sustainable Business Network Awards, thanks to some stunning results in minimising waste.

“With 122 sites signed up to the programme we can report the following highlights including an increase in the average waste diversion rate from 64% to 84%, the diversion of 27.1 tonnes from landfill per store in the month of August alone and the equivalent of more than 3.2 million meals donated to local community foodbank services in the last 12 months alone,” says Steve Anderson, Managing Director, Foodstuffs New Zealand.

“The team has really taken the mantra to heart that we are guardians of both our community and the environment.  We are making huge inroads into reducing our impact on our surroundings, all while ensuring that the most vulnerable in our communities benefit as well.”

Currently 122 sites have signed up the audited waste minimisation programme with more coming on stream in the coming months.

Anderson says, “When it comes to this issue our approach is very, very simple.  Reduce, re-use and recycle. Every team member is involved in reducing waste in all its forms – it just makes so much sense.  Waste costs.  It costs in terms of environmental and social damage, it’s expensive to remove and affects the country in which we have the privilege to live and work.”

“Our waste diversion rate is very impressive.  In terms of tonnage we’re looking at an estimated 32,300 tonnes of residual waste prevented from ending up in landfill in the last 12 months. As we extend the programme throughout the business the positive impact will be increasingly felt by the business and local Councils.  We know that many Councils are looking at zero waste targets, and we’re playing our part in that ambition,” says Anderson.

Diverted waste is made up of approximately 61% tradeable commodities (cardboard, paper and plastic film), 6% is other mixed recyclables, 29% is bakery, produce and protein for repurposing or reprocessing, and 4% is food donated for human consumption.

Foodstuffs has a number of sustainability initiatives in place extending far beyond their recent commitment to phasing out single-use plastic bags.  The business was the first to introduce 100% recyclable meat trays; Foodstuffs is a founding partner in the Soft Plastics Recycling Programme accounting for two thirds of the plastic collected; products are being reformulated to remove or reduce plastic content and packaging; the business is rolling out electric delivery vehicles, ensuring promotional materials are 100% recyclable, and installing energy efficient cooling systems which reduce the carbon footprint of a store by up to 50%.

Anderson says, “New Zealand’s future depends on all of us being committed to treading lightly.  We have been serving the community for nearly 100 years.  It’s up to us to make sure that we continue to do so sustainably, ensuring the New Zealand we know and love is here for many hundreds of years to come.”


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Source: Foodstuffs NZ

NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs announces big reduction in sugar and sodium content across Pams and Value products

NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs announces big reduction in sugar and sodium content across Pams and Value products


Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Nov-27 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs revealed today (24 November 2017) that it has implemented a massive drop in sugar and sodium content across a wide range of Pams and Value products – ranging in some cases from a 26% reduction in sugar to an 80% reduction in sodium.

Chris Quin, CEO Foodstuffs North Island, says, “Foodstuffs has made huge strides in delivering on our commitment to reduce Childhood Obesity.  We have several programmes in place including our very effective Food for Thought nutrition education programme, but we’ve made spectacular headway in reformulating hundreds of our Pams and Value products to reduce sugar and sodium content.

“To date we have removed 4,000 tonnes of sugar and 8,000 tonnes of sodium across our private label range, this equates to 740 Asian elephants’ worth of sugar and 76,000 All Blacks worth of salt (based on their average weights).  That’s a staggering saving – all going towards ensuring our community has access to healthier foods.”

Foodstuffs has committed to reviewing and reformulating all private label products and is also encouraging suppliers to do the same.  “Our research shows that customers are looking for healthier options – and we’re working very hard to deliver on that expectation.  It’s a vast job to review each product across New Zealand’s largest grocery brands, but we are totally committed.”

The results form part of a report to the Ministry of Health later this year which captures all the initiatives Foodstuffs has put in place to enhance the health and well-being of the community.

Quin says, “Foodstuffs believes that we have a duty of care to look after every New Zealander. A core part of that promise is to ensure that all New Zealanders have ready access to fresh, affordable, healthy food.

“We are delivering on our pledge to support the Government in their drive to reduce childhood obesity; reducing sugar and sodium content in our products, expanding the reach of our Food for Thought Programme, extensive support for the Starship Foundation with a focus on healthy food education and partnerships with foodbanks throughout New Zealand. However, we’re committed to doing more.

“We have made a significant investment in the Eat My Lunch programme – which aims to deliver 25,000 healthy lunches, per week, to children in need throughout New Zealand.  This will ensure more children have full tummies so they can unlock their potential.

Foodstuffs is excited about the inroads we have made already and the plans in place to help New Zealanders enjoy a healthy future.”

Source: Foodstuffs


NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs launches Eat My Lunch meals at New World Victoria Park

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Nov-04 — /EPR Retail News/ — This week saw the retail launch in New World Victoria Park of Eat My Lunch.  This means that customers looking for a delicious lunch or dinner can purchase a Michael Meredith designed meal as part of their everyday shop, knowing that a New Zealand child will in turn be given a free school lunch.

Chris Quin, CEO Foodstuffs North Island says, “Our partnership with Eat My Lunch makes so much sense.  Like them we believe that good food is not a privilege, it’s a right.  To date they have provided more than 570,000 free lunches to children in need and by offering Eat My Lunch meals in our stores we can extend the reach of this innovative social enterprise even further.  Our first day in New World Victoria Park, saw 90 extra lunches being given to children – and it will only get bigger.”

The same meals available online through the Eat My Lunch ordering system are available in store.  Fresh, wholesome, delicious and generous – they cater to customers looking for a lunch, standard dinner, a ‘hungry’ dinner and a kid’s dinner.  Each meal is made and delivered daily into store from Monday to Friday.

The customer response has been fantastic, with many commending the store on being the first to offer the range.  Next up is Fresh Collective Alberton with others to follow when supply gets up to speed in Auckland and Wellington metro areas.

“We are delighted to be part of the next phase in Eat My Lunch’s drive to move from feeding 1,500 tamariki to 25,000,” says Jason Witehira, Owner-Operator of New World Victoria Park.  “It’s a pretty big goal and they need a partner like Foodstuffs to help them get there.  Already we’ve been able to help them streamline their processes to ensure a consistent, high quality supply of delicious, healthful meals to store – which in turn will support the growth of the ‘give’ part of their programme.”

Once people get their heads around social enterprise they can see how developing and nurturing innovative businesses like Eat My Lunch is a great way to address some burning social issues. Chris Quin says, “Eat My Lunch can tap into Foodstuffs’ expertise in running an efficient, safe, customer-led business which in the end is more sustainable over the long term.  Profits are fed back into the operation to grow and expand to meet community needs.”

Lisa King, founder and CEO of Eat My Lunch says it best when she states that she never wants Eat My Lunch to become a company that loses sight of the fact that “we were built on a social purpose and values. If financial objectives ever overtake our social ones, then we won’t be Eat My Lunch anymore.  That said, as we grow we need more operational processes all while maintaining agility, and that’s one of the key areas we’re working on with the Foodies team.”

Looking ahead Eat My Lunch and Foodstuffs are aiming to make the products available in all Foodstuffs North Island stores.  The implications for helping children across New Zealand flourish in school, thanks to learning with full tummies, is enormously positive.  “Given that we are in every community in New Zealand, and we have wonderful customers keen to do their bit to help out, we see our partnership with Eat My Lunch as having a hugely positive, long-term impact on the health and well-being of an important group of New Zealanders,” says Quin.

