Christmas Shoppers Should Go Online To Find Black Friday Deals, Says Parcel2Go

Britain’s leading online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has reminded shoppers looking for great deals on their Christmas presents this year to remember to capitalise on Black Friday on November 25.

The annual event, which marks the start of the Christmas shopping rush in America, is designed to inspire US consumers and get the tills ringing at the start of the festive season. But thanks to the internet, next week’s shopping bonanza won’t be restricted to people living in the United States.

Amazon UK is one retailer that is joining in to bring British shoppers deals on a range of goods from books and music to fashion and beauty products, and Parcel2Go has reminded people not to miss out. Amazon will be offering timed deals between Monday, November 21 and Black Friday on the 25th.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “Black Friday might have begun as a US tradition but deal-conscious shoppers from the UK now have the chance to beat the Christmas rush and grab themselves a few bargains.

“Online shopping has completely revolutionised the way people buy presents at Christmas and as long as people make sure that their gifts are being shipped with leading couriers then buying online is a great way to avoid the queues at the tills. There are sure to be plenty of Black Friday deals to be had next week and by choosing to send presents to friends and relatives using Parcel2Go, shoppers will be able to save even more money.”

Anyone thinking of ordering goods from American businesses on Black Friday might find that some retailers will only ship to US addresses. Parcel2Go offers customers the opportunity to rent an American address and have goods forwarded to Europe with professional couriers such as DHL and FedEx, so buying direct from the US is no problem at all.

Richard added: “The US address rental service has become incredibly popular and we’d expect to see an increase in demand from European consumers as Black Friday draws closer.”

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Parcel2Go Urges More Retailers To Consider Selling Online

Following a report showing that only 14 per cent of EU companies sell goods and services using the internet, despite an increase in buyers, online parcel delivery company Parcel2Go has urged businesses to reconsider their trading strategies.

A study by international administrative department Eurostat has revealed that the number of online consumers in the European Union doubled between 2005 and 2010 – from 20 per cent to 40 per cent – but this growth has not been matched by a growth in the number of businesses using the internet to sell their wares.

With so many sales methods accessible online and a range of cheap courier services on offer to transport goods directly to customers, representatives of courier comparison website Parcel2Go have expressed surprise that more companies are not taking advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Parcel2Go Marketing Director, Richard Mercer said: “Online shopping gets bigger all the time, especially with the accelerated evolution of smartphones and tablets in recent years. Businesses which don’t use this avenue to sell their products are losing the chance to appeal to huge swathes of consumers.

“In today’s world, selling items online is a straightforward and accessible process with plenty of resources available to support it. Whether you are a sole trader or the proprietor of a large operation, online sales could do wonders for your bottom line.”

The Eurostat report showed that household internet access in the EU had reached 70 per cent by 2010, with clothes, travel, computing and electronic goods among the most commonly-bought items.

The data also demonstrated that most internet users prefer to focus on their home markets when shopping online; though this did vary from country to country, with more than 90 per cent of Maltese shoppers buying from another member state and thus requiring international shipping services, while only 10 per cent of Polish consumers did the same.

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Parcel2Go Launches New eBay Shipping Tool

Great value deals, speed and convenience are some of the main reasons why more people are now heading online to buy goods. Parcel2Go has kept all of these things in mind and come up with a new tool for sellers who use one of the world’s largest international marketplaces – eBay.

Bolton-based online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go already helps eBay sellers ship auction items and Buy-it-Now instant purchases out to buyers, and the firm’s new eBay Quick Quote tool will help speed the process up even more. When it comes to international auctions, sellers can often find themselves having to answer a mountain of questions on their international shipping policy and how much postage will cost. Thanks to Parcel2Go’s new eBay Quick Quote tool, buyers will know instantly how much the item will cost to ship, saving everyone time and hassle.

The tool, which is available from the Parcel2Go website, allows sellers to place an eBay widget on their product listings pages as a way of attracting more interest and providing clear information on relevant shipping charges. People are more likely to purchase an item or place a bid if they are clear about all the costs involved, so it makes sense for eBay’s individual and business users to offer clear and accurate details about eBay shipping costs.

