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Many Home owners in UK end up in buying wrong shower enclosure for their bathroom. There are some common problems that home owners usually make at the time of purchasing a shower enclosure; the leading bathroom supplier in UK has put together solution on how to deal with those problems.

Avoiding these common mistakes can help home owners having a fabulous shower enclosure in their bathroom that will last for years. Here are Top Ten Tips for buying a shower enclosure.

1. Glass Thickness – You need to ensure the thickness of glass. A shower enclosure must have 4mm or above toughened glass.

2. Smooth Running Wheels – Doors of shower quadrant and enclosure come in use on a regular basis. You must ensure a shower enclosure have smooth gliding doors, so that’s easy to open and close.

3. Offset Shower Enclosure – If you are selecting offset shower enclosure, it’s very important to select the proper orientation of shower tray, according to your bathroom. Offset shower trays comes in left or right handed option. Depending on installation of your enclosure you need to select right or left hand offset shower tray. Many home owners end up buying wrong orientation trays, and then they have to rush to their supplier.

4. Right Size – Selecting the right size shower enclosure is extremely important. A shower enclosure must be spacious and comfortable. Before buying an enclosure, you need to sit and stand in it and make sure none of your body part touches the glass. If you are having a large bathroom, going for a walk in shower enclosure or walk in panel would be an ideal choice. And for smaller bathrooms, selecting a quadrant or pivot recessed shower doors can be an ideal choice. But at the time of selection you must ensure that the cubicle is not too compact and uncomfortable. If you have a large body person in your family, a 900mm quadrant or cubicle would be an ideal choice and spacious, while as 800mm and 760mm would be too small and uncomfortable.

5. Guarantee – Ensure that the shower enclosure is guaranteed on its finish and parts. There are many home owners who have ended up buying cheap imports, that does not carry any guarantee and it’s very difficult for them to get its parts replaced.

6. Design – Selecting the right design can create an impact in your bathroom. A well designed shower enclosure creates stunning bathroom space and offers the ultimate blend of sophisticated design and timeless functionality. A well designed shower enclosure will look new for years and gives a fresh look.

7. Knowledge – Going through magazines can help you select the right design that’s in trend. Alternative you can even visit bathroom design websites where you can come across many images of well decorated bathrooms.

8. Don’t Like – if you don’t like it don’t buy it. Many Home owners compromise on design, quality and functionality just for price. But our advice is don’t compromise, there are variety of shower enclosure available in market from reputed brand that are offered at low price. You just need to keep your eyes open and check for special offers.

9. Brand – Brand awareness is very important. Many home-owners have already repented buying cheap imports from China. Buying from a local brand is always recommended. As after sales service is always good and enclosures last long and are well designed. Even getting parts replacement is easier with local brand and with imports it’s next to impossible.

10. Visit to a Showroom – Visiting a nearby bathroom showroom can actually help you to look and feel the enclosure itself. Don’t be ashamed; get in and out of an enclosure. Try opening the shower doors and closing it to double check the gliding’s and roller quality.

“By following to this simple tips and guidelines home owners can buy the right shower enclosure without making common errors. At QS Supplies on-line shop you’ll find the largest range of branded shower enclosures, a symphony of ideas and trained sales person to help you select the right enclosure for your bathroom” said a spokesperson at QS Supplies.

QS Supplies ( are an on-line retailer of Bathroom shower enclosures and cubicles. In Addition QS Supplies also stocks and sell bathroom furniture, bathroom suites, towel warmers and bathroom vanities. Offering a portfolio of more than 12000 products, QS Supplies has a design and specification to suit every bathroom and application from the most traditional to contemporary.

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