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NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs North Island relocates its Wellington Gilmours store to Bouverie Street, Petone

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Oct-18 — /EPR Retail News/ — Work began on the fit-out of the 4750 sqm building in June and the store was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony today [October 17].

“Foodstuffs North Island has invested more than $1 million in the development of this leasehold property, which is located in a light industrial area handy to State Highway 2,” Foodstuffs North Island’s GM Property Development Lindsay Rowles says.

“The old store in McCormack Place, Ngauranga closed on October 12 and all 71 staff have moved to the new location with owner-operator Matt Humphrey,” Rowles says. “In this new location we’re able to offer our Gilmours customers a larger, more modern store and more parking,” he says.

Gilmours supplies food and beverages to all different types of New Zealand businesses including restaurants and cafes, catering institutions, event centres, schools and clubs. See for more information on becoming a member.

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Source: Foodstuffs NZ

NEW ZEALAND: New World unveils new initiatives to reducing the impact of plastic waste in the environment

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Oct-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — New World is committed to reducing the impact of plastic waste in our environment – and the BagVote campaign was just the start.

When we launched the project the discussion was all about introducing a levy, so we wanted to ask our customers what they thought.

The overwhelming majority has voted ‘yes – charge me for bags’, but we missed an important question – no bag at all. Many of our customers told us via email, Facebook, phone and in-store that they wanted this option.

Our customers also asked us to look harder at paper and biodegradable alternatives – both have their issues, but they are constantly being improved.

New World is aiming to be single-use plastic bag free by the end of 2018.  This move depends on being able to find the right bag solution to meet our customers’ needs and those of the environment.

To get there as quickly as possible we are implementing a number of really exciting initiatives to help New Zealanders adjust to life without single-use plastic bags. We’re taking the conversation even further and reviewing our approach to plastic packaging, plastic products and minimising waste overall.

It’s a big task but we are totally committed to change – we always have been.

So here’s what’s next for us:

–         We’re giving away a whopping 2 million long-life reusable bags to our New World customers this summer;

–         On 1 February 2018 we will introduce a 10c voluntary donation per plastic bag at New World, which will go to environmental causes including our amazing friends at Sea Cleaners;

–         We’re continuing the 5c rebate for each reusable bag in our North Island New World stores, which has resulted in a 20 percent reduction in plastic bag use;

–         And, we are committed to promoting and expanding the Soft Plastics Recycling programme. Our customers contribute more than two thirds of the total volume of plastic recycling in the country. The top 10 stores in the country, by volume of plastic recycling, are all Foodstuffs stores.

New Zealanders have always been able to make a personal choice to ban plastic bags from their lives and use reusable bags or boxes for their groceries – they just need to change the habit of a lifetime.

We’re grateful for the support we received from the community for taking a leadership position on this issue.

We’re 100% New Zealand owned and operated – and 100% for New Zealand. The fact that other retailers are now engaged on the plastic bag issue is a win for the environment and we are so pleased this important environmental issue is being addressed.

A New Zealand with less plastic has got to be better. Let’s get there together.

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Source: Foodstuffs NZ

NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs commits to 100% cage free eggs within 10 years

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Sep-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs announced today (21 September 2017) that following an extensive review of its egg sourcing and animal welfare policies the business has committed to a goal of being 100% cage free for eggs within 10 years.

“We are committed to working with our suppliers toward our goal to be 100% cage free for packaged eggs by the end of 2027” says Steve Anderson, Managing Director, Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd.

Foodstuffs will increase customer communications around barn raised and free range eggs. The merchandising teams will gradually reduce the range of caged eggs on offer, and undertake a promotional programme supporting the transition of the business to cage free over the next few years.

“Foodstuffs has been proactive for many years in responding to increased customer demand for free range and barn raised eggs. Our Pams eggs have been cage free since 2008, and sales of other free range and barn raised eggs have grown significantly over the last decade,” says Anderson. “Now we are ready to take the next step – but we need to work closely with the industry to make this happen.

“Our customers’ expectations drive us every day to offer products and services which meet a wide variety of needs including availability, quality, food safety, provenance and animal welfare, which is why we needed to take the time to review the business before announcing our position,” adds Anderson. “Ensuring the correct balance could be achieved both environmentally, and in terms of our egg producers’ ability to supply, realise the cost of their investment and manage the retail cost to customers was critical”.

The review confirmed that the industry needs Foodstuffs to take a clear position on what types of eggs it will need for its future customers so they can plan and prepare. The need for realistic timelines was also identified – many suppliers will need to change the way they currently farm.

Many suppliers have invested heavily in the colony style of farming. Foodstuffs believes farmers need to recoup the costs of these investments to allow them to invest further in cage free eggs.

Some suppliers will need to build different types of infrastructure. “Giving the industry time to achieve this is important as this will ensure our customers’ needs can be met,” says Anderson. “Eggs are a healthy essential on most households’ shopping list, so we need to ensure that we keep that egg-tray in the fridge well-stocked.”

“On balance we believe 10 years is a reasonable timeframe to enable producers to realise their investment and be able to reinvest in alternative farming infrastructure,” says Anderson. “If this can be achieved, then the industry will have a much better chance of being able to meet the increasing demand from shoppers, which is seeing egg consumption increase by over 4% year on year.”

“Ensuring there is a strong, growing egg industry in New Zealand is important to Foodstuffs. It means we will be able to give our customers surety around the quality and price of eggs into the future.”

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NEW ZEALAND: New World announces new effort to help reduce pollution

NEW ZEALAND: New World announces new effort to help reduce pollution

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, 2017-Sep-15 — /EPR Retail News/ — New World supermarkets are giving customers the opportunity to vote on whether to keep plastic bags free or bring in a five or 10 cent charge for each plastic bag they use at the checkout – in a concerted effort to reduce pollution.

If customers vote to pay for bags, New World will donate the proceeds from the bag charge to a variety of community and environmental causes including SEACLEANERS, who work to remove rubbish from waterways around New Zealand.

Steve Anderson, Managing Director Foodstuffs New Zealand says, “We have been working on a wide variety of environmental initiatives for years now, but the one issue that seems to really energise our customers is the topic of plastic shopping bags.  We believe the best way forward is to work with our customers and ask them what they want for the future.  The majority decision in BAGVOTE will rule – but regardless of the outcome, we’ll continue to work on reducing plastic bag use, providing more reusable bag options and increasing soft plastics recycling.”

New World customers can submit a vote online at from midday 14 September through to midnight on 8 October 2017.  New World will then publish the results on Tuesday 10 October.

Anderson says, “We believe there is a real appetite for change on this issue.  Our recent ban on plastic microbeads was met with universal support as was the introduction of 100 percent recyclable meat trays. We’re also rolling out electric vehicles across many of our stores and increasing access to soft plastics recycling around the country.”

As further evidence of New World’s commitment to reducing bag usage, North Island owner-operators have also delivered a five cent rebate to customers who bring their own bags for use at the checkout, which has resulted in up to a 20 percent drop in plastic bag usage since it was implemented in January 2016.  The rebate will continue regardless of the BAGVOTE outcome.

SEACLEANERS has been invited to advise the New World team on more ways to protect the environment.

“SEACLEANERS is an inspiring team with a powerful mission – to remove rubbish from our seas, harbours and oceans.  Since 2002 their team of volunteers has removed 40 million pieces of rubbish from the waters around New Zealand. A great outcome – but shocking to know that so much rubbish is in our oceans,” Anderson says.

