Consumers Tell Body Odour is Top Romantic Turnoff, the money saving website which helps Brits save at all the top stores, this week announces the results of a new survey into people’s personal hygiene opinions. The site’s poll showed that UK consumers rate bad body odour as the worst romantic turnoff.

The survey gathered the views of UK consumers and showed that 47% rate bad B.O. as the biggest physical irritant in romantic terms, while a further 41% think that bad breath is the biggest turnoff. spokesperson Claire Hayes says: “We regularly poll our site users on a range of different issues, and this week we asked their views on personal hygiene. People looking to establish a new romantic relationship clearly need to keep an eye on their body odour and bad breath if they want to meet that special someone!”

The order of the personal hygiene irritants revealed by the poll was: 1. Body odour. 2. Bad breath. 3. Nasal hair. 4. Dirty hair. 5. Stained clothes. 6. Monobrows. 7. Visible underwear. 8. Trying too hard. 9. Bitten nails. 10. Dirty ears.

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BT Shop Announces Great Savings On Popular Home Phone Handsets

Telecommunications retailer BT Shop has introduced price cuts on a range of its most popular home phones, allowing customers to benefit from high quality handsets.

Handsets from a number of BT Shop’s bestselling ranges are currently available at discounted prices, including the Hudson 1100, Hudson 1500, Inspire 1500 and Synergy 6500. Single, trio, triple and quad versions are on sale until 13th October.

“We are pleased to announce that customers can now purchase some of our most popular handsets at a discounted price, with the biggest saving to be made on the Synergy 6500 Quad. This handset usually retails at 129.99 but we have introduced a £20 saving,” said BT Shop Executive Caroline Hodgson.

She continued: “All of our handsets feature sleek designs that we are certain our customers will admire, as well as employing easy-to-use interfaces. Our phones can be bought for the home or workplace, but we advise customers to make their purchases as soon as possible due to expected high-demand.”

Each of the handsets on offer are cordless, enabling them to be used in different rooms. Those who purchase the multiple-handset cordless phone bundles will also be able to position them in various locations about the house. Both the BT Inspire 1500 and the BT Hudson 1500 can make internal calls, which can be especially useful if the user has a large house.

An answering machine comes as standard with some of the handsets, allowing callers to leave messages if the recipient is unable to reach the phone in time to take their call.

There are several optional add-ons that customers will be able to purchase at the same time, including a BT 4-Tone loud Indoor Telephone Ringer to increase ringer volume, or a BT Approved Zoom ADSL Filter.

You can buy any of these discounted BT telephones online from BT Shop now.

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