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Mobile developers programmed apps for Wincor Nixdorf’s payment tablet Albert at Wincor Nixdorf Hackathon in Berlin as part of Apps World Germany

Tested and approved: mobile developers from all over the world convened in Berlin’s CityCube last week at Hackfest. They were there to program apps for Albert – Wincor Nixdorf’s multifunctional, interactive payment tablet – with the help of Wincor Nixdorf’s Aevi developer portal. The apps that were developed as part of the two-day programming competition demonstrate how innovation-friendly and yet entrepreneurial the programming community is. The developers were also treated to a special guest: Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak paid a visit to the event, inspected Wincor Nixdorf’s Albert and passed on a few tips.

Paderborn, Germany, 2015-4-28 — /EPR Retail News/ — The hackathon took place as part of Apps World Germany. Developers had two days to develop an app or an app prototype using Wincor Nixdorf’s Aevi software development kit (SDK). At the end of the 48 hours, the developers presented a variety of innovative apps for Albert, from which the jury selected the following three:

First place was awarded to an app called PayVaccin – a POS software for the medical industry with which nursing-care services can be billed.

In second place, the ReMerchant app provides loyalty and payment functions, enables the identification of customers in shops, and allows merchants to track their shopping behavior there.

Third place went to Donator (update your karma) – an app that brings together charitable organizations and retailers to make collecting donations easier.

“As the leading event for developers, Apps World Germany provided the perfect platform for enhancing Albert’s “personality” with new apps from creative developers”, said Mark Birkner, General Manager of Cashless Payment Solutions at Wincor Nixdorf.

“I am impressed with the excellent ideas and apps that offer great benefits for the retail business,” said Mike Camerling, Product Director for Albert at Wincor Nixdorf. “At the same time, our developer portal proved itself in its first live test, and developers are now aware of the possibilities we offer them with the platform.”

Richard Kastelein, Founder of Hackfest: „I think Albert is amazing and I am really pleased that we had such a great hardware and software product at our Hackfest 2015 in Berlin.“


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