SEACLEANERS is delighted to support New World’s campaign to promote awareness about reducing the use of plastic bags.  “Every day we see the effect of improper use and disposal of plastic bags in our waterways,” says Captain Hayden Smith, who was voted Local Hero 2017 and is recognised internationally for the work he and his team do to clean up our seas.

“When New World asked us to get on board and help promote awareness of the BAGVOTE we were really happy to support them.  We hope that New Zealanders make the simple change to using more cloth reusable bags, and accept a charge for plastic bags if they absolutely need one.”

For more information on the New World Plastic Bag Vote head to


Foodstuffs Communications Team Phone: 0800 376 3342

Foodstuffs New Zealand launches new fleet of 100 percent electric vans

A new fleet of 100 percent electric vans is cruising around New Zealand, branded with New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square logos.

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Aug-08 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs New Zealand officially launched the fleet at a ceremony attended by Foodstuffs New Zealand Managing Director, Steve Anderson and MP for Selwyn Amy Adams, held at New World Lincoln in Canterbury on August 4.

Foodstuffs New Zealand was awarded $500,000 by EECA from the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund to implement a project that involved importing 28 electric vans from the UK.

“The EECA funding covered 50 percent of the project cost, with Foodstuffs New Zealand funding the other half. The EECA funding is designed to encourage innovation and investment that will accelerate the uptake of electric and other low-emission vehicles (LEV) in New Zealand that might not otherwise occur,” Foodstuffs New Zealand Managing Director Steve Anderson says.

Sustainability Manager for Foodstuffs New Zealand Mike Sammons says the van rollout complements the electric vehicle fast charging points that are being installed in a number of stores.

“We already have fast charge stations at the New World stores in Otaki, Warkworth, Te Kuiti and Kumeu in the North Island and Northwood in the South Island, we anticipate another half dozen will be installed over the next year or so. We see these charging stations as an important community resource. They will become increasingly useful to our customers as more New Zealanders transition over to electric vehicles over the coming years.”

With their brightly coloured branding, the Foodstuffs vans are highly visible on the road. Sammons says they’ll be a talking point in the 28 communities they are being distributed to around New Zealand.

“EECA’s aim is to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles by making this funding available to businesses. Our store owners are very happy with them and we think our customers will take an interest in them too. For Foodstuffs, this is just a small part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and make our business more environmentally sustainable.

“Fully electric vehicles produce no emissions improving both local air quality and helping reduce global warming. They use battery technology, which powers an electric motor. They require less maintenance and are extremely quiet. They’re also very functional and can accelerate and climb hills better than a standard petrol vehicle,” Sammons says.

There are 28 stores involved in the programme. Thorndon New World in Wellington was the test store, and received its electric van in May. The store offers a delivery service, for which the van has already proven very useful.

All 28 stores will have their vans on the road by the beginning of September.

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Source: Foodstuffs NZ

NEW ZEALAND: New World Wine Awards: number of Pinot Noir entries this year surpassed that of Sauvignon Blanc

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Jul-31 — /EPR Retail News/ — For the first time since the New World Wine Awards competition began 15 years ago, the number of entries of Pinot Noir has surpassed that of Sauvignon Blanc. The number of entries in the Sauvignon Blanc class is consistent with previous years, but there has been a 47% increase in the number of Pinot Noir entries this year.

Chair of the New World Wine Awards judging panel, Jim Harré, says, “We are looking forward to tasting all wines entered, and especially to evaluating the Pinot Noir class, which this year has attracted the largest number of entries overtaking the number of entries in the Sauvignon Blanc class for the first time.”

A 16-stong panel of independent expert wine judges are set to taste a record 1,400 different wines covering a full range of varietals. With the numbers of entries growing every year, an extra three expert judges have been added to the panel, alongside returning judges and the judging panel Chair who celebrates his 10th anniversary leading the show.

Jim says that he is proud to have been part of building the profile of the Awards and seeing it become an important fixture on the wine calendar.

“The year-on-year increase in entries reflects winemakers’ confidence in the integrity of this wine show and the benefits that winning a New World Wine Awards medal brings. The calibre of our judging panel is another strong indicator of the strength of the competition.

“Each of the judges has many years of experience judging at a range of New Zealand and international wine shows. They bring their individual and collective experience and expertise to bear when judging the New World Wine Awards,” said Mr Harré.

This year’s judging line-up includes three wine experts who are new to the New World Wine Awards. They are: International guest judge, Meg Brodtmann, one of Australia’s most respected wine industry experts and holder of the prestigious Master of Wine qualification; Cameron Douglas, New Zealand’s only Master Sommelier; and Dr. Rebecca Deed, an expert in microbiology and oenology, bringing an added technical perspective to the panel.

Returning judges are Simon Fell (Thornbury Wines), Ben Glover (Zephyr), Jack Glover (Accolade Wines), Terry Copeland (Wine Consultant), James Rowan (West Brook Winery), Olly Masters (Misha’s Vineyard), Jane Boyle (Wine Consultant), Barry Riwai (Alpha Domus), Sam Kim (Wine Orbit), Sarah-Kate Dineen (Maude Wines), Simon Nunns (Coopers Creek) and Jane Cooper (Alexia).

“It is a great testament to the regard the wine industry has for the New World Wine Awards that so many of our judges return to our judging panel each year and that we are able to attract new judges of the calibre of those who are joining us this year,” said Mr Harré.

The panel will taste and judge wines using the same internationally-recognised 100 points system as other leading wine shows. They will award Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, re-taste top scoring wines to rank them for inclusion in the New World Top 50 and re-taste the best wines again to determine the Champions of each main varietal and an overall Champion Red and Champion White.

In order to be eligible for entry to the New World Wine Awards, wines must retail for $25 or less and there must be at least 5,000 bottles (or 3,500 for niche varietals) available for sale through New World supermarkets nationwide. This ensures the award-winning wines are more accessible for wine lovers than is often the case for other wine awards.

The results of the New World Wine Awards will be announced later in the year, and the Top 50 winning wines will available in New World stores. The results are eagerly anticipated by wine lovers, reflected in the speed some of the medal-winners typically sell out after they are announced.

“The high level of public interest in the New World Wine Awards results shows that it has an important place in the industry, given its unique focus on affordability and availability of wines,” said Mr Harré.

\The judging of the New World Wine Awards is taking place at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium, one of the only suitable venues for such a large event, from 31 July-2 August.

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NEW ZEALAND: Fresh Collective by New World — A new small-format grocery brand

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Jul-05 — /EPR Retail News/ — A new small-format grocery brand has entered the market with the launch of Fresh Collective by New World. The store at 10a Constellation Drive on Auckland’s North Shore is the first to showcase this new brand.

The store joined the Foodstuffs North Island co-operative in May, and has been operating under a temporary New World banner since then. Today [July 4], the store reopened with a new look, new layout and new product offerings.

As well as picking up a great cup of coffee from the in-house barista, customers can now order fresh smoothies; grab some sushi; choose a meal kit for dinner tonight or pick up some premium cuts from the in-house butcher. Customers can also get their everyday, food-focused top-up grocery needs. The butcher, bakery and fresh seafood counter are all on show, so customers can see the goods they’ve selected being prepared.

“For some time now, we’ve been analysing what we offer our urban customers,” Foodstuffs North Island CEO Chris Quin says. “We wanted to give them a smaller grocery experience that answers that question of ‘what will we eat tonight’ with plenty of fresh produce and take-home meal solutions. “The store has fresh food at its heart, with an extensive deli counter, a full specialty cheese range and an extensive range of fresh fruit and vegetables. It brings the best of what New World offers to a small, local store.”

