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The German e-commerce industry benefits from Georgia’s under-utilized .GE ccTLD


Germany, 2016-Aug-09 — /EPR Retail News/ — The success of thousands of German businesses is in jeopardy, hindered by the oversubscribed domain extension .DE. Soon, there will be no domains left for new businesses to register.

As the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Germany, the .DE domain extension represents a booming online marketplace serving a domestic population of over 82 million. The third most popular top-level domain (after .COM and .TK) the .DE zone has very few short or dictionary word domains left available. In no time at all, those looking to register their business online will have to choose between obscure names, misspellings, or random word combinations to secure a domain in the .DE zone. Their customers will never find them.

This is a serious problem that has the power to halt the growth of the German e-commerce industry, but there is a small group of marketers working tirelessly to address it – and they’ve found a solution.

According to, a domain registry specializing in .GE domains, the entire English-speaking world knows Deutschland as Germany. To them, .DE is irrelevant and Georgia’s .GE ccTLD is the obvious choice for native German businesses. With barely 30,000 registered domains in the .GE zone, this under-utilized ccTLD represents an unrivaled opportunity for German business owners, giving them their pick of domain names and a ccTLD the majority of consumers automatically associate with Germany.

It’s a solution Germany’s e-commerce industry has been quick to champion. The result has been a marked improvement in the .GE domain name registration procedure, with the process now automated and usually taking no longer than 48 hours. Add to that the competitive prices of .GE domains, almost limitless choice of names, and the development of bulk registration packages, and it’s little wonder pioneering businesses and startups all over the country are rushing to capitalize on the many lucrative opportunities available to owners of a .GE domain.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

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