Richard Mercer, Business Development Manager at Parcel2Go, said: “With the eBay Quick Quote tool, we wanted to create a feature that would be of benefit to buyers and sellers. The eBay community is growing worldwide, and more individuals and businesses in the UK are looking at making items available to international buyers.

“With our new tool, sellers can display relevant worldwide shipping information with a few clicks of a mouse, allowing buyers to see the total cost of delivery to their country. We want to help ensure people are able to make a simple choice about eBay parcel delivery by offering a simple way to access low-cost, domestic and international shipping information and services.”

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Get The VAT Rise Licked By Using A Parcel Price Comparison Service

Already hard-pressed business and residential customers now have an extra rise in costs to contend with, following the introduction of VAT on the price of sending many items by post from January 31.

Imposed as a result of a European Union ruling, the changes mean that the 20 per cent standard rate of VAT is payable on sending packages via Royal Mail.

With the changes likely to hit already hard-pressed businesses heavily, parcel and mail services broker Parcel2Go is taking the opportunity to remind companies that they can shop around to find a better deal on their parcel delivery costs.

“We have had deregulation of the parcel delivery market in the UK for a few years now, but many people are unaware of the potential it can bring for cash savings,” said Richard Mercer, Parcel2Go.

“The addition of VAT to the cost of sending a parcel is an ideal time for them to discover just how much they could save by shopping around.

“At Parcel2Go, we help thousands of people every day save precious money on these costs. And when large numbers of parcels, or large consignments are being sent, those savings can soon add up.”

It’s simple to track down a better deal, whether it’s just one parcel or 1,000 which need to be sent. Visit and enter the details of the package being sent, to get a quick quote.

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Parcel Firm Launches ‘US Address Rental Service’

Consumers with an eye for American goods can ‘rent’ a delivery address in the US and have the items forwarded to the UK.

Shoppers who want to buy goods only available in the US can now ‘rent’ an American address which enables them to ship products to the UK.

Many US online retail companies only offer limited delivery services to the UK, with items such as iPods and other electrical goods not being shipped outside of the US. But the UK shipping company Parcel2go has launched a service giving customers a US mailing address to accept delivery of goods only available to US consumers.

It then forwards the goods to the UK using companies such as Federal Express, UPS or City Link.

Parcel2go founder, Fil Adams-Mercer, said: “Around 95% of US websites will not ship outside the US because of customs bureaucracy. With America being as big as it is, it doesn’t need the rest of the world. Now UK customers will be able to use us as their ‘address’ in the US when buying from these sites. Parcel2Go will then arrange delivery on from there.”

Purchasing products on the dollar rate means some items may be cheaper, for example a fourth generation 8GB iPod Touch on the US Amazon site works out at an estimated£47 less than if you ordered it on Amazon UK ; however subsequent delivery and shipping fees bulk up the overall cost, meaning the service is only likely to prove cost-effective if the customer uses it several times a year.

”There is a demand for a service like this because when the pound was two to the dollar, people were ordering deliveries in their thousands because it was much cheaper than buying things here,” Adams-Mercer said. ”Also, some products like the iPad were only available in America first – and there is a niche market of people that want to get products when they are first released.”

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Online Shopping Has Saved Britons £27,024 EACH Over The Last Ten Years

A survey published yesterday revealed the astonishing figure that on average every online shopper is saving £2,702 every year by bagging top deals on the internet.

“Online companies have lower overheads than high-street operations and can pass on those savings to their customers,” said Fil Adams-Mercer, who is the founder of the UK’s largest internet parcel delivery company Parcel2Go.

The survey, of 3,000 shoppers conducted by an online internet insurance firm, discovered that the savings were made in deals for holidays, insurance, clothes, music, books, toys and electrical goods. Nearly three-quarters of those polled made said that they made most of their purchases on line.

The biggest saving was to be found in weekly supermarket shopping. 10 years ago the average in-store-spend was £71.22. Online shopping has seen that figure fall to£48.98. Over ten years, that would be a saving of £11,564.

Internet millionaire Mr Adams Mercer put his support squarely behind the Coalition Government’s plans to get 10 million more Britons to use the internet last month.

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