“Fresh Collective by New World also has your everyday grocery needs, so that you can top up with the basics at the same time,” he says. “We’ve been researching how our customers use our stores. In urban areas, they pop in several times a week for different reasons. Sometimes they’re just looking for a coffee or lunch, but might grab a couple of grocery items at the same time. Sometimes they’re looking for a handy meal solution for tonight’s dinner. Whatever their reason for shopping, they want the experience to be warm, inviting and full of the delightful sights and smells you get in a beautiful fresh food market.”

“We’ve been working on this concept for some time. We created a prototype of what a Fresh Collective experience would look like, which allowed everyone involved to walk around inside it and comment on the design and customer flow. That was a first for us, and we found it a really useful, creative part of the process. To be able to pick up the deli counter and move it to another position, or make an aisle a little wider, was really helpful.”

The next Fresh Collective by New World store will open in Mt Albert in the coming weeks. The Alberton Four Square store has been closed since June 20 while the refurbishment work takes place.

“We intend to keep refining the concept as we go, to suit each community. So there will be exciting features at the Mt Albert store that are different to what’s on offer at Constellation Drive. “We are looking at other urban areas in the North Island where Fresh Collective by New World will suit our customers’ needs.”

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NEW ZEALAND: Foodstuffs supermarkets to be microbead-free nationwide from 1 July 2017

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Jun-08 — /EPR Retail News/ — On World Oceans Day Foodstuffs has announced that its supermarkets, which include New World, PAK’nSAVE and  Four Square, will be microbead-free nationwide from 1 July 2017; a full year ahead of the Government’s proposed date for banning microbeads from New Zealand  stores.

  •  New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square will be microbead free from 1 July 2017
  •  12 months ahead of schedule as mandated by Government
  •  Announcement ahead of World Oceans Day, June 8
  •  Suppliers jumped on board to be part of the positive environmental change

To celebrate going microbead free we will be running a microbead amnesty with our friends at Essano in all New World stores.  We’ll also be offering some great deals at PAK’nSAVE and Four Square. The amnesty at New World stores will start week commencing 10 July 2017.  We’ll be updating our website and Facebook very soon with the details on when and where you can bring in one product per customer containing microbeads and swap it for a free Essano Gentle Facial Exfoliator.  Keep an eye out for the update!

On World Oceans Day Foodstuffs has announced that its supermarkets, which include New World, PAK’nSAVE and  Four Square, will be microbead-free nationwide from 1 July 2017; a full year ahead of the Government’s proposed date for banning microbeads from New Zealand  stores.

Scientific research has proven that the tiny beads of plastic used as an exfoliating agent in many skin cleansing products are finding their way into drains and ultimately the marine environment where they fail to break down or are consumed by marine life.

Chris Quin, Foodstuffs North Island CEO, says the business started discussions with suppliers in 2016 with the aim of speeding up the change.  “We’re pleased to say that many suppliers had already reformulated their products substituting the plastic beads with natural ingredients. Where brands are unable to meet our needs we’ll delist the products until new formulations are available.”

Making positive change takes a collective approach. “Minimising our impact on the environment is a priority issue and banning microbeads is absolutely the right thing to do. The changes we’re making will have a positive impact on marine life – it’s great we were able to announce this change on World Oceans Day. That said we know there’s more work to be done and we will continue to see how we can reduce plastics wherever we can.

“Across the two Foodstuffs Co-operatives* we have almost 30,000 team members committed to reducing waste and our environmental impact.  Hundreds of thousands of our customers are also doing their best to make the right choices – using their own bags, choosing sustainable products and shopping thoughtfully on a daily basis.  Our suppliers are also a big part of the solution – and it speaks volumes that they have worked with us to provide customers with more sustainable products.

Foodstuffs has introduced other environmental initiatives including 100% recyclable meat trays, LED lighting, and new refrigeration and energy systems. Foodstuffs is also a foundation partner of the Packaging Forum’s Soft Plastics Recycling Programme, collecting over five tonnes a week of packaging in purpose-designed bins located at the front of stores. The material is then reprocessed into new products such as street furniture and decking.

The microbead ban will be celebrated in New World stores across the country in July.  Look out for some exciting promotions to help customers to change up their beauty routine.

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NEW ZEALAND: Four Square opens at The Lakes, Tauranga’s newest residential development

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Apr-04 — /EPR Retail News/ — Tauranga’s newest residential development, The Lakes, is billed as “the best address in town”, and soon it will have one of the best convenience stores too, when Four Square The Lakes opens there in mid-April.

Located about 10 kilometres southwest of Tauranga’s CBD, The Lakes will eventually be home to over 7000 people living in almost 2100 homes spread across 254 hectares.

At the heart of it will be The Lakes Neighbourhood Shopping Village, on Caslani Lane, and at the heart of that will be the local Four Square – the trusted Kiwi grocer that provides service that’s second to none.

Ant Pederson, Owner-Operator, Four Square The Lakes says it’s exciting to watch the new store take shape, and also humbling to be a founding member of one of the country’s newest suburbs.

“Four Square has a rich history of serving communities throughout New Zealand and has often been there as new suburbs take shape and communities grow around them,” says Pederson.

“That’s exactly what’ll happen here at The Lakes – more and more people are moving here as homes are completed, and plans for a new local school have just been announced too – and as the suburb rises around us, and the local kids grow up too, we’ll be here to serve their everyday grocery needs.”

“My current focus though is on getting the store ready for opening, and also recruiting my team, which is arguably the most important task because while shiny new premises will always attract customers through the doors to start with, it’s friendly, helpful staff who’ll keep them coming back.”

Lindsay Rowles, General Manager Property Development, Foodstuffs North Island, says with Tauranga now known as one of the country’s most desirable cities, he and his team are constantly looking at how to feed its growing population.

“Tauranga has just overtaken Dunedin as the country’s fifth biggest city,” says Rowles. “Last year it’s population reached 128,000 people – a staggering 60 percent growth rate in just two decades. As that population continues to grow it’s almost certain that our operations will expand there too.”

“In the Tauranga City area we already have three New Worlds, three PAK’nSAVEs including the one at Tauriko that only opened last year, while Four Square The Lakes will be the city’s sixth Four Square.”

“It’s not just about quantity either, but the quality of the shopping experience too. Modern consumers have high expectations, and the design and range of all our new stores, such as Four Square The Lakes, certainly deliver that.”


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Foodstuffs North Island Ltd welcomes 20 Dutch companies on Trade Mission from the Netherlands to New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Nov-09 — /EPR Retail News/ — On Tuesday the 8th of November, Foodstuffs North Island Ltd welcomes 20 innovative Dutch companies from horticultural and agricultural sectors, on a Trade Mission from the Netherlands to New Zealand.

The trade delegation is headed by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Minister Kamp. The trip is taking place parallel to the state visit by Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. New Zealand and the Netherlands are like minded international partners and business cooperation is very successful. We share a number of similar values including freedom, democracy and human rights. We also face similar challenges such as urbanisation and sustainability.

The strong ties between the countries are greatly attributed to the fact that today there is a large community of around 150,000 Kiwis with Dutch roots living in New Zealand.This mission provides great opportunities for the businesses involved as they engage in exploring New Zealand innovation while sharing ideas and building relationships. The companies can gain international knowledge and explore finding solutions for New Zealand’s and the Netherlands’ economic, social and environmental challenges.

