Marine Stewardship Council launches global campaign on sustainable seafood

Marine Stewardship Council launches global campaign on sustainable seafood

LONDON, 8-Jun-2020 — /EPR Retail News/ — High levels of concern for our oceans are driving a new wave of consumer activism, research for the Marine Stewardship Council reveals, as consumers increasingly ‘vote with their forks’ to safeguard our oceans.

The largest survey of its kind involving more than 20,000 people across 23 countries, conducted by independent insights consultancy, GlobeScan, reveals that 6 in 10 seafood shoppers (58%) already made changes to the way they choose and buy seafood in the last year in order to protect fish in our oceans.

Consumer activism includes switching to brands or products that say they help protect the oceans or fish (23%), buying different seafood species (17%) and changing where they buy seafood (15%). Eight in 10 seafood consumers (83%) are prepared to take further action in the future to safeguard our oceans.

That action is being fuelled by the worry held by nearly 1 in 3 people globally (31%) that their favourite fish won’t be available to eat in 20 years’ time. A higher proportion of 18 to 24-year-olds (37%) fear their favourite fish will be off the menu by 2040 than the over 55s (27%). Young people and parents are also more likely to have taken action in the last year1 and be willing to take action in the future to protect fish and seafood2.

For plenty more fish to be left in the sea, two thirds (65%) of seafood lovers say buying fish and seafood from sustainable sources is vital, and two fifths (41%) say they notice ecolabelled products when shopping.

Oceans contain up to 80 percent of life on earth3, with seafood providing an important source of protein to more than 3 billion people across the world4. However, a third of fisheries around the world have been fished beyond sustainable limits, and a further 60% are fished to their maximum capacity5.

This World Oceans Day (8th June), the independent, not-for-profit Marine Stewardship Council is launching a new global campaign Little Blue Label, Big Blue Future. The aim is to encourage more consumers to switch to seafood certified to its rigorous ‘blue label’ standard.

Rupert Howes, Chief Executive at the Marine Stewardship Council said: “With overfishing, climate change and pollution putting increasing pressure on our oceans, the choices we make as consumers have never been more important. This survey shows people really do care where their seafood comes from and how it is sourced.

“At a time when the seafood industry is facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we can all play a part in supporting fishers committed to sustainable practises, helping to protect marine ecosystems and safeguarding our seafood supplies for future generations. Choose certified sustainable seafood by looking out for the blue MSC label.”

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Haggen partners with Swinomish Fish Company to bring fresh Baker Lake salmon to its seafood cases this spring

Baker Lake, Wash. and Bellingham, Wash., 2015-5-18 — /EPR Retail News/ — In Haggen’s continuing mission to provide the very best local products to its customers, the company has forged a new partnership with Swinomish Fish Company to bring fresh Baker Lake salmon to its seafood cases this spring.

Northwest salmon season is upon us, and the fresh king and sockeye salmon that is sought-after globally is right in Haggen’s backyard. Haggen’s seafood buyer, Amber Thunder Eagle, has spent the winter meeting local fish companies and making arrangements for the world’s best fish to be delivered fresh from the sea to Haggen’s seafood cases.

“Haggen is proud to add this remarkable salmon to our selection of fresh Northwest seafood,” said Thunder Eagle. “I know the care and effort that goes into catching Baker Lake Salmon in a sustainable, responsible way, and the quality really shines through in the flavor.”

The Baker Lake salmon run is predicted to be abundant in 2015, with return levels approaching 35,000 fish. These native salmon follow their instincts through the Salish Sea, push up the Skagit River and return to Baker Lake near Concrete, Washington. As recently as 1985 the run faced near-extinction, with only 99 fish returning to the lake. But thanks to local conservation efforts, including education and habitat restoration, the health of the run has been restored. In 2012, a record-high return was recorded with more than 48,000 fish returning to spawn. Each year, the fish are helped around a dam to provide them access to their ancestral spawning grounds.

“We’re grateful for the restoration of the Baker Lake run, and that we found a proactive partner like Haggen who thinks along the same lines we do – to bring the region’s best salmon to the people of the Northwest in a responsible manner,” said Everette Anderson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Swinomish Fish Company. “The community who made this possible are steadfast in the preservation of this run, which will benefit the people of Washington for generations.”

Baker Lake Salmon from the fishers of the Swinomish Fish Company will be available at Haggen beginning mid-May while supplies last. Quantities are subject to fishing and weather conditions. For recipes and further information, visit

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Founded in 1933 in Bellingham, Washington, Haggen has built its business on providing guests the freshest and most local products with genuine service, while supporting the communities it serves. The company currently operates stores in Washington, Oregon and California, and is in the process of acquiring 146 stores and establishing a second headquarters in Irvine, California. With this acquisition, Haggen will expand from 18 stores with 16 pharmacies to 164 stores with 106 pharmacies; from 2,000 employees to more than 10,000 employees; and from a Pacific Northwest company with locations in Oregon and Washington to a major regional grocery chain with locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona. Throughout its eight decades in business, the company has supported regional farms, ranches, fisheries and other businesses, creating a lasting and sustainable local food economy. The company remains focused on building local, sustainable food economies as it expands. For more information about what’s happening at Haggen, visit, and get social with Haggen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Swinomish Fish Company
Swinomish Fish Company Inc. is a tribally-owned seafood wholesaler, retailer and custom processing plant based in La Conner, Washington. With 10,000 years of knowledge of our ancestral waters behind us, our dedication and sense of responsibility towards managing and protecting the bounty of the Salish Sea and water resources beyond it is just as vital to our heritage today as it was so many years ago. We strive to provide the highest quality Native American brand seafood products available. Our brand NativeCatch is all-natural, wild, and sustainably harvested. We work cooperatively with Native Fisherman throughout the Salish Sea and from Alaska to California, sourcing quality seafood for distribution around the world. For more information about the Swinomish Fish Company and NativeCatch, visit

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Haggen partners with Swinomish Fish Company to bring fresh Baker Lake salmon to its seafood cases this spring

Haggen partners with Swinomish Fish Company to bring fresh Baker Lake salmon to its seafood cases this spring