Wincor Nixdorf to provide IT managed service to UK fashion retailer SuperGroup’s stores in 7 European countries

Standard global processes lead to contract award

Paderborn, Germany, 2015-5-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — Wincor Nixdorf, a leading retail and banking IT solutions provider, has been selected by SuperGroup, the UK fashion retailer, to provide an IT managed service to support its existing stores in the UK and six other European countries, as well as supporting future expansion throughout Europe. Under the terms of this contract, Wincor Nixdorf will provide dedicated first level help desk support and hardware maintenance availability services for SuperGroup’s entire store IT infrastructure to improve uptime and enhance the customer experience.

SuperGroup awarded this contract to Wincor Nixdorf because of its true multi-lingual capability, its ability to provide a standard service delivery model internationally, and its solution model that demonstrates a real end-to-end capability whilst being commercially attractive. It also recognised Wincor Nixdorf’s world class team and its ability to provide scalable solutions so that it can support SuperGroup as its store network grows.

Keith Riley, IT Director at SuperGroup said, “When we started the RFP process, we wanted to find a supplier that could deliver a consistent service across multiple countries and Wincor Nixdorf clearly demonstrated its capability in this area. Thanks to its global processes, we are confident that Wincor Nixdorf will deliver a seamless experience in all the countries that we operate in which is crucial as we want our customers to have a consistent experience no matter where they are shopping. Aside from this, we were also impressed by Wincor Nixdorf’s proven track record in delivering high availability to its existing customers, its ability to scale its solution to meet our changing needs, and the expertise shown by the entire team throughout the RFP process.”

Neil Hooper, Business Systems Manager at SuperGroup said “Wincor Nixdorf has a proven track record of delivering great service to retailers across the globe. This was apparent during the RFP process and given our global expansion, we needed a supplier who was able to deal with the demanding needs from our retailers and the different cultures. I am confident we will forge a great partnership with Wincor Nixdorf.”

Paul Fisher, Managing Director, Services at Wincor Nixdorf added, “We are delighted that SuperGroup has selected us to provide Managed Services in seven countries. We have the processes, the team and the expertise to ensure high availability throughout Europe so that SuperGroup can leave the IT to us and focus on its customers. Thanks to our proven availability services, we will ensure high uptime of checkouts to provide maximum revenue opportunities for SuperGroup and, importantly, to ensure that customers get a seamless experience during the payment process.”

About SuperGroup (
SuperGroup is the owner of the Superdry brand and operates in the branded fashion sector. Superdry targets the young fashion market with affordable premium quality clothing and accessories for both men and women in the 15 to 25 age bracket, although the brand has become increasingly appealing to a much broader group as it develops its breadth of product ranges.

Since the first Superdry store opening in 2004, the business has grown rapidly and now operates 526 branded locations. There are 96 owned stores and 64 concessions in the UK. There are 50 owned stores, 126 franchised and 13 concessions in Europe. The remainder of the estate is made up of franchised and licensed stores in the rest of the world.

The Group also has a successful ecommerce business. In addition to, the Group operates 20 country specific Superdry websites.

The Group’s strategy is to further internationalise the business, with the focus of its future roll out of owned stores on mainland Europe.

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Wincor Nixdorf selected by Travelex to provide payment processing services for its ATMs for another seven years

Contract renewed thanks to Wincor Nixdorf’s excellent service and ability to ensure high availability

Paderborn, Germany, 2014-11-17— /EPR Retail News/ — Wincor Nixdorf, a leading retail and banking IT solutions provider, has been selected by Travelex to provide payment processing services for its ATMs for another seven years and will support Travelex as it undertakes a period of business growth. As Travelex’s strategic payment processing provider, Wincor Nixdorf will continue to provide payment processing for ATMs in the UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic and will support business expansion into Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Poland. In addition to these European countries, Travelex’s existing ATMs in Asia Pacific and North America will migrate onto Wincor Nixdorf’s global platform allowing it to simplify its business.

Travelex extended this contract based on Wincor Nixdorf’s excellent performance since the companies started working together in 2010. Over the past four years, Wincor Nixdorf has consistently provided an extremely reliable, capable and credible service which has ensured high ATM availability crucial to Travelex’s business.

Under the terms of this contract, Wincor Nixdorf and Travelex have also agreed to promote Direct Currency Conversion (DCC) services, a platform that allows ATM users to use the exchange rate offered by Travelex to have the transaction converted into their home currency at the time of cash withdrawal.

Dan Gilby, Head of ATMs at Travelex said, “As we grow our business, we need to work with partners that can support our ambitions and ensure continued success and are confident that Wincor Nixdorf was the right choice to help us develop and expand our ATM payment processing capabilities. Since we started working together in 2010, Wincor Nixdorf has continued to deliver on its promises and provides an excellent processing and switching service so I am delighted that we have managed to agree to a seven year contract extension that will support our business expansion and enable us to consolidate our global ATM networks”

Paul Fisher, Managing Director, Services at Wincor Nixdorf added, “I am delighted the Travelex has selected Wincor Nixdorf to support its business for the next seven years as its strategic payment processing provider. We are extremely proud of the service that we have provided since 2010 and we are pleased that this has been recognised with a contract extension. At Wincor Nixdorf, we are committed to continuous improvement, so we will use this opportunity to look at where we can enhance the service that we offer so that we can best support Travelex as its expands its business.”

About Travelex
Travelex is the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist with almost 1,500 stores and 1,250 ATMs across 28 countries, at key airport, seaport, rail and tourist locations. Over 40% of travellers – 1.7 billion passengers a year – pass through airports where Travelex operates including the major gateways at Amsterdam, Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Sydney & Tokyo. Every hour Travelex provides foreign currency to more than 2,000 customers.