Vaughan Grant, General Manager Supply Chain, Foodstuffs North Island says the Netherlands has an excellent relationship with New Zealand and Foodstuffs is pleased to host the delegation and strengthen the partnership.

“As New Zealand’s largest grocery distributer, by serving over 1.30 million New Zealanders every week we are an integral part of many communities. We are pleased to have an opportunity to host the Netherlands delegation to share knowledge on how to provide the best service to our customers.”

Arthur Huijser, Economic and Public Diplomacy Officer at the Embassy of the Netherlands, says he is thrilled the delegation will be exposed to New Zealand’s most promising sectors, he sees this is an opportunity to further strengthen relationships and meet future business partners.

“This mission is a collaborative approach to make connections and share expertise. We feel privileged to gain insights into the Foodstuffs Co-operative and gain a better understanding of the New Zealand grocery market” says Huijser.


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New Zealand: Foodstuffs supports the Government in its fight against Childhood Obesity

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Oct-17 — /EPR Retail News/ — In January this year the United Nations released the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO) report stating that the world was facing a global epidemic in childhood obesity with the number of overweight children under the age of five predicted to jump to as high as 70 million over the next decade.

Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd, Managing Director, Steve Anderson says, “As the largest food retailer in New Zealand, we have a role to play in helping support the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan and create healthier communities that will thrive in the long-term.”

As part of its support for the Government’s Plan the key areas Foodstuffs has pledged to focus on are:

  • Promoting the consumption of healthy foods by reformulating private label products to improve their nutritional profile and enable healthier eating.
  • Providing education on diet, nutrition and physical activity through the Food for Thought Charitable Trust.
  • Completing the roll out of Health Star Ratings across our private label portfolio in support of the Government’s message that consumption of foods high in fat, sugar and salt should be limited.
  • Ensuring all marketing activities comply with the relevant ASA Codes including an updated Code of Advertising to Children.

“We believe that long-term change can be achieved if consumers are supported through a wide range of initiatives that help people make more informed choices, including greater access to healthier alternatives through reformulation,” says Anderson. “We have committed to reformulate our private label products so that by the end of 2018 the sugar and sodium content will be reduced by 10% and saturated fat content continues to be reduced across the range.”

Anderson adds that the levels of these nutrients in new private label products will be given careful consideration, and Foodstuffs will champion the reformulation cause with its suppliers. “We have created a new Supplier Award designed specifically to recognize suppliers’ commitment to change in this area.”

“By pledging to reduce Childhood Obesity and collaborating with Government we hope to begin to see a reduction in the number of children who are overweight and obese,” says Anderson. “Our Food for Thought programme which is a free nutrition education course sponsored by Pams, helps Year 5 and 6 primary school students (9–10 year olds) make healthy food and lifestyle choices.”

“This community based initiative has been designed and developed by nutritionists and teachers working within the New Zealand Health and Physical Education curriculum, and has reached more than 110,000 children since it began in 2007.”

Foodstuffs has been an active supporter of the Health Star Rating (HSR) scheme and since its launch in 2014 has been actively rolling out the labelling scheme across its private label portfolio.

“To date we have 40% of the brand’s 1500 products carrying HSR and we are now committed to completing the rollout to the entire portfolio by the end of 2018” says Anderson. “As a company we are very supportive of the HSR as we believe it provides consumers with a clear guide on how to assess the healthiness of a product compared with other products across a category.”


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New Zealand: Foodstuffs’ supplier Coastal Spring Lamb named finalist in four categories of the 2016 NZ Food Awards

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Oct-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Meat-lovers have long known that the choicest cuts are served at New World and PAK’nSAVE – and now there’s proof their spring lamb is a cut above the rest.

Coastal Spring Lamb, which is sold exclusively in supermarkets by Foodstuffs, has just been named a finalist in not one but four categories of the 2016 NZ Food Awards.

The company, which sells lamb grown by family farms on the east and west coasts of the lower North Island, is a finalist in the Primary Sector Product Award, which is open to all primary sector food and beverage producers; the Chilled Short Shelf Life Award, for food produced by companies with at least $3 million turnover; the Business Innovation Award, and the Export Innovation Award.

Coastal Spring Lamb founder Richard Redmayne says to be a finalist in all of the four categories they entered is very exciting for their family business.

“We’re particularly happy for our farmers, who are out in all weather, weeks on end, producing the best lamb in the world – usually without recognition. This gives them that recognition.”

“We’re also delighted because our fellow finalists include much larger companies, and it proves that it is possible for a niche business to produce some of the best food in New Zealand.”

Coastal Spring Lamb first started selling lamb to the New Zealand market in 2010, initially just to four New World supermarkets in the lower North Island.

This coming spring lamb season, from October to January, their meat will be available at New Worlds around the country, PAK’nSAVE in the South Island and selected Four Square stores.

New World Wanganui Owner, John Kelly says Coastal Spring Lamb has proven very popular with shoppers.

“Their meat is superb,” says Kelly, “and our customers clearly agree. Last season’s product was quickly snapped up, and I’m sure that will be repeated when we start selling it again in October.”

Redmayne says partnering with Foodstuffs has given his company the confidence to grow.

“Foodstuffs is focused on great service, exceptional food, and enduring relationships with their customers, and these are values that match ours exactly. We’ve been able to meet individual store owners and their in-store master butchers, and share our story with them, which means, together, we can provide a product with real provenance – from our families direct to their shoppers.”

He says his company is also exporting lamb to Belgium, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

“We recently returned from a month in Asia, where we met with 74 executive chefs from 5 and 6-star hotels and resorts. These are chefs who can source the best food in the world, but aren’t used to meeting the actual farmer! The fact they’re choosing to use our meat is very humbling.”

Foodstuffs stores will start selling Coastal Spring Lamb on 10 October, and Coastal Spring Lamb will hold its official launch on 12 October, the day before NZ Food Award winners are announced on 13 October.


Foodstuffs Communications Team Phone: 0800 376 3342


New Zealand: Foodstuffs' supplier Coastal Spring Lamb named finalist in four categories of the 2016 NZ Food Awards
New Zealand: Foodstuffs’ supplier Coastal Spring Lamb named finalist in four categories of the 2016 NZ Food Awards


Source: Foodstuffs

New Zealand: PAK’nSAVE opens at the Tauranga Crossing retail development

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Oct-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — New PAK’nSAVE brings 130 jobs and low supermarket prices to fast growing Tauranga suburb

The booming Bay of Plenty is set to welcome its newest supermarket with PAK’nSAVE opening in the Tauranga Crossing retail development.

The eagerly anticipated supermarket is located at 2 Taurikura Drive, Tauriko, Tauranga Crossing. It will be officially opened by the Mayor of Tauranga, Stuart Crosby, at 8.15am on Tuesday the 27th of September.

Located less than 10K away from the Tauranga CBD, The Crossing is a hub of activity with thriving homes and businesses and PAK’nSAVE will be able to provide a fresh offering for this large catchment. The new store has a modern feel with spacious aisles and is full of natural light which will add to the overall customer shopping experience.

Foodstuffs North Island Limited’s, General Manager – Property Development, Lindsay Rowles says, “There are lots of opportunities for growth in the area, and the new Tauriko store will help cater to the increasing demand this growth is placing on services. Tauranga Crossing is an exciting active retail space and we are confident the development is bringing some great services to the community.”

