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New Dingoo Portable Going Head to Head For Handheld Sales this Holiday Season

The Dingoo is on track, sounds like some Australian outback creature forgotten, however it’s far from that. According to new DMCA rulings “jailbreaking” of your portable media devices is now legal. But what happens when a device is so “open-source” friendly that it has the potential to take a sales bite out of big portable gaming manufacturers’ products like Nintendo & Sony.

Das Cheap! of Walnut, CA.- CEO David Scarpitta says: ” The Dingoo does what you want it to do! Just like earlier technologies including the VCR, your PC and of course now some of your Smart Phones. I think we are in an age now that companies that don’t look beyond the big picture are hurting themselves by trying to control devices that they sell their users. Ultimately people will find a way around it and if they are worried about profits then they should rethink their strategy about being more transparent. “

The Dingoo happens to be one of the latest “portable pocket multimedia players” that can do just about anything except cook you breakfast in the morning. The Dingoo ( Pronounced Ding ~ Goo ) has the power of a Nintendo DS© but with the ability to do so much more. The product mainly found in China & Japan has been officially made available by Das Cheap for sale here in the North America and reports that it’s a hit amongst the classic gaming and tech junkie crowd.

” We were at first worried about the reaction of the unit, but it’s been a great little product thus far. It has a fast growing strong community behind it that is making magic happen, that I don’t see going anywhere. ” – David Scarpitta

Given the immense interest and usability in the unit, it seems that Sony & Nintendo might be losing a bit of the pie based on the price point that the unit MSRP’s is currently at of $119.99. The unit is currently unavailable at retail and is available in both black and white and comes with an official warranty from Das Cheap.

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