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Zumba Fitness: The Benefits of Latin-Inspired Dance for Your Body and Mind

Zumba fitness was made in the 1990s by Colombian dancer and teacher Alberto “Beto” Perez, who made up a dance exercise with salsa and merengue music when he did not have his normal aerobics music. He later took his idea to the United States, where it became a famous and good fitness name, with more than 200,000 places to do it in 180 countries¹.

Zumba fitness classes are usually 60 minutes long, and have different parts, such as warm-up, main exercise, and cool-down. Each part has a different song and dance kind, such as salsa, reggaeton, cumbia, merengue, hip-hop, and more. The teacher shows the class the moves and signs, and the people do the same. The moves are easy and done again and again, and can be changed to fit different fitness levels and likes. The aim is to have fun and like the music, while getting a good exercise.

Zumba fitness has many good points for your body and mind. It can help you:

  • Burn fat: Zumba fitness can burn between 300 and 900 fat per hour, depending on how hard, how long, and other things². This can help you be thinner or keep a healthy weight, as well as lower the chance of getting sick from being too fat.
  • Make your heart and lungs better: Zumba fitness can make your heart rate, blood push, and fat levels better, as well as make your heart and lungs stronger. This can help you stop or deal with heart and lung problems, such as heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure³.
  • Make your muscles stronger: Zumba fitness can work your whole body, especially your middle, legs, arms, and butt. This can help you make and keep muscle size, power, and last, as well as make your stand, balance, and move better⁴.
  • Make your mood better: Zumba fitness can make endorphins, the happy chemicals, in your brain. This can help you lower worry, sadness, and bad feelings, and make your mood, pride, and trust better.

Zumba fitness is a fun and useful way to be fit and healthy. It is good for anyone, no matter how old, what gender, or what fitness level. All you need is a pair of shoes that fit well, some room to move, and a want to try something new. You can do a Zumba fitness class at a gym, a place, or online, or you can do it at home with a DVD or an app. Zumba fitness is not just an exercise, but a way of living, a group, and a party. So, what are you waiting for? Do the Zumba fitness thing today and dance your way to a better you.

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