PAK’nSAVE Tauriko, owner-operator Jon Morrison says he is looking forward to supporting the growing Tauriko community, in part by offering a great range of high quality, fresh products at PAK’nSAVE’s lowest supermarket prices, but also by really getting involved in the area.

It’s a big job opening a store of this size but, Morrison says, “The store is looking fantastic, and I’m excited by the opportunity to bring the PAK’nSAVE offer to this new and developing community. House prices might be increasing around the region but I’m committed to doing my best to keep grocery prices down.”

With a retail floor space of 3380m2 and the latest PAK’nSAVE retail designs in place throughout the store, customers can expect their supermarket experience to be a lighter, brighter PAK’nSAVE experience.

“The combination of new, modern serve over counters and lots of natural light means customers will be able to easily select their favourite piece of salmon or eye fillet,” says Morrison. “I’m really looking forward to welcoming customers through the door and we hope they are as excited as we are.”

Morrison says he’s got a great team in place, “A lot of time and effort has gone into choosing people who are passionate about being in the world of groceries. The team are well trained and excited to be able to give our new customers a great PAK’nSAVE experience. I’ve got some really talented butchers and bakers, and we have a checkout team ready and waiting to ensure our customers leave the supermarket with a smile on their face.”

“I’ve been quite overwhelmed by the passion and dedication within the team as we have been working to complete the store and get it ready for opening. It’s a massive task, but the whole team has pulled together to ensure the store looks fantastic and everyone is trained and ready to deliver as soon as the shops doors open,” adds Morrison.

Playing an active role in the community is also something on Morrison’s radar, supermarkets are of the ‘hub’ of a community and he wants PAK’nSAVE Tauriko to be no different. “Once we find our feet I am definitely looking forward to becoming an integral part of the wider Tauriko community, supporting locals schools, sports team and community groups is something I am passionate about. I look forward to becoming involved in the wider community in the not too distant future,” says Morrison.

The store will provide over 130 job opportunities to the Tauranga community.


Foodstuffs Communications Team Phone: 0800 376 3342


New Zealand: PAK’nSAVE opens at the Tauranga Crossing retail development
New Zealand: PAK’nSAVE opens at the Tauranga Crossing retail development


Source: Foodstuffs

Inditex strengthens its presence in the Southern Hemisphere with the opening of Zara’s first store in New Zealand

Inditex strengthens its presence in the Southern Hemisphere with the opening of Zara's first store in New Zealand
Inditex strengthens its presence in the Southern Hemisphere with the opening of Zara’s first store in New Zealand


Arteixo, Spain, 2016-Oct-08 — /EPR Retail News/ — Today (06/10/2016), Zara opens the doors to its first store in New Zealand, extending Inditex’s reach in the Southern Hemisphere to nine markets with 102 stores, each receiving the dedicated Southern Hemisphere collections. This opening also marks the fifth new market for the brand this year, expanding Inditex’s commercial reach to 93 markets worldwide.

The new store in Auckland’s Sylvia Park Shopping Centre – the largest retail development in the city– has a total space of 2,552 square metres spread seamlessly over one floor. The store includes almost 1,850 square metres of commercial space and displays all the brand’s latest Spring/Summer collections (Woman, Basic, TRF, Kids and Man) all designed exclusively for the Southern Hemisphere by a dedicated team.

As in every new Zara Store, its image can be summed up in four words: beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability. A sleek white surface spans the ceiling and walls so that the limits within the store are no longer defined. This helps to create the illusion of space and freedom while creating a backdrop which enhances the beauty of the fashion creations. The space invites the customer to enjoy as never before the experience of feeling, touching, observing and interacting with the merchandise.

The Sylvia Park store also incorporates all the green-building criteria stipulated by Inditex’s environmental plan – Sustainable Inditex. More than half Inditex’s stores worldwide are already eco-efficient, consuming 30% less energy and half the amount of water compared with a conventional store.

For any press request please contact with:

Communication and Corporate Affairs Division
Edificio Inditex
Avda. de la Diputación s/n
15143 – Arteixo
A Coruña – ESPAÑA

Tlf: +34 981 185 400
Fax: +34 981 185 544

Source: Inditex


H&M opens its very first store in New Zealand at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre

H&M opens its very first store in New Zealand at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre
H&M opens its very first store in New Zealand at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, 2016-Oct-04 — /EPR Retail News/ — Today, October 1st 2016, more than 1,000 shoppers eagerly awaited the moment when H & M, Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) – one of the world’s largest fashion retailers – opened its doors to the general public for the very first time in New Zealand at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre.

The new store opening was highly anticipated with locals queuing from 5.00pm the night before to get the first glimpse of the extensive fashion collections on offer. The 2,300 square metre store which spans two levels, houses a selection of fashion and accessories for men, women, youth and kids.

The hype outside the store began at 7.00 am when H&M served coffee, juice and Kraken Crumpets and exclusive gift bags were given to those excited fans who were first in line. New Zealand DJs, Clint Roberts, Aroha Harawira and Tim Lambourne, pumped up the crowd ahead of the official opening celebration, followed by H&M staff performing their iconic team dance to add to the electric atmosphere.

H&M’s Australian and New Zealand Country Manager, Hans Andersson, New Zealand Sales Manager, Daniel Lettemann and Store Manager, Mino Kim, officially cut the ribbon and welcomed the first eager shoppers.

“We have been waiting for this day for a long time now and the response from the Kiwi public was worth the wait! I am proud to welcome shoppers to our very first store and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers added value through fashion, quality and sustainability at the best price”

Hans Andersson, Australia and New Zealand Country Manager for H&M.

The H&M New Zealand store is located at Sylvia Park, 286 Mount Wellington Highway, Auckland. Regular opening hours are Monday – Wednesday 9.00 am – 7.00 pm, Thursday – Friday 9.00 am – 9.00 pm and Saturday – Sunday 9.00 am – 7.00 pm.

Liz Cave
PR Manager AU & NZ
+61 432 527 761

Kiri O’Brien
PR & Showroom Executive NZ
+64 21 406 928

Source: H&M


New Zealand: New World, Starship Foundation and renowned landscape gardener Xanthe White create petunia garden at the national children’s hospital

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Sep-28 — /EPR Retail News/ — Today, the New World team, under the close supervision of Xanthe White, got their gardening gloves on and worked with the team at Starship to bring a petunia garden to life at the national children’s hospital.

 Designed by top New Zealand landscape gardener, Xanthe White and author of The Good Dirt, the team created a gorgeous, vibrant petunia installation in the hospital’s Koromiko Garden.

“The space is designed to be a simple yet enduring garden. The idea is to turn an uninteresting area into a welcoming and vibrant space for patients and their families,” says Xanthe. “Petunias will add colour for the summer and minimal effort will be required to maintain this beautiful garden.”

When designing the garden, Xanthe wanted to create something that was reflective of Starship and enjoyable for the children and families who use it.

“The petunia colour echoes the Starship branding and a simple framework has been constructed in the shape of a star, a strong feature of the Starship brand. The installation is adorned by lights, so that it can be enjoyed in the evening as children and their families walk through the windowed corridor – a ‘guiding star’ into Starship,” says Xanthe.

Xanthe is a firm believer that the ability to enjoy your environment and the act of gardening is beneficial to both children and adults. “Aside from improving our environment, gardening is fun, creative and relaxing for all ages. I’m thrilled to be able to educate and inspire children through gardening and it’s a real privilege to be able to leave a memorable installation on the hospital grounds for everyone to enjoy.”

