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How to Train Your Abs Like a Bodybuilder: Exercises, Tips, and Routines

If you want a bodybuilder ab workout that has 300 times, you can try one of these plans:

  • The “300” Workout for Abs by ATHLEAN-X¹: This workout has a beginner and an advanced version, and it has exercises such as hanging knee lifts, machine bends, pallof pushes, cable bends, lower bends, squat twists, ab rolls, ball lifts, and planks. The aim is to finish all the times with little rest and good way.
  • The Best Ab Workout by Bodybuilding.com²: This workout has seven ab exercises picked to work both the top and bottom ab muscles. The exercises are hanging leg lifts, ab wheel rolls, cable choppers, heavy crunches, back crunches, bike crunches, and flags. The aim is to do 3 sets of 10-15 times per exercise, resting 60 seconds between sets.
  • The 300 Times Abs Test by Muscle & Strength³: This workout is a round of six ab exercises that work the whole core. The exercises are sit-ups, leg lifts, kick flutters, scissors, twists, and climbers. The aim is to do 50 times of each exercise, resting as little as you can between exercises and rounds.

These are some of the examples of bodybuilder ab workouts that have 300 times. You can find more things and videos on how to do them from the web search results¹²³. Remember to warm up before each workout and stretch after. You also need to eat good food and drink a lot of water to help your ab growth.

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