New Metric USA Purse Organizer Packs a Punch with Extensive Compartments, Two-in-One Use

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CULVER CITY, USA, 2017-Sep-27 — /EPR Retail News/ — Only ladies know how handbags often fail them when there are too many things to pack and less space to keep things organized and tidy. The new Metric USA Purse Organizer has been created to specifically take care of this problem, with 25 compartments and a two-in-one mode of operation that quickly turns it into an evening bag.

The largest bag organizer of its kind, the Metric USA Purse Organizer does away with the limitations of every handbag. As a travel bag organizer, it has the most number of compartments, and stores and holds accessories tightly to make locating them easier. The organizer comes with four zippered pockets and fourteen open pockets, while as a small organizer it offers seven open pockets.

The Metric USA Purse Organizer is light weight and fits snugly into a purse, handbag or tote. It is also an organizer with a built-in small organizer! As a versatile product, the Metric USA Purse Organizer can be used as a small travel storage bag for toiletries, or as part of the main bag for storing make-up, accessories, glasses and other personal items.

The new bag organizer also makes for an awesome gift to surprise friends and family, helping them find everything in its place, avoiding the hassle of trying to keep their belongings organized. The bag features reinforced, sturdy handles for easier carrying.

Other unique features make the Metric USA Purse Organizer an exclusive ladies bag that is useful to carry during travel, outings and even at work. The removable insert allows the base to be lifted out and prevents items from sliding down into the base. Sturdy zippers protect all belongings and keep them secure, including wallets, keys, smart phones and more.

Suitable to fit into any standard purse, the Metric USA Purse Organizer can also be folded and/or washed when needed. The Metric USA Purse Organizer is available on Amazon in an elegant design that is unique, compact and soft embossed.



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