Helping Xanthe and the New World team were Silver Fern netballers – Maria Tutaia, Grace Rasmussen and Anna Harrison who also got their hands dirty and put an extra smile on the faces of four Starship patients who were there to help.

Starship patient and avid netball fan, 10-year old Ivy Keith was thrilled to be involved building the garden with the Silver Ferns. Following her diagnosis of Type I diabetes in December last year, Ivy spent time in Starship Hospital getting her condition under control and learning how to manage it through a healthy diet and medication.

“When I was in Starship Mum and Dad would walk past the Koromiko Garden every night to get dinner, and now other kids families will be able look out as they walk through the tunnel and see the brightly coloured petunias and the lights shining around the star – that’s just really cool,” says Ivy.

Ivy’s mum, Elena Keith adds, “One of the new things we’ve had to factor in since Ivy’s diagnosis is how important diet is in terms of managing Ivy’s diabetes. Good nutrition that is full of variety and tastes good is critical.”

“Something my time at Starship taught me was that there are a number of ‘free foods’ that I can eat whenever I want,” says Ivy. “A couple of my favourites are carrots and cherry tomatoes, I just love them. Being able to plant them with Little Garden and eat them whenever I want is so cool.”

New World has been a Five Star Sponsor of the Starship Foundation since 2014. Its ongoing support for Starship continues to make a real difference to so many New Zealand families, and this garden is another opportunity to bring a little bit of joy to patients and families at the national children’s hospital.

Brad Clark, Chief Executive for the Starship Foundation says, “We’re really looking forward to watching the petunia garden grow, its wonderful way to bring the joy of gardening to children who often cannot, for medical reasons, get out into the garden themselves. Xanthe has created a really beautiful installation that will come into its own as the petunias grow over summer. And a huge thank you to New World, our five star sponsor for bringing this ‘Little Garden’ to the children of Starship and their customers to raise vital funds for the Starship Foundation.”

The garden officially launches the last collectible in the New World Little Garden campaign – the Little Garden Petunia for Starship. The limited edition Little Garden Petunia is available for $1 from Monday 26 September at all New World stores nationwide. All proceeds from the sale of the Little Garden Petunia will be donated to national child health projects via the Starship Foundation.

“The Little Garden Petunia is a great addition to the other 24 Little Garden Collectibles, we really want to encourage our customers to come in-store and pick up the Starship Petunia, which for $1 is not only a bargain but with all funds going to the Starship Foundation really has the ability to make a difference to some of our littlest, most in need New Zealanders,” says Jen Mariu, Sponsorship Manager, Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd. “We’d encourage customers to get in quick though, as the Petunia is the only Little Garden flower and there are limited numbers available.”


Tel: +64 9 621 0600
Fax:+64 9 621 0601

Source: Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd.

NEW ZEALAND: New World opens new supermarket at Woolston, Christchurch

NEW ZEALAND: New World opens new supermarket at Woolston, Christchurch
NEW ZEALAND: New World opens new supermarket at Woolston, Christchurch


Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Sep-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — Christchurch’s newest supermarket opened its doors today (09 September 2016), bringing a new look for Woolston, a better shopping experience for east Christchurch, and dozens of new jobs.

New World Ferry Road has been built beside the existing site at the eastern end of Woolston shops, and was officially opened this morning by Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson.

Owner-operator Greg Boock says after a year of construction the store is now in “fantastic shape,” and he’s pleased to be able to open it up to shoppers for the first time.

“The store has a great feel when you walk in,” Boock says. “There’s triple the retail space that we had before, meaning wider and longer aisles, and we have the latest designs in the deli, butchery and seafood sections, for those wanting a personal touch when buying specialty foods.”

“At the front end we have eleven checkouts in total, including five that are self-service; and outside there’ll be 114 carparks once the old store is demolished, which is triple what we had before.”

Additional employment has been created too: the total number of new roles is 50, of which 24 are full-time and 26 part time. In addition, 12 existing staff have been given extra hours.

“I’m very pleased to have been able to retain and recruit the best staff for the new store. I’m also proud to be playing a vital role in the rejuvenation of Woolston, and confident the new store will bring more shoppers to the village, and help them see Woolston as a suburb where they can live.”

Foodstuffs South Island’s General Manager of Property and Retail Development, Roger Davidson, says New World Ferry Road is the first of three new Foodstuffs stores opening in the South Island this year, the others being PAK’nSAVE Queenstown, and Four Square West Melton.

“Seeing stores like Ferry Road finally open to shoppers is one of the most satisfying parts of my job,” Davidson says. “I’ve had a walk-through already and it really is a wonderful store: modern, bright and eco-friendly, with energy-efficient lighting, ozone-friendly refrigeration, and facilities for waste minimization, which is a strong focus for Foodstuffs right now.”

Boock adds that it’s heartening to be able to contribute to Christchurch’s regeneration: “So much is being done to rebuild this city and once again make it the best place in New Zealand to live and raise a family. Rebuilding the CBD is a major aspect of that, and so are investments like this – locals want to see their suburbs being modernized too, and I’m delighted to be able to play a part in that.”

For further information, interview requests or additional photos, please contact:

Louise Nolan
022 6922 752

Source: Foodstuff


New Zealand: PAK’nSAVE’s superhero-themed promotion winner Sade Murray became real-life superhero following domestic violence incident intervention

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Aug-01 — /EPR Retail News/ — Sade Murray only went to her local PAK’nSAVE Kaitaia dressed as Spiderwoman in order to enter a competition – but when she got there she became a real-life superhero, intervening in a serious domestic violence incident.

Sade, a 27-year-old teacher, won PAK’nSAVE’s superhero-themed birthday promotion – and a $1000 gift card – after sending in a photo of herself and five of her charges dressed up as superheroes and posing in-store beside PAK’nSAVE’s Stickman.

Unbeknownst to the competition organisers when they awarded her the $1000 prize was the heroic back-story behind Sade’s entry, which she only told them about after being told she had won.

Sade says that after coming out of PAK’nSAVE she spotted a man allegedly assaulting a woman.

“I heard the man swearing loudly in his car, and he looked like he was punching something, and I went over there and told him to stop what he was doing.”

The man then fled the scene, leaving the woman behind. Sade made sure she was alright, and offered her some comforting words.

Police later arrested and charged the man, while Sade was asked to provide a statement and identify him.

Sade says that although she looked the part, she wasn’t trying to be a superhero.

“I was just doing what I thought was the right thing to do,” she says.

Sade also set the winning standard for the PAK’nSAVE promotion – which raised $5000 for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation – and says she’s ecstatic to have won the $1000 prize.

“I have a beautiful, courageous, amazing aunty who is winning against breast cancer as we speak,” she says. “So thank you PAK’nSAVE and NZBCF, you’re helping many people, and with this prize I’ll be able to be a blessing too.”

PAK’nSAVE Kaitaia owner-operator, Maurice Te Brake, says he’s also stoked to have had one of his customers win the contest.

“We had lots of people come through the store dressed up as superheroes,” he says, “Kids, parents, staff – it was really fantastic to see the community get behind this promotion.”

“Even better, though, is knowing that one of them, Sade, won the top prize – and especially someone who’s obviously so deserving of the ‘super hero’ title.”


