New Starbucks Dress Code invites baristas to shine as individuals

Seattle, 2016-Jul-26 — /EPR Retail News/ — The new Starbucks Dress Code announced today invites baristas to shine as individuals while continuing to present a clean, neat and professional appearance.

Effective immediately, a range of shirt colors beyond solid black and white are welcome, including gray, navy, dark denim and brown, including patterns. Shorts, skirts, dresses and pants, including dark-wash jeans, are all part of the Starbucks wardrobe, and partners are invited to make a statement with hair color, so long as coloring is permanent or semi-permanent, in keeping with food-safety standards. To cap the look off, beanies, fedoras and other suitable hats are welcome.

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Some partners (employees) have already been wearing clothing that fits the new dress code guidelines. Customers coming into the Starbucks at the 47th & Broadway store in Manhattan last September immediately detected something different. Rather than the familiar solid black, white and khaki clothing underneath green aprons, baristas were decked out in a range of colors and outfits that reflected their own personal tastes.

Visitors to the store were caught slightly off guard by the change, but they welcomed the new style, according to Starbucks store manager Mario Leon.

“Customers noticed right away,” Leon said. “They actually thought that something was wrong. They would ask me, ‘Why are you guys all out of uniform?’ And we just told them, ‘No, this is the new uniform for this store.’ They said, ‘We like it. We’re happy to see that you can wear expressive clothing to show who you are.’”

The Broadway coffeehouse and select Reserve stores that spotlight small-batch coffees, as well as the Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, are forerunners for all company stores in the U.S. and Canada as Starbucks updates its North America dress code beginning now.

“This new dress code is what partners have in their closets,” Leon added. “It just makes it so much easier. It just makes so much sense.”

“I believe these changes work well with our iconic green apron and also complement the passion partners bring to our coffee and their craft,” said Cosimo LaPorta, executive vice president, U.S. Retail Store Operations. “We want partners to be as proud of their look as they are when they tie on their green apron.”

“Our success is rooted in our continual innovation and customization in every aspect of our business and this also applies to offering the best partner experience we can,” said Rossann Williams, president, Starbucks Canada. “We are responding to what our partners have told us and are confident this will uplift the Starbucks brand, partner and customer experience.”

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New Starbucks Dress Code invites baristas to shine as individuals
New Starbucks Dress Code invites baristas to shine as individuals


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