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Foodstuffs announces post earthquake store updates

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Nov-20 — /EPR Retail News/ — We would like to advise customers that outside of the affected area’s all New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square stores are open and operational as normal. Stores have plenty of product on the shelf and it is business as usual – we encourage customers to shop as normal which will help ensure the business can focus on the affected areas and helping stores that are currently closed clean up and re-open.

Four Square Raglan to the rescue with much needed water

Updated on November 18/11/2016

Raglan’s water supply was affected after the 7.8 earthquake on Monday morning and continuing aftershocks. After the earthquakes the spring which supplies Raglan’s water turned dirty and the water treatment plant had to be closed down and supplies trucked in.

In addition to water tankers coming in from around the North Island, organised by the Waikato District Council, the team at Four Square Raglan & Foodstuffs organised a donation of 6,000 litres of bottled drinking water for the seaside town. Owner-operators Satnam and Harshi Bains were delighted to help.  “It’s amazing that even as far away as Raglan we’ve been affected by the quakes in the South Island.  The community pulled together and the WDC did a fantastic job of keeping the town supplied with water.  We’re pleased we could do our bit.  We’re luckier than many others, that’s for sure.”

With the exception of Four Square Kaikoura which is currently closed all other stores around the country are open for business serving their communities.

Keeping the Capital fed and watered – New World pulls out all the stops

  • All Foodstuffs North Island stores operating as per usual (New World, PAK’nSAVE, Four Square) and our distribution centres
  • Well-ranged, no stock issues and trading well
  • Huge collaborative effort across the Co-Operative

Updated at 18/11/2016 15:06

It wasn’t only the colossal earthquakes wreaking havoc in Wellington, the weather didn’t play ball either. New World stores in central Wellington were briefly affected by the turmoil – but, without exception, they were back up and running by Monday afternoon.

“It’s certainly been a week where we moved rapidly from earthquake crisis management to flood crisis management, but New Zealanders have a DNA that shows up very well in a crisis,” says Chris Quin, Managing Director, Foodstuffs North Island (FSNI). “The team were awesome when it comes to our willingness to help each other, collaboration and accountability.”

In a letter to the FSNI team today, Quin remarks how across 24 hours he saw the team go from three large stores not operating, supply chain disruption and the regional support office at Silverstream closed, to having all stores being open, distribution sorted and serving understandably rattled customers with the things they needed to look after their families.  Most importantly, the team was safe and doing their part to support their neighbourhoods.

“Testament to the way we’ve come through these events is the fact that our owner-operators are really close to their communities and their teams and they know what they need from the get-go.  On practical level we also have well-designed, built and maintained stores and systems and simply awesome people,” says Quin. “They turn up and are incredibly willing – they collaborate and just try and help each other and their customers.”

One standout example of the team going the extra mile comes from Taranaki, hit hard by winds and rain taking down trees and power lines. “Karl and Tina Turner owner-operators of Four Square Kaponga pitched in by providing food and coffee for all the firemen and linesmen working to put everything back into order. They finished up around midnight and were back at it again at 4.30 am in the morning, providing pies for the crew who had been working all night. That’s the Kiwi way.”

Wellington’s inner-city New World stores, where the impact of the quakes was felt the hardest, were back up and running on Monday, despite constant aftershocks and wild weather, thanks to the commitment from the teams in store and the support of other stores and suppliers from around Wellington and the rest of the North Island.  “Fresh milk, bottled water and chilled products are plentiful, and our shelves are full of grocery items – it’s business as usual,” says Quin.

New World Thorndon store access update

Updated at 17/11/2016 14:30

New World Thorndon’s Molesworth Street entrance is open via Hawkestone Street (Hawkestone Street now fully open).

Please also use Murphy Street for vehicle access into the carpark. Cars can still exit onto Molesworth Street from our carpark, heading onto SH1, to the suburbs or back into Wellington City via Murphy Street.

Transport and deliveries can deliver into May Street as normal via Hawkestone St.

If you need more information on road closures please visit

Kiwi spirit well and truly alive at New World Kaikoura

  • Store open and trading thanks to amazing efforts by staff and support from customers
  • Supplies available for the community thanks to concerted effort from the business, Civil Defence, RNZAF and more

Updated at 17/11/2016 12:00

New World Kaikoura owners Glen Steele and Melissa Sprott have been blown away by how their team has rallied to get the store up and running in hugely challenging conditions.

“We’re open, there is product on the shelves and the community is relieved that they can get much-needed supplies. None of this would have been possible without the fantastic efforts of our wonderful staff.  Their own homes and families have been affected by the quakes and the on-going aftershocks but, like us, they understand how we all want to get back to normal as quickly as possible,” says Glen.  “The team are like family to us, and when things calm down we’ll definitely be having a BBQ and a few beers to say thank you.”

The Inland Road from Culverden to Kaikoura is now open to Civil Defence and which will, in the next few days, enable a more regular supply of products for the store which is now the only supermarket option for the community.  Glen and Melissa believe that getting the business up and trading again at full capacity will definitely boost spirits – and enable the town to recover more quickly.

The New World Kaikoura store is currently open from 8 am to 5 pm.  Operating hours will be re-assessed on Monday 21 November, as Glen and Melissa are keen to let the community know the expected hours for the following week as soon as they can.

