Carrefour Belgium to enhance its online ordering service in 2017

  • Some 100 new pick-up points open
  • Programme to extend home delivery
  • Delivery tests using the bringr mobile app commence

Belgium, 2017-Jan-19 — /EPR Retail News/ — Carrefour Belgium has great plans for its online ordering service! In 2017, it is planning to provide its customers with even better service by providing them with even more options. Objective: open up a hundred or so additional pick-up points,  speed up home deliveries and increase the number of timeslots, linking the drive service up to its convenience stores, and serving customers wherever they happen to be.

When it comes to innovation, Carrefour is always a step ahead and is once again proving it. Having broken new ground when it created its drives back in 2013 (in a range of different formats – Summerdrive on the coast, drive services for companies, home delivery services, etc.), Carrefour is hoping to make life even easier for customers wanting to shop online in 2017.

Currently, they can already shop at France’s largest virtual supermarket where they can choose from some 17,000 food products. They can then pick up their shopping from one of 84 pick-up points available throughout the country… or have their shopping delivered to them from Monday to Friday. This facility is managed by Combo by bpost.

1st aim: 100 more pick-up points
Carrefour has listened to its customers and is increasing the density of its network of pick-up points. The aim is to open up an additional one hundred or so this year, taking the total up to around 180 by the end of 2017.

2nd aim: promote and extend home delivery
Carrefour currently has the potential to deliver to a third of all Belgian households thanks to its collaboration with bpost. In 2017, Carrefour wants to promote and geographically extend its home delivery options.

3rd aim: deliveries made by other people, thanks to trialling of the bringr platform
Carrefour wants to provide its customers with even greater flexibility. That’s why starting this week, it is going to be trialling the “bringr” service.

bringr is a mobile application developed by bpost. It messages other smartphone users based on their location (close to the delivery point) and their availability so they can deliver another customer’s order at the time and to the place that they specify.

It is being trialled in 8 Carrefour Market stores and 8 hypermarkets. Customers submit their order on before midnight and then receive their shopping the next day at the time of their choosing (any time after 10 AM) on store opening days – so even Saturday or Sunday if the store is open.

Within 2 hours from Carrefour Express stores!
Carrefour is also trialling bringr at 9 Carrefour Express stores. Customers will be able to submit their orders during store opening times by telephone or by going straight to the actual store. They’ll get their shopping within two hours – including on Saturdays and Sundays.

Obviously, the advantages of bringr are the speed and flexibility of the service. As soon as the order is submitted, it gets prepared in the store. The driver who accepts to deliver the order via the bringr platform goes and picks it up and then delivers it at the agreed time to the Carrefour customer… or whatever location they have specified (workplace, the gym, etc.).

How much does this new service cost? The bringr service will be available for all orders of €30 and above, and will be free for the six-month trial period.

If trials are successful, the new service will be rolled out wherever it can be implemented and for all circumstances in which it can be justified.

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