IGO-POST Ltd Announces The Publication Of Its Latest Catalogue

IGO-POST has announced the publication of its latest catalogue coinciding with the 65th anniversary of the company and featuring 1000 promotional items.

IGO-POST is a market leader in the promotional merchandise and business gifts markets, trading in over 10 countries across Europe. Established in 1945 in the Netherlands, IGO-POST has grown from selling stationery from the back of a van to an international organisation of more than 500 employees.

Releasing two catalogues per year, in the Spring and the Autumn, the ‘2010/2011 collection’ is the latest addition to the company’s collection. As a celebration of this success, the company is mailing the catalogue to more businesses than ever before, in tandem with other new and customer focused marketing initiatives.

“This is a huge year for our organisation – a celebration of 65 years trading to coincide with the launch of our best catalogue yet,” said Sam Davies, General Manager of IGO-POST. “We are featuring over 100 new items to sit alongside old favourites, innovative gift ideas and a brand new selection of promotional Christmas Hampers.”

In terms of product scope the loyal IGO-POST customers will find their favorites are still there – also all the standard items within the industry are also present including promotional pens and branded umbrellas. The new catalogue also features a wide range of innovative and thought provoking ideas to make promotional marketing campaigns more unique. The catalogue is divided into ten product groups, which should enable customers to find what they are looking for easily and help them to effectively plan their promotional campaign without spending too long searching for the right product.

The latest collection also see IGO-POST team up with a number of leading brands, including Jamie Oliver, Mag-Lite torches, Cross, Papermate, Parker and Waterman pens, 3M Post-it notes, Samsonite, Senz umbrellas and Victorinox.

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Escapade Reveals Villains Outselling Heroes

Escapade has revealed that its villain fancy dress costumes outsell their heroic counterparts almost completely across the board.

Escapade Fancy Dress was carrying out its yearly audit when it discovered that its villain costumes were outselling its hero fancy dress outfits. The real shock came with the discovery of The Queen of Hearts costume from the film Alice in Wonderland being purchased 50% more often than the Alice costumes were.

This rule is also true for Batman who is out sold by his arch nemesis the Joker by 10%, Even the pinnacle of evil, the Devil, outsells Jesus by almost 30%.

Nicholas Williams, Marketing Manager at Escapade, believes that the reason that villains outsell heroes may be down to breaking the rules. He said: “People are drawn to the glamour behind villains. While the hero lives by the rules the villain is allowed unreserved free expression.”

The one hero and villain duo that the rule doesn’t seem to apply to is He-Man and his arch rival Skeletor, with He-Man costumes selling almost 60% more than those of his nemesis.

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Debenhams Announces Chandelier Sales Soaring Despite Recession

High street store Debenhams have revealed that home owners, eager to lift the gloom of the recession, have created the most unlikely shopping boom of all time – highly ornate chandeliers.

Once the preserve of the rich and well-to-do, demand for the big, ever more elaborate, multi-bulb light fittings has been soaring ever since the first financial tremor hit the stock markets two years ago.

Sales have increased with every successive bit of bad news, to reach an all time high this week, says Debenhams. Customer demand for this type of home lighting has led the store to significantly expand its offer and make the full range available to buy online at Debenhams.com.

Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson said: “While economists are searching desperately for light at the end of the tunnel, home owners are opting for more certainty by putting huge lights into the ceiling over their heads.

“Dark days may lie ahead for the economy, but in front rooms all over the nation, things have never looked brighter.”

Elaborate creations in gold and silver with dozens of reflective crystals and up to 12 bulbs are now common place in even the most modest terrace house, Debenhams revealed.

The most popular designs are miniature sized versions of some of the greatest chandeliers found in stately homes across the country, as not everyone may have the space to accommodate one of the larger models.

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