Glen says, “The most sought after items post-quake have been tinned food, beverages including water and other non-perishables such as nappies and personal hygiene products.”

“It’s been tough for the locals not being able to shower – these everyday activities are now very much a luxury.  Just like the Christchurch quakes keeping clean and comfortable is one of the most important concerns for our customers.  Sanitiser and other non-water based products such as wipes are very much in demand,” adds Melissa. “Other than that, it’s business as usual in these unusual times – we are adjusting to our new normal. And we’re really grateful that we’ve been able to get back up and running quickly thanks to everyone pulling together, as is the Kiwi way.”

Bottled water availability in Wellington

Updated at 16/11/2016 15:30

On behalf of Foodstuffs we would like to confirm that it is business as usual in terms of supply to the Wellington region, specifically there are no shortages of bottled water in our New World and PAK’nSAVE stores.

Earlier this week, in addition to the normal supply of stock in the distribution centre (DC), we sent 20 additional truckloads, which equates to 300,000 litres of water, to the Palmerston North DC for distribution to stores in the lower North Island as they require it. At the moment we have approximately 250,000 litres of water in the DC which continues to be replenished each day.

Based on the current situation we are not anticipating any shortages of bottled water as there is sufficient supply within our network.

All central Wellington stores have confirmed they have well stocked water shelves, so customers need not be concerned.

All of our central Wellington stores are open and trading including;

  • New World Wellington City
  • New World Willis Street
  • New World Railway
  • New World Thorndon

New World Thorndon store access update

Updated at 16/11/2016 16:00

To our New World Thorndon customers, we are fully open for business. Due to the Molesworth Street closure, please use Murphy Street for access into our carpark. Cars can still EXIT onto Molesworth Street from the carpark, heading onto SH1, to the suburbs or back into Wellington City via Murphy Street.

If you need more information on road closures please visit

New World Kaikoura re-opens

Updated at 14/11/2016 17:00

There’s some good news for the Kaikoura community this morning as the New World supermarket re-opened.

Steve Anderson, CEO, Foodstuffs South Island Limited says, ”The team worked round the clock yesterday to get access to Kaikoura and assist the owners in re-opening the store this morning. They are facing significant challenges with key services such as power and water having been out in the town for a period of time yesterday.”

“With the help of emergency services we were able to fly an engineer into Kaikoura to assess the store, thankfully it has been declared structurally sound which means we can resume trading this morning.”

“The store has opened with reduced stock availability as fresh and frozen products have been affected due to the power outages. We would like to let customers know they can come to the store to access emergency supplies and staff will be on hand to assist. The store is working hard to manage stock and ensure all of the community can access supplies, and at this time customers are being served from the front foyer with the assistance of staff.”

“Access to the community is still very limited and the business is working with Civil Defence to get supplies through to the store but until this detail is confirmed the store is unable to re-stock. We would ask the community to bear with the owners and their staff while they attempt to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access key staples such as water, canned goods and other essential items.”

Anderson confirms that with the exception of Kaikoura, Foodstuffs (North and South Island) has more than adequate stock available so customers should not be concerned, and except for the odd delay, trucks are continuing to arrive at stores as normal and stores are managing stock to ensure that everyone has access to staple items. “It’s great news that trucks are now coming across on the Interisland ferries and are able to access Christchurch via the Lewis Pass and on top of this we are continuing to utilise sea freight options.”

The South Island DCs are well stocked and the business has strong resilience plans in place to ensure supply is maintained following an event such as the earthquake. Foodstuffs is working with Civil Defence, suppliers and Foodstuffs North Island to ensure continuity of supply is maintained.

“At this stage our focus is on Kaikoura and the surrounding communities which have been hardest hit. We need to ensure they have access to essential supplies of food and water, both in the short and long term. Our supply chain is incredibly robust and has been tested many times through the Canterbury earthquakes. Product is arriving to stores and a variety of freight options are being utilised across the supply chain.”

Advice to customers is to shop as normal, the supply chain is intact and the business is working hard to ensure the remaining stores open as soon as possible.

Store status as of Tuesday morning 9.00 am is;

Wellington region;

o   All stores are now open

Canterbury region;

o   New World Kaikoura (opened with stock limits)

o   Four Square Kaikoura (closed)

o   Henry’s Kaikoura (closed)

14 November 5.00pm

Store closure status is;

Wellington region

o   New World Railway – opening details to be provided tomorrow morning (Tuesday 15 November)

o   New World Porirua – will be open as normal tomorrow (Tuesday 15 November)

Canterbury region

o   New World Kaikoura (closed)
o   Four Square Kaikoura (closed)
o   Henry’s Kaikoura (closed)
o   Four Square Cheviot (due to open tomorrow Tuesday 15 November)

14 November 9:00am

Our thoughts are with all those affected by last night’s earthquake and our priority at this time is ensuring our staff are safe and affected stores are supported.

Stores that are currently closed for clean up or engineering assessment are;

Wellington region

o   New World Railway
o   New World Porirua

Canterbury region

o   New World Kaikoura
o   Four Square Kaikoura
o   Henry’s Kaikoura
o   Four Square Cheviot
o   Four Square Culverton (due to open at midday)


Tel: +64 4 472 6435
Fax: +64 4 472 6412

Source: Foodstuff NZ

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