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Access Discounts The Residential And Commercial Lighting Provider

Access Discounts – a leading supplier of grow lights, residential lighting and commercial lighting, today announced featured discounts on economical and environmentally savvy grow lights, outdoor lighting, indoor lights including kitchen lights, bathroom lights, ceiling lights as well as many other lighting solutions consumers can use to add value while simultaneously reducing utility expenses.

Residential and commercial customers alike can benefit from the significant savings available through Access Discounts. As summertime temperatures heat up and energy costs increase, using energy saving lights can help reduce usage and costs, as well as provide an economical solution to renovations or home improvement projects.

As the housing market continues to lag, home owners are tasked more than ever with adding as much value for as little cost. In a buyers market as seen today, new lighting is one of the simplest and least expensive improvements that can be made to add curb appeal and promote a warm and welcoming interior.

Partnered with the buying power and strong relationships that Access Discounts has built with its suppliers, the company is able to obtain significant savings which are passed on to customers. Manufactured in the USA, all residential, commercial and grow lights provided by are precision engineered to meet ETL, UL & CUL standards.

“We have seen an increased level of interest in residential lighting over the past year, as many customers are looking for inexpensive ways to add value to their homes,” stated Christina Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts. “In the competitive housing market of today, sellers have to not only create ambiance and character, but they need to do so in a way that will help the new owners to see value in future savings,” Roush concluded.

Items like ambient lighting, low maintenance gardens and energy efficient fountains are more appealing to people than a large pool or other recreational additions that will only incur more expense down the road. By adding simple and affordable lighting and decorative elements inside and out can carry a lot of weight. For more information on residential lights, commercial lighting or grow lights that can add value, please visit

About Access Discounts provides a wide selection of grow lights, residential lighting and commercial lighting of the highest quality. Leveraging the close relationships developed with top lighting manufacturers, Access Discounts is able to provide the very best in lighting solutions at affordable prices. As a leading supplier of lighting fixtures for horticultural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, Access Discounts strives to bring quality lighting to customers nationwide. Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Milpitas, CA offers lights, lighting fixtures and accessories for residential, commercial and horticulture lighting needs. For more information, please visit

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