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Colruyt Group’s Spar opened first new generation supermarket in Kessel, Belgium

Halle, Belgium, 2015-11-30 — /EPR Retail News/ — On Thursday, October 29, the first new generation of Colruyt Group’s Spar supermarkets opened in Kessel. Spar wants to combine the joy of grocery shopping with the authenticity of a local supermarket. To this end, the Kessel store was completely renovated. Retail Partners Colruyt Group developed the new generation in consultation with the independent Spar entrepreneurs. After a thorough evaluation which will ask for help from employees and customers, the concept will be refined further.

Developed together with entrepreneurs

Retail Partners Colruyt group developed this new store concept in consultation with the independent entrepreneurs.”A year and a half ago, we put together a reflection team consisting of entrepreneurs and people from different departments: sales, marketing, purchasing, etc. This team set up a model store, aimed at the needs and tastes of the Spar customer in 2020”, says project leader Yves Dauwe. “This store’s concept is based on five pillars: duplicability, uniformity, modularity, involvement, and originality. First and foremost, this concept can be applied to all stores, not just in terms of size, but also realisation and cost. Certain elements will be present everywhere, ensuring the Spar stores are recognisable to the customer. In addition, each entrepreneur can adapt their supermarket to their speciality. We also involve everyone in this tale: all the internal employees, the entrepreneurs, their personnel, and the customers. Finally, each store strives to be original. We will further refine this concept on the basis of feedback.”

Market-like feeling and an emphasis on freshness

The fresh food aisles are the most important feature of the new generation of Spar stores and they create a market-like feeling. Due to the practical design consisting of high and low shelves, customers have a good view of the bakery, butcher and cheese sections. It also allows customers to always ask store employees for help. There are also several fruit and vegetable stations. Wine and beer are presented in such a way as to draw extra attention. Moreover, there is an event zone where Spar focuses on different themes: Sinterklaas, barbecue, Easter, etc. Customers can find inspiration on digital screens with recipes, dinner ideas, and product information. The registers look different as well. The conveyor belt is no more; employees will transfer the groceries directly from the shopping basket or trolley to the carrier bag. Contact with the customer is even more personalised, and the wait times at the register will be shorter.

Spar: fresh products, sharp prices, and good food

The Spar stores are pleasant local supermarket, operated by professional independent entrepreneurs who make their stores unique with their own emphases. They are located in the centre of villages or towns and distinguish themselves through fresh products, sharp prices, and a love of good food. The store sizes run from 300 to 1,200 m².

Retail Partners Colruyt Group

Retail Partners Colruyt Group unites all of Colruyt Group’s Belgian activities that involve independent entrepreneurs. There exists an intense collaboration with the 210 independent Spar entrepreneurs: supply, full support, and an exhaustive consultation model. Retail Partners supplies fresh products and groceries to 79 Alvo stores, and they also offer several services and basic advice such as product range and advertising policies. Finally, they organise supplies to 140 independent store owners, including 28 Mini Markets.

More information

Arlette Ghysels, marketing head Spar: 02 360 10 40.
Spar Kessel: Liersesteenweg 49 – 2560 Kessel.

Jan Derom
+32 (0)2 363 55 45
+32 (0)473 92 45 10

SOURCE: Colruyt Group


Colruyt Group’s Spar opened first new generation supermarket in Kessel, Belgium
Colruyt Group’s Spar opened first new generation supermarket in Kessel, Belgium
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