Tel: 0800 245 114
Fax: +64 9 621 0987


New Zealand: PAK'nSAVE’s superhero-themed promotion winner Sade Murray became real-life superhero following domestic violence incident intervention
New Zealand: PAK’nSAVE’s superhero-themed promotion winner Sade Murray became real-life superhero following domestic violence incident intervention

Source: Foodstuff

New Zealand: 120 checkout operators from Bay of Plenty New World and PAK’nSAVE stores competed for Foodstuffs North Island Checker of Year title

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Aug-01 — /EPR Retail News/ — Last night, more than 120 checkout operators from Bay of Plenty New World and PAK’nSAVE stores tested their skills against each other onstage at the Baycourt Centre with the hope of ultimately taking out the title of Foodstuffs North Island Checker of Year.

The checkers were judged by a team of eight senior Foodstuffs staff on their speed, presentation, customer service and accuracy as they scanned 30 items as fast as possible, while also staying friendly and composed.

The top three checkers were Ainsley Meynell from New World Gate Pa, Holly Fillipo from New World Brookfield and Eden Arkwright from New World Brookfield.

Event organiser Kristie McGregor said it is a fun night for checkers to demonstrate their fantastic customer service skills and engage in a bit of friendly competition with other stores.

“We have been running the Checker of the Year competition for over 40 years and it is a great opportunity to recognise our check out operators for the value they add to the customer experience,” said Kristie McGregor.

New World Brookfield Checkout Manager Sade LeMon said that their team has a mock Checker of the Year event in-store to select the team and to give them a taste of what the pressure will be like on the night.

“The Checker of the Year competition raises our team’s spirit and morale. It is great torecognise and reward our checkers’ who consistently work hard.”

The competitors’ colleagues wore costumes in the super hero theme of the night and cheered them on with banners, chants and store mascots.

The top twelve checkers each received a $50 gift card; with the top three finalists winning extra prizes. There were also prizes for the best support team and best team of checkers overall.

There are 10 regional Checker of the Year competitions across the North Island throughout June and July, with mystery shoppers testing each region’s winner to determine one overall North Island Checker of the Year winner and two runners-up, which will be announced at the Foodstuffs North Island Excellence Awards on 26 November.

For further information, interview requests or additional photos, please contact:

Louise Nolan
022 6922 752


New Zealand: 120 checkout operators from Bay of Plenty New World and PAK’nSAVE stores competed for Foodstuffs North Island Checker of Year title
New Zealand: 120 checkout operators from Bay of Plenty New World and PAK’nSAVE stores competed for Foodstuffs North Island Checker of Year title


Source: Foodstuff

New Zealand: Pams wins Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Supermarket Home Brand for the fourth consecutive time

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Aug-01 — /EPR Retail News/ — This is the fourth consecutive win for Pams in the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Supermarket Home Brand.

The independent survey asked more than 1200 New Zealander’s what brands they trusted across a range of categories; including supermarkets and supermarket own brands.

Rod Gibson, General Manager, Foodstuffs Own Brands says the team at Pams remains committed to delivering great quality products for everyday use at affordable prices.

“This award is about our customers giving the nod that Pams is their brand of choice. We know that we cannot be complacent and there is always room to develop and improve our offerings.

“Pams has been on our customers shopping lists since 1937, we have continued to develop the range and its look over the years and regular customers will start to see a few more exciting new changes happening in the coming months. As well as the Health Star Rating System appearing on our new packaging, you will now see a new logo and some new health focused products,” says Gibson.

Pams is the largest selling grocery brand in the country and has pride of place in its original home – Four Square, as well as being found in all New World and PAK’nSAVE stores throughout the country.

Pams proudly supports a national nutrition-education initiative, Food For Thought, designed for primary school teachers to teach Kiwi kids how to make healthier food and lifestyle choices.


Tel: 0800 245 114
Fax: +64 9 621 0987

Source: Foodstuff

New Zealand: Foodstuffs supermarkets invests more than $200 million on new stores and store refurbishments nationwide

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Aug-01 — /EPR Retail News/ — A stocktake of property developments currently underway by Foodstuffs supermarkets shows more than $200 million is being invested nationwide on new stores and store refurbishments.

Work includes the construction of seven new stores, worth around $120 million in total – four in the North Island and three in the South. Another $80 million is being spent on upgrades for 11 stores.

The four North Island stores currently being built are: PAK’nSAVE Tauriko, in Tauranga; New World Te Kuiti; New World Papakura, in South Auckland; and PAK’nSAVE Tamatea, in Napier.

Another five North Island stores have upgrades underway: PAK’nSAVE Clendon, in South Auckland; New World Willis Street, in Wellington, New World Pahiatua, New World Metro in Auckland’s CBD, and New World Orewa. Work has just finished at New World Pioneer Highway, in Palmerston North.

Foodstuffs (North Island) Ltd General Manager Property Development Lindsay Rowles says, it’s an exciting time for retail development in New Zealand, with multiple growth opportunities.

“Consumers are becoming more discerning about where they shop,” says Rowles. “Some want more modern facilities and a wider range of products, while others are focussed on cost savings and environmental sustainability. We are well aware of all those factors, and are investing in order to cater for these needs well into the future.”

Rowles, who only recently moved here from Australia after 13 years in retail property development for Woolworths and ALDI, says retailers are recognising the importance of putting customer desires at the centre of their planning, including the physical buildings they develop.

“Our stores need to reflect the needs of the customer and adapt and, if required, change to meet their needs. Critical aspects of our supermarkets such as car parks, aisles, lighting and refrigeration need to be tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. A business that truly places these needs at its heart is the one that will have true success into the future.”

As well as the work already underway, Foodstuffs North Island is planning a major overhaul of New World Papatoetoe, in south Auckland, with a resource consent application already lodged with Auckland Council. Work is due to start by winter 2017.

Meanwhile, in the South Island, three new stores are currently being built: New World Ferry Road, in east Christchurch; PAK’nSAVE Queenstown; and Four Square West Melton, west of Christchurch.

Foodstuffs (South Island) Ltd General Manager Property and Retail Development Roger Davidson says all three are due to open in spring.

“At one end of the scale is PAK’nSAVE Queenstown,” he says, “which will cover about 5500 square metres and bring New Zealand’s lowest food prices to the Queenstown-Lakes District for the first time. At the other end is Four Square West Melton, which promises to give locals greater shopping convenience.”

Five other southern stores are being refurbished: New World Halswell in south Christchurch; New World Lincoln; New World Elles Road, in Invercargill; New World Alexandra; and PAK’nSAVE Timaru.

“Overall, it amounts to a massive work programme for us,” Davidson says, “and a sign of our long-term commitment to the communities we serve.”

Newly constructed stores and those undergoing major refurbishments will all be kitted out with the latest in environmentally sustainable lighting, refrigeration and waste recycling systems.

As for the number of jobs that will be created nationwide, a figure is yet to be confirmed. But with three stores being completely new builds – PAK’nSAVE Tauriko, PAK’nSAVE Queenstown; and Four Square West Melton, west of Christchurch – at least 300-400 jobs are likely to be created.

“Part of the investment in our communities is the training and career advancement opportunities we offer our staff,” says Davidson. “We’re currently directing our spending to bricks and mortar, but once the stores are completed our owners focus moves onto ensuring they have the best people on the ground to meet our customer needs – training and development forms a strong part of this.”


Tel: +64 9 621 0600
Fax:+64 9 621 0601


New Zealand: Foodstuffs supermarkets invests more than $200 million on new stores and store refurbishments nationwide
New Zealand: Foodstuffs supermarkets invests more than $200 million on new stores and store refurbishments nationwide


Source: Foodstuff