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Level Up Your Gains: Fun Weight Gain Games for Fitness Enthusiasts

If you’re curious about games related to gaining weight, there are some unique indie games that focus on this idea. Whether you want something fun or a game with a deeper story, here are some games that include weight gain as a theme:

  1. The Breakfast Chub:
    • Type: Story Game
    • Details: This is a fun game about a goblin who wants to get bigger. You’ll go on exciting adventures and maybe even laugh a bit.
  2. Flouffe Pampering Initiative (Gain Jam 2022):
    • Type: Story Game
    • Summary: Enter a world where taking care of yourself and enjoying good food leads to gaining weight. Discover relationships, self-love, and the happiness of spoiling yourself.
  3. Space Eater Force:
    • Type: Battle Game
    • Idea: In this space battle game, girls eat a lot to get stronger. Picture space fights powered by tasty treats—a very special idea!
  4. The Weight of Your Crimes:
    • Type: 18+ Escape Adventure
    • Background: A prison where your choices affect your weight and future.
    • Task: Get out while dealing with the results of your choices.
  5. Doughball Descent: Full Course:
    • Type: Big Puzzle Adventure
    • Goal: Move around a world where you’re a doughball, collecting things to grow larger. Watch out for dangers and enjoy the unusual idea.
  6. Supersize Squirrel Simulator:
    • Type: Action
    • Part: Be a squirrel who can’t stop eating. Collect nuts, get bigger, and become the biggest squirrel in the woods.
  7. Ration Race:
    • Type: Adventure Game
    • Job: Gather food to feed your leader. It’s a race against the clock to make sure everyone gets enough.

Keep in mind that these games often use weight gain in a funny, creative, and sometimes even sensual way. Whether you’re just interested or really into this theme, try these games—they might surprise you!  You can find more games about weight gain on websites like and check out different types and styles. Enjoy your gaming time!

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