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New National Survey Shows £1000+ is Spent on Sending Each Child Back to School

A new national survey has been conducted throughout the UK highlighting an increase in pressure for parents to buy named brands for children, with many spending up to £1000 on each child. Items contributing to these spiralling costs include school trips, clothing and accessories.

The survey was conducted for, a money saving website. The survey was completed by over 600 parents from the UK and involved questions surrounding their outgoings running up to the beginning of the new school year.

Nearly half of those that completed the national survey for parents admitted that they were under pressure to purchase items that were of a popular brand name such as accessories and shoes. 1 in 10 of those who responded shared that they did have concerns about bullying if their child did not have items that were branded. 1 in 4 shared they had bought branded items so their child was not the same as others.

The survey revealed some facts such as women were twice as likely as men to by items that were of a brand name for their child as they had concerns relating to teasing if they didn’t. 10% of those who responded revealed their school would not allow children to have branded items.

Mr. Terry is a representative at, and stated, “The money spent by parents mounts up at an alarming rate, which is frightening during this time when money is tight for them. The high importance of having branded items is a continuing concern. More worrying is the concern that children will be teased if they do not have the correct brands.”

The survey found 95% of parents had spent up to £500 on new school clothing and extras such as equipment, with 81% saying up to £500 was spent on extra activities such as music lessons and extra school trips. 1 in 10 of those who completed the national survey said these extras cost them up to £1000, with 3% stating they had spent over £1000.

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