Ernest Jones Announces Support For Memory4Teachers

Ernest Jones, the UK’s leading high street diamond and watch retailer, has announced that it is going to support the Memory4Teachers initiative which has been set up to supply teachers with free memory sticks to use for storage and that contain essential programmes and tools for teachers. Ernest Jones is supporting the programme through direct funding and an affiliate programme.

Umesh Bhudia, Online Media Manager at Signet, Ernest Jones’ parent company, said: “We are delighted to support this exciting initiative from Memory4Teachers. We believe that it is important for a nationwide jewellery retailer to take responsibility for the communities we are in and give back when we can. We will be developing more community initiatives like this in the future.”

The Memory4Teachers initiative has been developed in association with Local Education Authorities and Teachers’ Unions. The programme is designed to support teachers in their day-to-day operations with a range of software including a diary, timetable, lesson plans, calculator and access to numerous educational worksheets to support all areas of the national curriculum.

The scheme is also supported by recognised educational partners such as the Royal Society of Chemistry who provide some of the educational content on the memory sticks for teachers to use and also provide easy access to their own websites through the sticks.

Security is vital with any data tool used to carry information and each of the Memory4Teachers memory sticks is password protected and encrypted. This means that teachers can be assured that the information carried on the memory sticks remains confidential.

To get a memory stick, teachers simply have to register on the Memory4Teachers website and a key will be sent to them in January 2010.

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2009 has been a massive year for high definition (HD), with the introduction of freesat-HD and affordable Full HD 1080p panels. 2010 is expected to be even bigger that is why Sound and Vision the home cinema specialists are having their biggest Winter Clearance Sale, to make way for the new releases due in spring.

2009 saw the introduction of televisions with built in freesat-HD f r o m the major manufacturers including Sony, Panasonic and LG.Freesat HD works in a similar way to Freeview as there is no monthly subscription fee or contract, simply plug and play. The main difference is it uses a satellite dish to receive free to view high definition channels like BBC HD and ITV HD. In the Sound and Vision winter clearance sale you can pick up one of these revolutionary LCD or plasma televisions at almost half the high street price. Watching programmes in full high definition opens up a new world of television viewing with intensified detail, improved colour and sharper lines. In the Sound and Vision January Sale pick up one of these latest models f r o m big name manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba and LG at heavily discounted prices.

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Make remarkable savings online and browse pages and pages of products that have been heavily discounted. In the Sound and Vision January clearance sale you may also find further bargains on mail order returned items. The mail order returns are products that are in full working order, but as they have been taken out of the box for one reason or another they cannot be sold as new, giving the customers a further discount on the latest models.

Updating your home cinema system is more affordable than ever, with the VAT increase looming now couldn’t be a better time to order a new home cinema systems, TV of speaker system in the Sound and Vision January Sale 2010.

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Displaysense Reports Public Sector Busting Budgets Before 2010

Displaysense has reported that many public sector bodies are rushing to meet their budgets before the end of 2009 in an effort to maximise budget allowances in 2010.

2009 has proven to be a troubling and uncertain year for the majority of companies and public sector bodies in the UK, resulting in procurement managers, store owners and accountants departments tightening their belts and keeping a watchful eye over the budgets.

Displaysense, the UK’s leading supplier of display products such as display cases andleaflet holders has recognised a growing trend of public sector organisations that are purchasing and stocking up on duplicates of products as the year comes to a close in order to meet budget and prevent a smaller budget in 2010.

In certain examples found by Displaysense, a growing number of customers were even purchasing shelving units to store their duplicate products. This over spending might seem to some as a poor use of tax payers money and certainly, with scandals such as MPs expenses still in people’s minds as well as the impending increases in VAT, not the best timing. However, spending under budget can result in a cut of annual allocation for the following year which, depending on the public body, can have a greater impact on the tax payer as public bodies are expected to do more for less.

For example, hospitals and schools will purchase many poster holders and pamphlet displays from the likes of Displaysense in order to offer advice and information on a range of topics, from helping the elderly avoid winter bugs to assisting parents in keeping up with changes at their children’s school. Local councils can help educate their community on the money saving options available to them in the local area, which is especially useful for those on an unpredictable income. This type of advice and guidance is hard to put a price on, but those that have already benefited from it will no doubt say it is priceless.

Steve Whittle, the marketing manager at Displaysense, commented: “During turbulent financial times such as these, it is not surprising that a number of public sector bodies have been cautious with their spending towards the start of the year. Holding off spending can be beneficial to a council as they have better buying power with multiple purchases as we are able to offer greater discounts. The result for us is an increase in sales on the likes of our business card holders and exhibition stands which we would not usually see at this time of year.”

With the year drawing to a close and local councils and public sector bodies having topped up on their supplies for the year ahead, it looks like companies such as Displaysense might have to wait until Christmas next year for another surge in spend. Christmas might come early in April however, as the end of the financial year will draw in other budget busting customers looking to capitalise on their left over funds.

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