Sainsbury’s expects bumper sales of cold weather essentials as customers prepare for low temperatures, wind and snow

Sainsbury’s expects bumper sales of cold weather essentials as customers prepare for low temperatures, wind and snow


London, 2017-Jan-14 — /EPR Retail News/ — Sainsbury’s is expecting bumper sales of cold weather essentials over the next few days, as customers prepare for the forecasted low temperatures, wind and snow.

This week, Sainsbury’s is set to sell 7,000 snow shovels. The supermarket hasn’t sold more than 500 shovels a week since 2012 – but after a mild winter, many of us are now preparing for unexpected snow.

The supermarket is also expecting to sell 85,000 cans of de-icer and 12,000 windscreen ice scrapers to customers keen to stay safe on the roads.

As temperatures plummet, many will be warding off the cold by stocking up on extra-warm bedding. Sainsbury’s predicts it will sell 2,000 more 13.5 and 15 tog duvets this week than last.

The supermarket is also expecting a 50 per cent increase in jumper sales this week and a 35 per cent increase in cardigan sales.

Hearty and warming food will be on the menu for many of us this week. Sainsbury’s anticipates chilled soup sales to rise by 20 per cent, with hot pies rising by 10 per cent and ready meals by 5-10 per cent.

From snow shovels to soups, Sainsbury’s is committed to providing its customers with everything they need for the cold weather under one roof.

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Splash and Relax Additional Stock Sledge Sales

The past couple of winters in the United Kingdom have been much colder than those of the past decade, thus bringing us a great deal more snow over the whole of the country. Now you either love or hate snow, as it can be a pain trying to travel anywhere when it snows with the whole country grinding to a halt, but people young and old just love sledging!

Indeed it has become very popular over the past two winters with many young children having grown up virtually never having seen snow other than on television.

This has meant that there has been resurgence in sledge sales, but due to previous mild winters, demand has outstripped supply with many people being unable to get hold of sledges when it snows. Often people cannot get to the shops even if they have them in stock due to the snow, or the manufacturers cannot deliver the sledges to retailers due to the snow. So the moral of the story is if you want to buy a sledge then think about doing it now before it snows!

Due to this last year Splash and Relax made sure to have an extra amount of plastic sledges in stock and have continued this year with additional stock ready for a white Christmas.

If you wait until the middle of winter or until it snows then the chances are a £5 sledge will cost you £25-30 on the high street, and that is if you can get hold of one. You could take a risk and buy one via eBay when it snows, but the chances are by the time it arrives the snow will have gone! As often these eBay sellers will either not have stock in and take your money, or deliver it late blaming the snow – either way you miss out on the fun of sledging until the next year.

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Continuing Icy Conditions See Internet Sales Soar at

The Bleak weather outlook at the Christmas rush sees many stay indoors to do their Christmas shopping, with record sales recorded at

Two weeks of bitter cold, snow and ice has kept many Christmas shoppers indoors, however the current thaw has seen shoppers head out in their droves to make up for lost time with shopping centres and high streets inundated. However with a further cold front fast approaching, and more subzero temperatures expected later this week, anyone looking to leave Christmas shopping until the weekend could well be in for a miserable time. With a few days still left to post in time for Christmas, the sales rush is being felt at, the nation’s favourite online supplier of outdoor clothing and footwear.

Whilst many head out and brave the queues and cold weather, online stores such as have enjoyed record visitors and sales, as many shoppers choose to ease the burden this year by ordering their presents and warm winter clothing online. The website has long been a popular choice in the run up to Christmas, with the full range of outdoor footwear and equipment the natural place to shop for lovers of the great outdoors. However more and more shoppers are taking advantage of the convenience of internet shopping with the conditions outdoors being an extra incentive to buy many presents online this year.

With temperatures plummeting as low as -10ºC over the past days, and much of the east of the country looking to have more of the same later this week, has seen an extraordinary rise in sales of warm winter apparel. Brands well known for their protection from extreme temperatures such as Berghaus and Icebreaker merino clothing have been the most popular choice during the recent cold snap, providing thin and warm layers, with exceptional weather protection. “Icebreaker underwear and performance outerwear is selling particularly well” claims MD Richard Gundle, when asked about customer trends at the online store.

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