Forza Announces Plan To Optimise Websites For The Tablet Market

Forza, a health supplements and weight loss brand in the UK, has revealed its plan to revolutionise the diet market and initiate the globalisation of its brand by entering into the growing tablet market. This will involve having websites designed specifically for tablet computers, such as Apple’s iPad.

So called ‘T-Commerce’ (tablet), while not yet a mass market, is gaining interest and, as more and more people start to purchase tablets, the number of consumers trying to shop using both apps and m-websites (mobile) is set to grow. By entering into the tablet market, people will be able to purchase slimming tablets and other Forza products from their tablet computers.

A study by Ai found that most top retail brands in the US don’t have anything approaching a tablet optimised website. Forza research has clearly indicated that the iPad2 will likely be the hottest item on everyone’s Christmas list, with millions of units expected to sell.

Barny Shergold, IT Director with the Forza Group, said: “My team will begin the optimisation process in November and realistically I expect our websites to be ready for tablet functionality by Christmas. Whether your tablet of choice is the Blackberry Play, iPad 2, Motorola XOOM or any of the other popular tablets our plan is to roll out a smooth interface that makes the customer experience uniquely simple and trouble free.”

Forza currently has its IT department working on a large array of developments which it hopes will springboard it ahead of competition on a European scale.

The website is visited by thousands of people weekly who battle the UK’s ever-growing weight loss and obesity issues. With the new tablet-optimised websites, it will be easier for people to purchase Foza products such as acai berry tablets. Making the purchasing experience easier and more enjoyable is the company’s way of trying to educate its customers on weight loss. Through its tablet-accessible websites, Forza wants to send the message that needing to lose weight is not something to be ashamed of but something people should be proud to do.

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Forza Announces Plans For Its First International Website

Forza, a health supplements and weight loss brand in the UK, has announced the upcoming launch of its first international website. The German-language website is part of an expansion strategy that will see the weight loss brand open dedicated websites in its key markets.Forza, which sells slimming tablets and other weight loss products, expects to eventually follow this endeavor with the launch of French, Spanish, U.S. and Australian websites in the future.

Matt Morgan, managing director of Forza, said: “We are overwhelmed with the brand loyalty that our customers have for our unique and diverse products. The local language sites will reach out to a wider audience and enhance the brand experience for customers in this market.”

Other companies such as ASOS have seen similar successes over the last two years and increased sales by 142 per cent in the U.S. market alone. With M&S, Karen Millen and Wiggle all undertaking similar plans as the UK market struggles to recover, companies are looking to broaden their horizons and satisfy the shareholders.

Forza shares the opinion with other companies that an entrepreneurial direction is the only way to further business growth. As the UK Prime Minister David Cameron said: “We need to see a country where new businesses are starting up on every street, in every town; where entrepreneurs are everywhere. We put out a call to business to rise up and help us drive the recovery and StartUp Britain is part of the answer to that call. That’s what’s really exciting about this. The people best placed to help business are the people who do business.”

It is with this entrepreneurial attitude that Forza plans to expand beyond the UK market and establish a more global presence. As people across the world become more concerned with health and weight management, Forza believes that its range of products, which includes acai berry tablets, can serve a global market in the same way that it has the UK market.

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Forza Launch Limited Edition Super Strength T5 Black Fat Burner

Forza has launched its strongest ever fat burning diet pill; the Super Strength T5 Black.

T5 Black is only suitable for Forza customers who have successfully used T5 Super Strength in the past and is limited to just 2000 pots which the company expects to sell out quickly.

The T5 fat burners are a road test for a whole new range of Forza products that aim to increase muscle tone and density whilst stripping fat. This means that users may put on a little muscle as they burn fat, resulting in a better overall appearance.

The product was sampled and received glowing reviews from those that tested it. It was found that after taking two of the slimming tablets with a glass of water, the desire to exercise was without doubt massively increased. It appears Forza has found something truly unique.

Matt Morgan CEO, Forza Group Ltd, said “This is the strongest fat burning diet pill that Forza has ever created. With only 2000 pots created customers are encouraged to order now to avoid disappointment but due to its strength, this product is only suitable to those who have successfully used Forza T5 Super Strength before.”

As well as fat burners, Forza offers a number of different supplements to assist users in leading a healthy lifestyle, such as; products to help with gaining muscle and helping the muscles recover after workouts; items to restore mental alertness and energy, and a number of products to help users maintain a general sense of wellbeing, such as vitamins and detox and sleeping aids.

Super Strength T5 Black fat burners are available now from

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