Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer Offers Men’s Wedding Bands in Modern Alternative Metals, a premier online retailer of mens jewelry, titanium rings, and tungsten rings, is proud to offer a wide variety of modern alternative metals that allow men to get the wedding band they need for their big day at an affordable price. As the price of gold continues to dramatically rise, offers over 100 different rings of tungsten, titanium, palladium and other modern metals to help customers get the type of ring they love without breaking the bank.

“It used to be that tradition dictated that men get gold wedding bands,” says Ron Yates, founder of “While this was all well and good 15 to 20 years ago, buying a wedding band made of 14K gold isn’t as affordable as it once was. With gold hovering at around $1850 per ounce, at some point practicality needs to trounce the idea of tradition. Sure, your dad and your dad’s dad may have gotten a gold wedding ring, but that was back when the price of gold was a fraction of the price as it is currently. The typical basic 14K gold wedding band is running in the $750 – $950 price range now. So it’s now wonder that many of today’s grooms to be are choosing a contemporary metals wedding band. Plus many of these contemporary metals wedding bands have benefits that are not seen in a gold wedding band. For one, a tungsten wedding band will always keep its new shine as it is almost scratch resistant.” offers men’s wedding bands in a variety of affordable contemporary metals. These metals don’t just give the rings a modern, industrial look, but also harkens back to classic designs that are still so popular in wedding bands. Plus, you can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars on these rings, which is money a newlywed couple could use for the perfect honeymoon, or to help with a nice down payment on a home. offers one of the best selections of contemporary metal jewelry on the Internet. These include titanium, platinum and tungsten jewelry which can feature grooves, engravings, inlaid gems and even metal rope. No matter the occasion, offers alternative metal jewelry that can cost hundreds of dollars less than their gold counterparts. In addition to the affordability, these metals also feature durability and scratch resistance that has made them a mainstay on the wedding and engagement ring market. offers sophisticated designs from ArtCarved, Benchmark, COGE, Diana Classic, Edward Mirell, Formotion Watches, Heavy Stone Rings, J.R. Yates, Triton and the Belloria Black Diamond collection for her. Enticing grooms and couples worldwide, the online retailer provides a multitude of styles and metals representing the best selection of palladium rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, and men’s wedding bands for the fashion forward male and female.

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